62 Plan

When Eldest Uncle and the others returned, they were shocked to hear that Boss Liu was very likely a human trafficker.

Hearing their grandmother and aunt mention it, they also thought of something.
It seemed that every month or two after Boss Liu went to various places to buy watermelons, there would be rumors in the village that women eloped with men.
Those who knew them never saw them again.

“What should we do now? Call the police?” Uncle asked solemnly.

It wasn’t a small thing.
It wasn’t just a big thing in the family.
There was a good chance that a case was involved.

“But that’s just our suspicion.
Will calling the police help?” Third Uncle asked suspiciously.

Gu Qingming said decisively, “Call the police! Whether it’s suspicion or not, the police station upholds the principle of not wronging a good person and definitely not letting a bad person off! However, Grandpa, and Uncle, I’ll arrange for the police to be called.
No matter what, Boss Liu is very suspicious now!”

Grandpa slapped his thigh and echoed loudly, “Yes, we should call the police! If this Boss Liu is really a bad person, we can’t let him off.”

However, Second Uncle said worriedly, “But Dad, what if Boss Liu is just an ordinary watermelon vendor? Wouldn’t we be wronging him if we call the police?”

Gu Qingming smiled and said, “Second Uncle, don’t worry.
Just leave this to me.
I’ve already contacted my friends and secretly started an investigation regarding Boss Liu.
However, before the results are out, everyone, don’t alarm Boss Liu.
Don’t let the three sisters-in-law and the children go out for the time being.”

“You’re not going out either, Ming’er!” her grandmother added quickly.

“Yes, Ming’er, you’re a girl and a beautiful one at that.
You’re also an outsider.
You can easily be a target for such people.
You must not go out alone,” Grandpa instructed sternly.
“If you really have to go somewhere, then the cousins at home will accompany you.”

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Gu Qingming nodded and said, “Alright, I understand, Grandpa!”

“Also, since we know about this, we should pay attention to the beautiful girls and children in the village.
If you discover anything, tell everyone immediately,” Grandpa instructed sternly.

“Okay,” everyone replied in unison.

“Based on the disappearance of the girls in the village in the past, even if Boss Liu wants to make a move, it will take one to two months.
No matter what, during this period of time, all the granddaughters-in-law and Ming’er must be careful.
Those people will definitely be sufficiently prepared,” Grandpa instructed again.

They can’t risk another case of those missing women being framed as elopers without anyone suspecting anything.

Her fifth cousin, Shi Chengxin, scratched his head and asked in confusion, “Grandpa, are we really not going to tell the village about this?”

Grandpa shook his head and said, “It’s not that I don’t want to tell them, but after Boss Liu leaves, we’ll alert the enemy.
Then Boss Liu will be prepared in the future.
It’ll be difficult to catch him.”

“Yes, don’t alert the enemy.”

After the family finished their meeting, Gu Qingming secretly looked for her three cousins.

“No, absolutely not!”

When the three cousins heard their cousin’s plan, they all objected unanimously.

“Sister, this is too dangerous.
I definitely can’t let you do this,” said Big Brother Shi Hangyu.

“Sister, I don’t agree with this plan either.
What if this Boss Liu is really bad? Then you’re really too dangerous.”

Third Brother nodded in agreement.
“That’s right.”

Gu Qingming said seriously, “Brothers, listen to me.
Even if I don’t take the initiative to attack, I’m very likely to be their next target.”

“That’s even more impossible!” His brother objected fiercely.
If you’re their target, it’s even more dangerous for you to come knocking on their door.
Sister, I won’t agree to this plan.”

The other two brothers also agreed that they would not agree.

Gu Qingming thought for a moment and could only make a move.
“Brother, you don’t know.
In order to prevent me from being kidnapped, my father has received all kinds of training since he was young.
Not to mention the three of you, I can even fight the three bodyguards beside me.
So, Brother, don’t worry.
I have a plan.”

At the mention of fighting, Second Brother’s expression changed.
He said nervously, “Are you still fighting? Sister, have you forgotten that you’re still pregnant? Can pregnant women fight? This isn’t a fight, but a death wish!”

“Sister, this plan is too risky.
We can’t agree!” Shi Hangyu said firmly.

Gu Qingming rubbed her eyebrows.

It was indeed inconvenient to do many things when she was pregnant!

Gu Qingming thought for a moment and said, “Brother, I’m only going to test him, not fight.
Don’t worry, with my intelligence, it’s definitely not a problem for me to fight Boss Liu.
If it’s really a fight, aren’t you following behind me? Then just protect me.”

“Your intelligence?” When the three brothers heard this, they stared at Gu Qingming suspiciously.

Their cousin had been fooled by a man.

The corners of Gu Qingming’s mouth twitched as she said speechlessly, “Brother, what kind of gaze is that? Are you suspecting me? Do I look like an idiot?”

She raised a small fist and swung it.

“No, no!” The three brothers were instantly agitated.
Their survival instincts made them shake their heads in unison.
“How could we suspect that our sister is an idiot? Our cousin is clearly extremely smart and intelligent!”

Their cousin could defeat three bodyguards alone.

None of the three of them could have hit a bodyguard beside her.

This was the difference in strength.

Gu Qingming raised her fist again and waved it forward.
“Do my three brothers agree with my plan?”

Without a word, she swung her fist.

Since persuasion was useless, she would threaten them with force.

Seeing that the fist was about to reach them, the three brothers could only reply helplessly, “Alright.
We agree to your plan.”

Gu Qingming slowly lowered her small fist.

“It’s just that…” Big Brother had just said two words when a pink fist appeared in front of him.
Shi Hangyu looked at the white and soft fist that seemed to be able to erupt with strength and swallowed his saliva.
He said, “But you have to protect your own safety.
Once you discover any danger, immediately withdraw and inform Big Brother, understand?”

Gu Qingming lowered her fist and said with a smile, “Of course I know.”

She wasn’t so great as to sacrifice herself for a case.

She would do this because she could absolutely guarantee her safety.

Because she had the power, she didn’t want to let any of the heartless bad guys go.

According to the timeline in her previous life, Shen Chunmei should still be alive at this time!

She hoped there was time to save her and not let her die so miserably!

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