Lin, wearing a white shirt and black outer uniform similar to Ye Zun, slid one hand in his trouser pocket naturally, looking down at him.

The buttons of his white shirt were done all the way to the top, making him look slender and tall, abstinent and dignified, and the curve of the lips was reserved and restrained.
Only the black pupils in his eyes were clear and mellow, with a gaze that flowed like the waves in the sea.
With a light and gentle smile, he said, “En, it wasn’t too long.
It’s just that there was nothing to do, so I came to have a look at you first.”

Although it was the last half of the night time self-study period, many people left early like Shen Yuan and there was no one around to maintain order.
Other students even gathered in small groups, chatting away. 

But Lin’s voice was gentle and calm, low and soft, as if had intentionally dropped his voice so as not to disturb others.

This person paid attention to every detail.
Elegance and the mannerisms of a noble was engraved into his bones, and he never makes others feel the slightest bit of discomfort.

He watched Ye Zun.
There was a fond glint in his eyes, and he looked at him inquiringly.
“We haven’t seen each other all afternoon.
I wanted to know, have you encountered anything else upsetting in this new environment?”

In front of this man, Ye Zun’s emotions were not consciously restrained.
He just looked at Lin with bright eyes, and replied softly, “Very good, I haven’t encountered any more scary things. Ah, wait a moment, I will finish packing my school bag right away.

Lin lowered his eyes and glanced at the notebook on his desk.
“It’s okay.
There is still unfinished work.
We can wait until school has officially ended before leaving.”

He naturally pulled Shen Yuan’s chair out and sat down.

Every desk in the classroom was free standing, and only individuals who had good relationships with each other would deliberately push their two desks together to sit with their friend.

Ye Zun and Shen Yuan’s desks were also one of the few that were pushed to be beside each other, but Shen Yuan only did it for the convenience of sleeping and playing tricks on him.

Seeing that Lin seemed to have noticed this, Ye Zun was somehow a little nervous.

Lin was so empathetic that he didn’t ask anything, only taking out a black notebook and pen from his own bag and lowering his head to write something or other.

Ye Zun also relaxed and began to concentrate on completing Shen Yuan’s homework.

The entire process was still and quiet, but even though Lin was wholly focused on the words under his pen, barely glancing his way, Ye Zun had no idea why he was so persistently nervous.
He felt more anxiety here and now than when he sat with Shen Yuan, who stared holes into him.

It was as if his breathing and the muscles in his throat were all slightly stiff, and for a moment, he couldn’t help but want to swallow, just a little bit.

But he began to worry, what would happen if this sound was heard?

Would the other man know he was nervous? He definitely would, but Ye Zun himself didn’t know why he was so nervous.

——How did this happen?

The more he was concerned, the more nervous he became.
Whenever he got nervous, he would subconsciously touche his earlobe.
Before he knew it, his whole ear was inexplicably kneaded until it burned red.

In this silent and unbearable atmosphere, the music indicating the end of the evening self-study session finally sounded.

Ye Zun almost wanted to let out a sigh of relief, but he naturally held it back.

Of course, he liked the priest very much, and didn’t want to be misunderstood that he didn’t like sitting with the priest at all, but this kind of inexplicable anxiety and concern came into existence and even Ye Zun himself couldn’t control it to prevent it from happening.

Fortunately, Lin didn’t seem to notice.
After the end-of-school music rang, he closed the thick notebook with the pen, and the delicate knot on his throat rolled up and down a few times.

Ye Zun glanced at him from the corner of his eyes, slightly hesitant.
He always felt that Lin seemed to be the same as himself.

But the gaze Lin turned on him was still calm and peaceful.
His eyebrows were slightly restrained with his noble and cold mannerism.
Any sign that he was affected by the presence of other people could not be seen at all.

Lin glanced at the top of Ye Zun’s desk, his eyes pausing on the books.
“Not finished yet?”

The tips of Ye Zun’s ear suddenly became hot.
There were two identical homework books on the table, and anyone could see he was copying the contents with a single glance.

