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So I pushed the creaking metal door, and peeked into the room.

[Ahhー! Okura-dono!]

Beyond the doors, was a narrow room with totally black walls illuminated by some sort of lighting.
Noru and Estel were inside said room.

The girls were wary upon hearing the door opening, as they had their weapons ready.

But once my identity was confirmed, Noru came running at me elatedly

[Ooohh! You girls are al――bugeh!? Wai-, N, Noru…]

[Geeez! I was so very worried! Now Imma give you a hug.

The room has been ascertained to be safe, so my team entered as well.
I pat my chest in relief, as my party has finally linked back up.

Noru, who ran to where I was, gave me a big ol’ hug.
I was flustered by her hug at first, then I got mighty worried as I could hear the sound of my armor getting crushed by her embrace.

J, just how much strength is she putting into this hug!? She’s putting so much power into her hug, that I probably wouldn’t survive if I wasn’t wearing my armor!

[Noru you can stop now, Onii-san looks troubled by what you are doing.]

[Ah, um, pardon me…]

[Uh, yeah, it’s all good.]

[Are you alright Onii-san? Did you get hurt anywhere? Did you cry because we weren’t there? Did you do anything strange to Shisuha?]

[Just what do you take me for!]

Noru released her bearhug after Estel reprimanded her.
Unexpectedly, I felt a hint of shyness from Noru’s voice.

As though tagging in, Estel came next and checked up on me as she cheekily tilted her head slightly.

She started with words of actual concern at first, but she then shows concern for some other weird topics…

[I am glad that the 2 of you are safe and not in pieces!]

[I feel the same too, Noru-san.]

Shisuha appeared relieved from reuniting with the rest of our team.

But unlike how she interacted with me earlier, she’s back to her usual act already.

[Have you girls been here for a while now?]

[That is indeed the case.]

[Why didn’t you contact me before entering the door on your side?]

[Well stuff happened…]

So I got to hear about what happened on their side, what they experienced was pretty different from my team’s.

They had Orcs in addition to the Goblins, and apparently lots of traps ranging from pathways that try to crush you, to cliched rolling boulders.

They arrived at the end room in the heat of escaping the traps, then sorta defeated the boss and ended up in here.

I looked behind them after hearing the details, and sure enough there’s another door.

[I did try to call you with the Transceiver before we entered the door.
But Okura-dono never did pick up no matter how many times I tried.]

[I didn’t get any notifications at all on my end….
That means our communications were already jammed at that point in time.]

It seems that radio waves were jammed at some point, maybe after a certain amount of time has passed? It’s almost as if this Labyrinth was created with “people like me” in mind.

The way the entrance formed felt unnatural and sudden too… It’s kinda scary when you think about it this way.

[Well I’m just glad that all of us made it through this time.
This was a good practice run for Labyrinth conquering.]

[Thankfully the enemies here are weak, but such undertakings are normally a lot more dangerous.
Onii-san you’d better reflect about that.]

We did learn about traps that separate the party, we’ll need to be more careful in future Labyrinths.

If this was the Labyrinth at the capital, we may not have been able to link back up safely like this time.

I should give everyone an Escape Device the next time we do this, so all of us can escape when we have to.

Which means I’ll need to roll the Gacha more…

[So… What are we supposed to do next?]

[There is something further deeper inside the room, but nothing else besides that.]

There’s only the door where my team came in from, the door where Noru’s team entered from and the path leading further into the room.

Monsters didn’t spawn in this room, which means this is the final room of this Labyrinth.

Mufufu, this is where we are supposed to find some phat loot.
We went through so much trouble to get here, the treasure had better be worth it.

[Guhehe, it’s time to show me your treasure, oh pretty little dungeon.]

[Somehow, Okura-san sounded like he was plotting to do something bad.]

[He’s not even trying to hide his greed.]

[Haaa, right when I thought he became a little bit manlier just now….
Okura-san will still only be Okura-san after all.]

I snickered as I rubbed my hands, and the girls look at me in dismay.

Eーhh, I think it’s fine to be happier about this sort of stuff…

[What’s this pedestal thingie?]

[Aaand… nothing happens when you put your hand on it.]

At the end of the room, stood a single pedestal rather than a treasure chest.

A transparent rectangular plate was fixed at the tip of the pole.
Noru placed her hand on said plate, but nothing happened.

