as chattering.

My arm was cured.

I don’t know where to start thinking anymore.

But I know this much.


“Thank you, Sora.
I am still alive thanks to you.”


The wound on my arm reached my bone and cut the thick blood vessels.

I should have treated it, but I had to escape so I left the wound as it was.

That was why I lost a lot of blood, and it was already too late to treat it.

Nah, even if I managed to treat it, I might not have enough potions.

At worst, I would be dead.

Even if I survived, I might lost one arm.

In addition, when I was walking towards the tree monster, Sora stopped me.

If I didn’t stop at that place, perhaps I would be dead.

As I stared at Sora and pondered, it rolled closer and bumped to my feet.


Even though it could leap…it moved here by rolling?

Sora is really a strange being.

It could absorb organic and inorganic matter, but limited to blue potions.

It could heal deep wounds, just like blue potions.

Because it was eating blue potions?

But since all the potions I gave it were degraded ones, the wound should not heal this nicely.

Hmm, there are a lot of things I don’t understand.

I patted Sora using the hand I managed not to lose.




Sora said, while staring at my bag.

There must be some blue potions for my personal use in that bag.

Apparently, Sora was hungry.

I laughed at its antics, always doing things at its own pace.

I was dying just a little while ago, though…fufufu.

I handed over the remaining potions in my bag to Sora.

Sora would soon finish all of them.

Well then, is the dumpster less crowded now?


That reminds me, should I report about the monster in the riverside to the office?

…I will have to stay longer again, won’t I?

When I reported to the office, I was surprised that I didn’t have to stay longer.

Well, that was it.

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