He closed the notebook quickly with small movements, enduring the shame, and faced Lin with a calm expression.
“It’s my new deskmate’s homework.
He did me a favour, so I’m helping him write his homework.”

“Ah,” Lin voiced softly.
It was a sound that one couldn’t hear any substantive meaning in.
“Have you made a good friend?”

Ye Zun breathed a sigh of relief and did not deny that Shen Yuan was his friend.
He just nodded ambiguously.

Lin slightly paused, then the corners of his lips slowly curved up.
“It’s okay, I can wait for you to finish.”

Ye Zun had already packed his school bag, speedy in his actions.
“No need, there won’t be many people in school once it gets late, let’s leave now ba.
Anyway, for the homework, he doesn’t look like someone who hands his work in, so I’ll just talk with him tomorrow morning ba.”

Lin paused and lightly nodded.
His handsome and high-born face showed a small expression, one that was difficult for others to understand.
“Is that so ah.”

The two walked out of the classroom one after another.
Ye Zun carefully glanced down at the end of the dark corridor to his right.

The locations of Class 1 and Class 9 was like if the character ‘凸’ was stretched out, with two protruding heads*.
Normally, you cannot see Class 1 when standing at Class 9’s doorway, unless you walk to the corner of the exit of the straight corridor.

[T/N: description of shape: 拉长的凸字的两头
Description of how to see Class 1 from Class 9: 走到平直的走廊出口拐角处]

While he was wary of the other end of the corridor, Lin stood at the side, watching him.

The two walked down the stairs on the left, wandered through the campus that was illuminated by the incandescent lamp on the roof, and left the campus.

The school had a bus on a set route across the campus.
It’s just that the bus was said to be slow and took detours, you would need to wait a long time, and that the driver’s temper was not all that good.
There really wasn’t a need for anyone to ride it.

After hesitating between walking at night or waiting for the bus, Ye Zun looked at Lin.

Lin smiled reservedly, and gently said, “There are quite a lot of students along this section of the road.
If it’s by walking, you can go home within half an hour.
It is a nice night out, do you want to take a walk together?”

Ye Zun nodded immediately.
“Sure ah.”

Not having to make a decision really allowed him to breathe a sigh of relief .

Two people walked side by side along the road.
As expected, there were many people who were walking back together after studying at night.

As they walked, the number of people gradually lessened.
Every so often, there were lights on the roadside that were broken, leaving some areas dark, some areas bright.
However, perhaps because the priest was by his side, he didn’t feel scared.

Even now he was a little nervous, but with the evening breeze brushing past them, even though they were under the clouded sky, he still felt that the night was too beautiful.

They came to a fork in the road.

Ye Zun subconsciously continued to walk forward, before suddenly noticing that Lin was walking to the left.

Although it was a residential area on the left, the path was very dark.
Every street light there was completely broken.

Standing in the opening leading into the dark road, the man’s white shirt glowed like the moonlight, and his clean eyes looked like the shining reflection of water on a still lake.
The man quietly watched him and sent out an invitation, “Down this path, this is a pear blossom field.
It looks most beautiful at this time.
Do you want to come together?”

Ye Zun looked behind the man.
A chasm of darkness obstructed the path, deterring people away.
But, the priest’s eyes were really too beautiful, shallow and clear, with an almost nonexistent smile in its depths.
It was more wonderful than fully bloomed pear blossoms in the dark.

Even though he was afraid of the dark, Ye Zun’s feet still moved and walked towards him.
“Okay ah.”

Lin extended a hand to him, saying gently and with reservation, “If you are afraid of the dark, you can hold my hand.”

Ye Zun slowly stretched out his left hand, somewhat shakily and tentatively holding a small part of his finger, and the steady and reliable hand firmly held back.
A faint temperature from the palm of the man’s hand flowed into his own.

He subconsciously shrunk back a little, although the movement did nothing.
He forced himself to keep with the current situation.

Rather than saying that it was impossible to break free, it was better to say that the idea of breaking free had been completely forgotten.

