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Chapter 64 – Goblin Rush

For the sake of reaching the other passage at the end of the room, we set foot into the suspicious room.
I get Shisuha to put one hand on my back, as a countermeasure to prevent us from getting separated in case of another forced transfer.

No surprises here.]

[But it doesn’t seem to be a teleportation type trap this time.]

The dreaded Magic Formation reared its unwelcome face yet again, the moment we progressed to the center of the spacious room.
At the same time, walls rose up from the ground and sealed both passageways up.

Although I braced myself for another teleportation, particles of light started to overflow from the walls instead, as the light of the Magic Formation grew in intensity.

The particles gathered into lumps and moved to positions that surrounded us from all sides.

In contrast to my wariness, the lumps of light all turned into the most common purple Goblin.

[That got me all nervous for nothing!]

[They… certainly aren’t worth the spectacular lights show.]

About 30 Goblins spawned around us, all of them raised their clubs and charged towards us at the same time.
The situation of being surrounded by monsters like this should be considered dangerous.

But, our opponents are the weakest of Goblins.
They wouldn’t pose any threat to us no matter how many of them surrounded us, we’ll just clean them up one at a time.

Both me and Shisuha can instagib them.
In fact, I can defeat multiples at a time with a single wide Bar swing, and soon they were wiped out.

[It’s… not over yet.]

[So it’s the sword wielders now.]

Without letting us catch our breath, particles of light flowed out of the walls once again.
They gathered into lumps again and this time, they became the sword wielding goblins that appear in this Labyrinth.
You couldn’t really call them much of an upgrade from the most common Goblin, so there’s no big difference in how to deal with them.

When we annihilated the second wave, light flowed out from the walls yet again, and this time it was about 30 spear wielding Goblins.

What’s going on… how long do we have to do this?

[Aren’t they getting stronger with each wave?]

[That’s what it looks like… let’s not get complacent, and clear them out steadily.]

[Yeah, you’re right.]

The brawl went on as bow users, shield users, mages, Black, and Red Goblins appeared in sequence, with us defeating them all.
Our opponents kept getting stronger as we progressed, which is kind of worrying.

We have yet to encounter enemies beyond the Red Goblin.
If this event isn’t going to end, then we’ll be finding out what lies beyond soon enough.

The entrance and exit are still sealed.
So this event isn’t ending any time soon.

I psyched myself up for the next wave, as light began to flow out of the walls again.

[Ugeh… What the hell are those?]

[Can they be considered bodybuilder Goblins?]

What appeared, weren’t the usual Goblins that only reached our knees in height, they were even taller than me.
With their toned dark skin, bulging muscles and abs, they all have visually better physiques than me.

And there were about 30 of them naked machos surrounding us.
Can I vomit now?

I definitely haven’t seen these guys before, Status check time.


Evolutiogoblin Race: Goblin

Level: 45
Attack Power: 550
Defense Power: 400
Agility: 80
Magic Resistance: 0
Unique Ability none
Skill Muscle Buster


They are sorta strong for Goblin standards? They certainly look strong, but their stats aren’t all that impressive.
And they’re unarmed too, so I don’t feel very threatened at all.

All the Evolutiogoblins that appeared took to a crouching position at the same time, they all then broke out into a run towards us with explosive momentum.

The Goblin that reached me first made a mighty right foot stomp, and threw a hefty left straight punch at me reminiscent of famous boxers of the past.

When that same fist struck my armor, a dull sounding thunk was produced.
But I didn’t take any damage.
The Goblin that attacked me on the other hand, its arm bent in a direction it isn’t meant to go from the wrist upwards.
That’s kinda what happens when you hit my glorious armor with your bare hands.

I gave my attacker’s head a nice stab with Excali-bar, followed by a couple more stabs to the body in my retaliation.
The Goblin collapsed and dispersed into particles of light, its HP depleted to 0 from just those few attacks.

Glancing at Shisuha, she was evading the Goblins attacks and counter attacking when the opportunity showed itself.

Against the fist sent towards her, she grapples said arm with both of her own arms and tosses her opponent onto the ground.
Without releasing her crutch, she follows up by suppressing her opponent’s shoulders with her feet and proceeds to twist and break the arm in her grasp.
She then finishes up with a crushing blow to the head with her staff.

What’s with all them MMA moves, aren’t you supposed to be a staff user?

[Urya! Fuhn! Nnー, this is a whole lot easier to do now that their bodies are bigger.]

[Y’know… You are a whole lot more honest about yourself when it comes to this stuff.]

[The stress does pile up.
I’ve mostly been holding it back though usually.]

[You girls sure have weird standards when it comes to moderation…]

Our fight with the Evolutiogoblins went on for awhile.
The round ended with her grabbing the last Goblin’s head and smashing it onto the floor, the devastated Goblin turns into particles of light and dissipates.

This round took us some time to finish… Shisuha may be putting on an act most of the time, but that didn’t change much even when combat is involved.
Though she did amp up the violence meter a tad.

She herself says she has been holding back, but can that really be called “holding back”… The same can be said with Estel, I find it hard to put faith into their standards of “holding back”.

After we defeated the Evolutiogoblins, particles of light continued to flow out from the walls.
Which means this event still isn’t over.

