As I walked closer to the tree, Sora jumped up and bumped into my feet.


I stopped in surprise.




“Woah! It hurts!”


I felt something leaped from the tree; I dodged in reflect and that thing hit my arm.

At that moment, great pain run through my body.

As I looked towards the tree…it was slithering.

Oh no, it’s a tree monster!

The monster was getting its roots out from the ground and getting closer to me.

I put Sora in my bag and pressed down my painful arm.




Something slippery touched my arms, but I didn’t have time to check.

I clenched my teeth in pain and ran away from the riverside hurriedly.

I looked back after I had run for a while.

…I didn’t see the monster.

I tried to sense any presence, but somehow I couldn’t sense anything.

Since I hadn’t run that far, I should still be able to sense its presence.

The pain made me want to throw up.

I endured it; I put strength to my legs once again and ran away to put more distance between me and the monster.

I kept running for a while, and when I looked back, there was nothing moving behind me.

I suddenly felt giddy, then sat down at the base of a tree.

When I looked at my painful arm, blood was dripping from the arm I pressed down.

I gently let go of my arm…the wound was quite deep.

Moreover, I seemed to have lost a lot of blood.

I felt faint.

I wanted to take out some potions from my bag, but my body wouldn’t move.


I wanted to shake my head, but it wouldn’t move.


“…I have to let Sora out…”


I felt my body slid down to the side.

The moment I fell down, an intense pain ran through and I regained my consciousness a little, but I couldn’t move my body.

I realized that the bag containing Sora was in front of me.

I wanted to take Sora out of the bag…but my eyes were blurred and tears were overflowing.


“…So, ra…”


I could see something wriggling through my blurred sight.

I couldn’t see it clearly, but apparently Sora got out of the bag with its own effort.

…I was relieved.

I realized Sora was approaching me.

…I’m sorry.

But even if I die, Sora will be fine.

I felt my consciousness fading and I closed my eyes.


My arm that was motionless due to pain felt like it was wrapped in something.

I felt strange, and the next moment the pain suddenly disappeared.

With the pain all over my body disappeared, I could put in some strength into my body.

I pushed open my heavy eyelids, and what I saw in my blurred vision was…I was eaten by Sora.

Sora wrapped my wounded arm and ate it.

…It seems that Sora eats humans.

I didn’t feel any pain when Sora ate me, should I be glad?

I was surprised at the last moment.

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