He let that person hold his hand, leading him towards the black unknown depths.

“Look, it really is not scary.”

“En.” His eyes lost their function as they wandered deeper and deeper into darkness and he couldn’t see anything at all.
Even with the man next to him, he could only vaguely make out his figure.
But, he really didn’t feel scared.

“Are you nervous? Why so?” The man’s voice was unhurried and warm.

In the darkness, Ye Zun answered the person holding his hand.
As if answering himself in the abyss of a dream, he wasn’t able to speak dishonestly.

“I’m sorry, it’s because this is basically the first time I’ve held hands with someone like this.
Ever since I was a child, I have never had such close contact with anyone.
Even the grandmother I lived with, we were not very close.
Only when she couldn’t walk, I would go and help her stay up.
But she never liked being supported.
Many times, I would just stand next to her, afraid that she won’t be able to stand steadily in the next second, but she had a cane and as long as she could do it herself, she would push my hand away.” 

“What about friends?”

“I, I don’t have real friends.
When I was young, maybe there were some people I was friendly with for a while, but in the end, for various reasons, I always transferred to another city and we naturally cut contact.
On top of that, I’m not good at interacting with people.
From my childhood to now, I am easily hated.”

“Why do they hate you? You are very cute, I can’t imagine hating you.”

Ye Zun smiled quietly.
“There are many reasons I am hated.
In the beginning, my grandma always locked me in at home to do my homework, so I couldn’t go out and play with others my age.
With that, I naturally couldn’t get close.”

Always transferring halfway through the term, going home immediately after school to do my homework, not being familiar with anyone; people thought I was noble and virtuous*, incompatible with them.
If I was provoked, I wouldn’t fight back, and was taken as a coward.
Anyone would want to fight when they are angry, but the only reason why I never did was because of poverty.
I can not bear the consequences of compensation.”

[T/N: above material pursuits]

“People in the same situation as me also had their reasons for hating me.
Only I was admitted to university, only I did something different from everyone else.
I had a different life, like a traitor.
So I was hated.”

“Even if I did nothing, strangers who didn’t have any conflict of interest still had reasons to hate me.
Everyone in the dormitory watched their variety shows, laughing all day, but only I worked part-time doing commercial shoots.”

“Just because I didn’t do the same thing as everyone, I was naturally hated, and was still told to be grateful to them.”

“But it doesn’t matter.
Because inherently, I too, am incapable of liking them.
There is probably just a problem with my character ba.”

The man lightly squeezed his hand.
“You are very good-looking, was there anyone who expressed their admiration for you? There should be many.”

In the darkness, Ye Zun’s voice paused slightly.
“There was… When I rejected them, I also thought about thanking the other person, and my wording was very careful.
But, maybe I still said something that made them hate me.”

“After they heard my rejection, they smiled and said to me: Do you know? No one will love you.
Even if they love you now, once they get close and understand who you are, in the end, they will hate you without hesitation.
If someone doesn’t hate you now, it is because they don’t understand you enough.”

……”Do you know what everyone says about you behind your back? That haunty, arrogant and withdrawn freak, a baby.”

……”Do you know? No one will love you.
Even if they love you now, once they get close and understand who you are, in the end, they will hate you without hesitation.
If someone doesn’t hate you now, it is because they don’t understand you enough.”

……“Except for me…”

“Even though I ran away immediately, I can’t forget the other person’s eyes at that time, smiling, but serious.”

The footsteps in the dark stopped.
A warm hand lightly covered his eyes.

Ye Zun stopped where he stood, closing his eyes quietly and obediently.
In the darkness created by the man, he was restless but at peace, thinking, did this person understand the real and boring him, and has already started to hate him?

Every time he meets someone new with the same admiring eyes, he will think of those words, spoken with a smile and spoken like a curse.

Even if he never believed it, he may have already been shaken in the bottom of his heart, and he started to think that what the person said might be true, a fact that has been gradually confirmed.

Will this person be the same as others? Speaking to him in a disapproving voice, that all this is because he is too sensitive, that he has a problem with his character.