What appeared next, were another 30 or so tall Goblins holding staves.
They thankfully wore some tattered robes so I don’t feel like vomiting again.
And almost immediately after spawning, all of them raised their staves and started producing small magic circles beside themselves.

Crap… They’re Spellcasters!? This is bad, Shisuha will end up in the crossfire if I don’t do something!

[Shisuha! Get ready to heal me!]

[Kyah! Wha, Okura-san!?]

There’s nowhere for us to run to as we are surrounded on all sides, neither can we stop them as they have finished their spellcasting preparations.
So what I did was, I pulled Shisuha into a hugging position.
I covered her with my own body as much as I could, to block attacks from hitting her as much as possible.

Shortly after, my body gets barraged by an assortment of impacts.
There were some explosions too.
I was getting blasted by various kinds of magic.

The magic attacks are just plainly painful, as they ignore defense.
But thanks to Shisuha whom I was covering, the pain quickly subsided as she constantly healed me with her recovery magic.

[Ow ow ow… You good to go?]

[Ye, yes…]

[Alright, use me as a meat shield, and let’s go kick their asses!]

After surviving the magic attacks, when the dust settled I quickly let go of Shisuha and we charged towards the Goblin closest to us.
The plan was to defeat as many as possible before they can set up another barrage of magic attacks.

As much as I want to check their Status, even I know that we needed to strike first in our current situation.
They look similar to the previous Evolutiogoblins, there shouldn’t be too much of a difference (in stats).

Upon reaching striking distance of the 1st Goblin, I took a swing at its body with Bar.
Shisuha released a staff strike at the same time.
The Goblin crumpled from our combo attack, and dispersed into particles of light.

So they have much lower HP than the previous Goblins.
After defeating this 1st target, we headed towards our next target posthaste.

Balls of Fire and Earthen Bullets etc flew at us as we moved, and I blocked the ones that seemed likely to hit either of us.
We repeated this pattern, and slowly wiped out the Goblins.

[Fuu, we somehow managed to beat that wave… Can this event just end already…]

[I’d like for it to end soon too.
Fighting spell casting monsters is a bit too much work for just the 2 of us.]

How long is this Goblin Rush going to last.
We’ve easily killed hundreds of them by now, can we be done now please.

As if having heard our rants, the lights show that summoned the monsters reacted differently this time.

A ridiculous amount of particles incomparable to all previous waves flowed out from the walls, the particles all gathered into 1 massive lump a slight distance away from us.

[Wha, what the hell is that!?]

[Tha, that’s pretty big.
That’s not the kind of enemy I can take on by myself…]

The particles of light stabilized, revealing the form of our opponent.
It was big, comparable in size to an Ogre or Cyclops.
It was a monster that walked on all fours.

Its entire body was black, with fangs coming out of its mouth on a head that resembles a hippopotamus, and 2 jagged twisted horns protruding out of its head.
It also had something like a transparent bulbous membrane on its back.
A black Goblin can be seen seated inside.

What the hell is this thing? It has been Goblin type monsters all this while, why’d a Kaijuu suddenly get thrown at us…..

R, regardless I’ll have a look at its Status.


Cruise Goblin/Calamitas  Race: Goblin/Behemoth

Level: 65
Attack Power: 10/4500
Defense Power: 10/50000
Agility: 10/120
Magic Resistance: 0/0
Unique Ability: Pilot/Hyper Armor
Skill none/Piercing Charge


….Eh? Oi oi oi, are you shitting me!? What is up with this bullshit!?

You can’t just outright cheat by riding on a Behemoth! Screw you!

[H, here it comes! Shisuha, that thing has 4500 Attack Power! Avoid its attacks at all costs!]

[Ueeh!? T, that thing has that much power?! T, thankfully there’s only 1 of it.
Let’s run!]

The Goblin ridden Kaijuu began to move its gigantic body.
Every step it took caused tremors in the entire room.

Its steps gradually gained speed, causing the room to experience an almost constant earthquake, as the thundering footsteps followed.

There’s no way we can just blindly stand and fight this sort of enemy, so me and Shisuha are running around the room in a clockwise direction.

[What are we supposed to do about that thing! It has stupidly high defense too!]

[Magic… That’s the only way! Okura-san, aren’t you able to use wind elemental attacks?]

[I can, but it’s going to take forever to kill that thing with only that!]

We discussed our options as we ran around.
Fortunately for us, we are able to maintain our distance.

Sure, I can use wind elemental attacks which ignore defense.
But the Behemoth itself has soooo much HP that it feels like a fool’s errand, and trying to hit the Goblin on its back (with the wind attacks) is another problem altogether.
More like I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to hit it with it chasing us all over the place.

I’m almost certain that the Goblin sitting on the Behemoth is the real target, but climbing up there just to land attacks is a challenge in and of itself.
The membrane looks thin at a glance, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was counted as a part of the Behemoth and actually has high defense too.

Is escaping the only option left for us? …But if we do that, I’ll be leaving team Noru behind.
Our only chance of overcoming this situation, boils down to whether we can get rid of the Goblin seated on the back or not.
What other options do we still have… Think, I have to think of something!

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