I was truly relieved to hear that they destroyed the ogres’ nest and the ogre king was subdued.

The forest was very dangerous during ogre subjugation, so the village’s entrance gates were closed.

That was why I couldn’t leave the village at all.


It only took me a day to recover from the journey’s fatigue, and for about 3 days I was studying by reading my books.

To get a job in the village, one must get it from the guild.

That was why I couldn’t get a job, and spent the rest of days looking around the village.
Honestly, that was boring.

As expected, ten days were long.

The hardest part was that I couldn’t let Sora out as I wish.

I took Sora out from the bag when I was looking for an empty place, but only for a short time.

I didn’t expect it to be so hard to hide Sora.

Nevertheless, I was glad to have secured a lot of potions on my first day in this village.

Or else, I might run out of food for Sora soon.


Finally, the village’s entrance gates were opened, and the subdued ogre king was brought in to the village.

It was meant to exhibit the monsters they subdued and reassure the villagers.

I was surprised seeing how big it was and its strange atmosphere.

I had ever seen an ogre, but this was the first time I saw it closely since I always run away to avoid encountering them.

And on top of that, the one in front of me was the ogre king.

The monster that stood at the top of all other ogres.

I somehow felt worried even though I knew it was dead.

Because ogre meat is not delicious, I guess they will dispose it after taking its magic stone and horns.


I casted a sidelong glance at the crowding villagers and adventurers, then left the village and headed to the dumpster.

It was time for Sora’s meal and my journey preparation.

I had finished all of the preparation I could do while being stranded.

I just had to restock all the necessary things now.


I stopped near the dumpster.

I sensed presence of a lot of people from inside the dumpster.

…I see, they couldn’t come here to dump their trash for 10 days.

I guess a lot of people came to dump their piled up trash along with the opening of the gate.

I should have come here a little later.


I entered the forest to get some food other than dried meat.

I was still nervous, but since the village head said that the subjugation was successful and ogres were totally defeated, I guess it will be fine.

I headed to the river; my heart was beating loudly.

There were fruit bearing trees near the river.

I refilled my water bottle in the river, looked around and found some trees bearing red fruits.

They were the fruits I harvested near other river before.

Because they were sweet and delicious, I wanted to harvest them while I could.

As I walked closer to the tree, Sora jumped up and bumped into my feet.


I stopped in surprise.




“Woah! It hurts!”


I felt something leaped from the tree; I dodged in reflect and that thing hit my arm.

At that moment, great pain run through my body.

As I looked towards the tree…it was slithering.

Oh no, it’s a tree monster!

The monster was getting its roots out from the ground and getting closer to me.

I put Sora in my bag and pressed down my painful arm.




Something slippery touched my arms, but I didn’t have time to check.

I clenched my teeth in pain and ran away from the riverside hurriedly.

I looked back after I had run for a while.

…I didn’t see the monster.

I tried to sense any presence, but somehow I couldn’t sense anything.

Since I hadn’t run that far, I should still be able to sense its presence.

The pain made me want to throw up.

I endured it; I put strength to my legs once again and ran away to put more distance between me and the monster.

I kept running for a while, and when I looked back, there was nothing moving behind me.

I suddenly felt giddy, then sat down at the base of a tree.

When I looked at my painful arm, blood was dripping from the arm I pressed down.

I gently let go of my arm…the wound was quite deep.

Moreover, I seemed to have lost a lot of blood.

I felt faint.

I wanted to take out some potions from my bag, but my body wouldn’t move.


I wanted to shake my head, but it wouldn’t move.


“…I have to let Sora out…”


I felt my body slid down to the side.

The moment I fell down, an intense pain ran through and I regained my consciousness a little, but I couldn’t move my body.

I realized that the bag containing Sora was in front of me.

I wanted to take Sora out of the bag…but my eyes were blurred and tears were overflowing.


“…So, ra…”


I could see something wriggling through my blurred sight.

I couldn’t see it clearly, but apparently Sora got out of the bag with its own effort.

…I was relieved.

I realized Sora was approaching me.

…I’m sorry.

But even if I die, Sora will be fine.

I felt my consciousness fading and I closed my eyes.


My arm that was motionless due to pain felt like it was wrapped in something.

I felt strange, and the next moment the pain suddenly disappeared.

With the pain all over my body disappeared, I could put in some strength into my body.

I pushed open my heavy eyelids, and what I saw in my blurred vision was…I was eaten by Sora.

Sora wrapped my wounded arm and ate it.

…It seems that Sora eats humans.

I didn’t feel any pain when Sora ate me, should I be glad?

I was surprised at the last moment.

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