He was used to it.
It was obviously undisguised malice, confronting him without any concealment.
Everyone else insisted that there must be a problem with his character, which distorted the goodwill of others.

Hu, he really shouldn’t have said these things, but why did he suddenly take the initiative to vocalise all this? Something he never in his life planned to tell anyone.

Lin said in his calm, gentle voice, “Is it a curse born from paranoia, because of the rejection from a loved one and the desire to monopolise? However, I am an exorcist.” 

In the dark, golden sunflowers poured out a brilliant light.

Ye Zun was blindfolded by his fingers.
He raised his head slightly, and listened to him quietly.

The priest’s voice was very pleasant to the ears, with an unintentional tenderness, as deep and cool as the night.

“From here on out, just listen carefully to what I say.
I rarely like people, but I like you very much.
The more I understand you, the more I like you.”

Like a whisper before bed, it calmed people and made them like him, made them willing to be hypnotised.

“However, just this is not enough to get rid of the curse.” The man softly said, “If the curse is to be removed, one must use the same to get rid of the old.
Listen to me carefully.
Starting from now, my curse is above that curse——”

The darkness in front of him disappeared as the man’s hand departed from his sight.
He opened his eyes subconsciously and saw the handsome and flawless face.

Behind that person was the endless darkness, and in the endless darkness, there was a never-ending field of pear blossoms, blooming like snow.

The night breeze carried the endless pear blossoms across the land, and the petals that floated over brushed past their faces.

But his eyes could only be firmly drawn to the person in front of him.
The man tilted his head slightly, staring at him with his full attention, quietly with clear and mellow eyes, letting him irresistibly accept the curse the man was placing on him——

“I like you very much, and I will like you even more in the future.
Yes, even if you come to feel that it is too much and start to feel scared, begging me to stop, it will continue to grow to an extent where nothing can stop it.
Not only that, I still want to understand you more and more; any thoughts of the past and the future, I want to know them all without any reservation.
It would be in your best interest to begin preparing now.”

His pupils slowly dilated.
In the depths of those brown eyes, he looked at the man in surprise.

The pear blossoms carried a delicate astringent fragrance.
The warmth of the spring breeze and the cool wind in the night entangled together to rush towards him, causing him to experience a trembling numbness across his body and into his heart.
He couldn’t stop shivering slightly.

Was it because of this warm yet cold night breeze?

Was it because of the attentive tenderness in those beautiful eyes?

Or, was it because of what the exorcist said, the curse that breaks his curse?

The wind blew away the murky low-hanging clouds, revealing the bright and dazzling moon.

The sea of snow paved with pear blossoms floated between the dark and the moonlight, dancing in the fierce wind, jumping to the peak of perfection before descending to the ground.

Lin, with his back to the sea of flowers, watched him quietly.
The corners of his lips slowly rose, and his calm and mellow eyes, like a cool mountain spring brimming with precious black crystals, revealed a soft, reserved smile that slowly spread.

Ye Zun didn’t realise this himself but, cautiously and tentatively, he also slowly revealed a smile; shallow, but still there.

Although his body was trembling inexplicably, he really was not afraid, nor fearful.
He didn’t feel cold.
He just felt his mind finally come to be at peace.
It was something he had never felt before.

The author has something to say:

Knocking on the blackboard, when confessing your love, never say anything like, there is no one in the whole world who will like you, no one will love you, except for me… This seemingly-strong-on-the-surface-but-petty-and-low-pua-in-reality is a ‘get kicked in the f*cking head and made into someone’s wedding outfit’ tactic. 

If someone tells you this, please don’t hesitate to kick their head hard enough that it explodes!

Someone who can be gentle and pretends to be a good person that seizes every opportunity to take advantage, a yandere* who compliments, praises, and confesses all the time; this is what a good yandere is.

[T/N: 病娇: someone with a deranged psychology because of love, usually has a morbid obsession with someone, or maybe an ‘idea’.
most people use yandere to describe someone like this.]

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