The woman lowered her head and began to deliver the meat from the bowl into her mouth, gulping down with large bites.

Ye Zun lifted the meat in his bowl then put it down.
Thinking about how he would have to brush his teeth again later, he placed down his chopsticks and sat there, watching the woman eat.

Shen Yuan on the other side similarly didn’t take a bite, and was just smiling.
When the woman stopped eating, he looked at her questioningly.

Then he tilted his head towards Ye Zun, blinking his eyes, grinning brilliantly and innocently.
“I carefully listened to what you said this time.
I respect Mum very much and treat her rather well, don’t you think?”

The woman kept her head down and bit into the chunk of meat.
Observing from a close distance, Ye Zun finally realised what had been giving him goosebumps and sending chills down his spine.

Although she appeared as if she was starving and was wolfing down the food, it was like she was being forced to do so in pain, without the slightest enjoyment that came out of eating.

“Stop eating!”

Shen Yuan and the woman both paused in their movements, turning to look at Ye Zun who shouted out of nowhere.

Ye Zun stood up and faced their watching eyes.
Shen Yuan was still smiling, but while the smile was brilliant, it did not reach the bottom of his eyes.
The woman’s face was gloomy and cold.
Past the messy and greasy bangs, her eyes were dull, giving people an indescribable discomfort.

Ye Zun unconsciously took a step back, the bump on his throat rolling.
“If you’re full and don’t want to eat, just stop eating.
I’m going back to sleep first.”

He went back a few steps, enduring the tightening numbness on his back, and walked towards the bedroom.
After walking a couple steps, he couldn’t help but turn back and look.

Shen Yuan was still sitting there, smiling lazily.

The woman’s head was lowered, her speed much slower, but still stuffing food into her mouth with large bites.

Ye Zun returned to the bedroom and shut the door.

Going against what he said he was going to do, he didn’t sleep and instead continued to search the room for a while, but did not find any more of Nogawa Kaoru’s personal notes.

After thinking about how Shen Yuan might be sleeping at home tonight, his ears couldn’t help turning red.
Enduring his embarrassment, he carefully picked up the girls’ private commodities in the house and hid them in the closet.

“Hu, are these things really Nogawa Kaoru’s? Or do they belong to the person outside?”

No matter who it belonged to, a fetish or something to do with crossdressing, it really was too embarrassing.

Dong dong dong, the bedroom door was quietly knocked on.

Ye Zun scanned the room, making sure things were hidden properly, then walked to the door and opened it.

The woman’s shoulders shrunk into herself, and her haggard face also seemed numbed and timid.

She squeezed in and carefully shut the door with the back of her hand, as if she was afraid of something, but didn’t dare to show that she was scared.

Ye Zun took two steps back and looked at her.
“Did something happen to you?”

Because the woman shrank her shoulders inwards slightly, in front of the 1.85 metre tall Ye Zun, her plump body was much shorter.
She raised her eyes and looked at Ye Zun, eyes dodging unsteadily.

Ye Zun suddenly noticed that the skin on her face not only had sallow patches, but also faded bruises from a past beating.

“Who hit you? Was it that man?” Ye Zun pursed his lips slightly, remembering the cold expression that the middle-aged man directed towards the little girl in the morning.

Fear revealed itself in the woman’s perplexed and dull eyes, but even the perplexity seemed to be afraid of exposing itself.
With shrunken shoulders, she whispered to Ye Zun, “Mum will tell you a secret.
I found out that, your dead dad, he was resurrected on your big brother.”

A chill crawled over his back in an instant.
Ye Zun looked at her in bewilderment, needing a moment before saying, “Dad is dead? When did this happen?”

The woman was nervous and on guard towards something.
She pushed the corner of the window curtain open from time to time, taking a peek at the living room outside, and said in a daze, “The night before yesterday, the hospital notified me, Dad who was injured at work stopped breathing and passed on from brain death.”

Ye Zun: “The night before yesterday…”

Then who was the middle-aged man he saw this morning?

The woman attentively and vigilantly watched the living room outside the window, not seeing the horror in Ye Zun’s eyes.
Her numb tone expressed some disapproval.

She murmured to herself with a purposeless tone like she was sleepwalking, “To get welfare payment, unplug the tube.
When he was alive, he kept beating me.
Even when I lay in bed with no movement, he still beat me.
I was beaten all my life.
He should’ve been killed long ago, right?”

Ye Zun felt ice-cold all over and couldn’t help backing away.

The woman seemed to be certain that there was no threat outside the door and was plenty relieved, then looked at Ye Zun with a blank face.

That haggard and old face was numb and dazed, eyes timid and out of focus, staring directly into him.
“You will protect Mum, right?”

Ye Zun nodded stiffly.

The woman glanced carefully out the window again and murmured, “Dead, then back.
He just needs to be killed again.
Otherwise, there will be no money to eat meat…”

“There’s still so much left, won’t it be a waste ba?” Shen Yuan’s voice came from the living room, and his lazy and undisciplined tone made people unable to discern his emotions.

The woman opened the door, shrank her shoulders slightly, fearful but afraid to show it.
She walked back to the living room.

Ye Zun stood at the doorway, watching her pick up the meaty lumps that looked like over boiled eggs, stuffing it into her mouth with difficulty, chewing and swallowing every big mouthful.

He closed the door, his breathing turning chaotic.

——That middle-aged man in the morning is dead? Did I see a ghost?

——What about Shen Yuan, does he know his dad is dead?

——Were the sounds of footsteps in the bedroom last night from the ghost of that middle-aged man? What does he want to do, does he want revenge?

Ye Zun clutched the Buddha statue in his pocket, trying to calm his mind.

There was no sound outside the door, but after a while, the bedroom door knocked from the other side.

The knocking was in a calm, regular pattern, nothing that made people uncomfortable.

Ye Zun slowly opened the door.
Shen Yuan, standing outside with wet hair, raised his head, revealing a slender neck clinging with water droplets, skin as white as delicate milk.

He didn’t wear pyjamas, just having a large towel wrapped around him at random, as if he had come out after taking a shower without drying himself.

Seeing Ye Zun standing there with a rigid look in his eyes, Shen Yuan’s eyes lowered and looked at him lazily.
The eyes beneath those dripping bangs were exceptionally clear, and the jut on his throat rolled lightly.
He said in an innocent and arrogant tone, “Not happy to let me in? Today, I showed much respect to our mum, and didn’t say anything hateful.
The things she likes to eat, I left it all to her.”

The author has something to say:

The Demon Lord that feels inexplicably well-behaved~

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