ehe, I say, Shi Lichun’s watermelon was clearly promised to be sold to Boss Liu, but in the blink of an eye, he said that he won’t sell it.
It seems that he has found a good buyer.
45 cents versus 2 dollars; there is no competition.”

“That’s right.
If I had a choice, I would definitely choose to sell it for 2 dollars.”

“There’s a difference of 1.55 dollars per catty.
After accounting for 50,000 to 60,000 catties, there’s a difference of tens of thousands of dollars.”

“That’s right.
We farmers work all year round to get a good price for what we grow.”

“This niece didn’t entrust her friend to buy them to help her uncle, right?”

When Gu Qingming heard the villager’s words, she shook her head and said, “No.
My friend is really in the fruit business.
My uncle’s melons are organic, so I introduced my friend to him.
My friend will arrive at two or three in the afternoon.”

A villager’s eyes immediately lit up, and he asked with an urgent and expectant expression, “Miss, my family has also planted some watermelons.
Can you pick a thousand catties or two and collect my watermelons? Don’t worry, my watermelons are also very sweet and beautiful.”

The eldest cousin-in-law was about to refuse.
This was obviously an imposition.
However, Gu Qingming tugged at her sleeve.

Gu Qingming smiled and said, “My friend needs a lot of watermelons.
At that time, I’ll ask her to go to your house to take a look.
If they meet the acquisition criteria, she’ll definitely be willing to buy it!”

When that person heard this, he immediately beamed and said, “Thank you, niece.
Don’t worry, my watermelon is really sweet.”

When the others heard this, they all had the chance to sell it for a high price.
They said, “Niece, my family also has some watermelons.
I can also pick a thousand catties.”

“I can pick three to 4,000 catties of watermelon from my family’s acres.”

… .

Shi Bangliang glanced at his melon field and could not help but feel anxious.

His family had five acres of watermelons.
Now, they could pick up to 20,000 catties.

If his watermelon reached one or 80 or 90 cents, he would earn much more than selling it for 35 cents, let alone 20.

At the thought of this, he smiled and asked, “Niece, do you think my watermelons can be sold to your friend?”

Gu Qingming said hesitantly, “Uncle, I tasted your watermelon and think it’s not bad.
Although it doesn’t reach the standards of my uncle’s watermelons, it’s not a problem for a dollar or so.
However, hasn’t your watermelon been sold to others now?”

When Shi Bangliang heard this, his face immediately revealed excitement.

However, he still wanted to confirm it again.
“Niece, you’re not lying to me, right? Can my watermelons really reach a price of about a dollar?”

“Yes!” Gu Qingming said with certainty.
“Uncle, my friend’s family is in business.
They determine the price based on the quality of the goods.
Although I’m not in the fruit business, I still have some knowledge about this.”

“Okay, it’s good that you’re sure,” Shi Bangliang said excitedly.
“Then I’ll sell my watermelon to your friend.

However, Gu Qingming said hesitantly, “But Uncle, didn’t you sell all your watermelons to Boss Liu? Is this okay?”

At this moment, Shi Bangliang was not afraid that Boss Liu would not buy their watermelons.

Shi Lichun’s niece would definitely not go back on her word.

After all, this was her home.

If she said she wanted the watermelons and went back on her word, her maternal prestige in the village would deteriorate.

Shi Bangliang said happily, “What’s wrong with that? Anyone would choose 1 dollar over 35 cents.
Unless his acquisition price is also 1 dollar, I won’t sell my watermelons to him.
Who wouldn’t want to earn money?”

Farmers were practical!

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