Here I was thinking we’d get some loot, and we get this weird ass pedestal instead.
It would have been nice if we at least got some reward for successfully conquering this Labyrinth, but I have yet to get any notifications on my smartphone either.

[Hey Onii-san.
Maybe, you’re meant to put your smartphone on the plate?]

[Nnー? The size does seem appropriate…]

So I placed my smartphone on the plate, like what Estel said.
Then the plate suddenly shone and light flowed out, which was absorbed into my smartphone.

The light subsided after a while, my smartphone then vibrated and displayed something on its screen.

【Black Nigurd has been released】

Nn? Black? What’s that? And what does it mean by…released?

Not really knowing what it means, I tried to mess with my smartphone to find out.

But before I could do so, the room began to shake and a Magic Formation appeared beneath our feet.

[Uooh!? N, not again!?]

[Let us stay close to each other this time!]

I’ve had enough of getting separated again, so everyone was staying in physical contact with each other.

Our field of vision then gets flooded with light just like that time when we were first transferred.

nn? Huh?]

[Looks like we have been transferred outside this time.]

My eyes were closed due to the blinding light, but I quickly opened them after the light subsided.
And what I saw, were the trees of the forest from before we entered the Labyrinth.

So the transfer wasn’t a trap, but an exit of sorts from the Labyrinth instead.
This Labyrinth sure does feel politely designed at times.

[I guess this means we have conquered it?]

[I think it’s safe to assume so.
Look, it’s crumbling.]

Looking at what Estel was pointing to, a small hill has formed from the crumbling soil.
The hill is where the entrance to the Labyrinth should have been.

The entrance collapsing means….we can’t enter this Labyrinth anymore!? Eh, wait!

[Ah, Ahhhー!? Wha, what about my manastone farming planー!?]

[That’s what you are worrying about in this situation…]

[But isn’t it fine? We’ve gathered quite a lot this time, did we not?]

Although Shisuha did coax me into giving up my dungeon camping plan, the farming efficiency here was through the roof.
I did want to hunt here again, just without going into the room with the transfer trap.

Our trip here brought my manastone count to 764.
This is unquestionably a net profit, if you think about just the number we obtained here in 1 day.

[Muuー…I guess you’re right… nn?]

[Ara, did you get a new notification?]

[Ooh! There’s a reward for conquering these places, just like what happened with the Prime Subjugation! Letssee, manastones and a SSR Cost Reduction.
And… wha?]

It’s a pity that we can’t enter this Labyrinth again, but the outcome to this little experiment can be considered good for all intents and purposes.

Night had fallen by the time we got out, I then swiped about my smartphone as I considered my options to get us back home.
It was at that moment, when my smartphone vibrated from a new notification.

This timing could only be… the Completion Reward! I almost thought there wasn’t one, but it appears we needed to get out of the Labyrinth first for it to register.

I opened the notification gleefully, and it showed 【Labyrinth Completion Reward: 150 Manastones, SSR Cost Reduction】.

Additionally, there was also an announcement for a new Gacha event just like that time with the Prime Subjugation.

However, when I saw【Labyrinth Completion Achievement, launch of ―― Gacha!】, words escaped me as I dropped my smartphone.

[Wa wa, Okura-dono! Why did you drop the smartphone? Oh, it says, Complete Gacha?]

Noru caught the smartphone that I dropped before it hit the ground, then read what was displayed in my place.

Complete Gacha… the name of a Forbidden form of Gacha that never existed in GC.


【War Maiden】Noru Fagna    
Level 51→63      
HP 6120→6670
MP 1560→1800
Attack Power 1500→1740
Defense Power 795→915
Agility 169→193
Magic Resistance 40
Cost 13

Level 46→59
HP 1230→1490
MP 2240→2630
Attack Power 735→995
Defense Power 295→360
Agility 18→20
Magic Resistance 40
Cost 22

Level 40→54
HP 1550→1900
MP 1800→2150
Attack Power 550→760
Defense Power 350→560
Agility 45→59
Magic Resistance 20
Cost 20

【Leader】Okura Heihachi
Level  50→62
HP 1360→1600
MP 390→510
Attack Power 585→765
Defense Power 525→705
Agility 94→114
Magic Resistance 10



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