116 Mo Junyan’s First Appearance

On the sixth floor of Eternal Mall, there was a group of professionals in business suits.

The man leading this group of people was tall and had a perfect figure.
When he wore the custom-made suit, he looked even more well-proportioned and perfect than the number one male model in the world.

His facial features were almost perfect.
He had sharp eyebrows, and sexy thin lips.
The most profound feature was his deep and cold eyes.

One of the subordinated was reporting to this man.

“President, the overall performance this month has increased by 5% compared to last month.
The total monthly traffic has increased by 50,000 times compared to last month.”

“President, another international brand wants to set up shop at our mall.
We’ve done some research…”

Mo Junyan stopped in his tracks and leaned against the wall.
He placed his hands on the wall and looked down at the lively crowd.
His sexy lips twitched as if he was smiling.


Then, his subordinate stopped reporting.

Following President Mo’s gaze, he lowered his head.

The person-in-charge’s face darkened and his anger surged.
He was nervous, worried, and afraid.

His expression turned stern as he shouted, “Security manager, where’s the security manager?”

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The security manager rushed over with sweat on his forehead.

“Director Hua!” The security manager called out respectfully.

Director Hua pointed at the crowd downstairs and questioned angrily, “What’s going on downstairs? Is there a fight? There are so many people gathered.
If something happens in the mall, will you be responsible? Hurry up and disperse those people.”

The security manager reported to Director Hua in a difficult position, “President Hua, the girl who’s hitting someone now is the daughter of Sea City’s richest man, Gu Jianguo, Gu Qingming!”

If they offended the local boss of Sea City, foreign companies like them would definitely be in trouble.

“What?” When Director Hua heard this, he looked a little incredulous.
He pointed at the girl who was still beating people up with the black thing.
“Is that Gu Jianguo’s daughter, Gu Qingming?”

Wasn’t Gu Jianguo’s daughter a famous lady in the socialite circle?

Could this vicious girl be a fake?

The security manager nodded and said, “Yes, she’s Gu Qingming!”

Director Hua was silent for a moment.
He stole a glance at Mo Junyan, who had a cold expression and no one could tell if he was happy or angry.
He gritted his teeth and said, “I don’t care who she is.
In any case, she can’t cause trouble in our Eternal Mall.
If they want to cause trouble, they can do it elsewhere and not affect the image of our Eternal Mall.
Bring more people!”

Hmph, Gu Jianguo was only the richest man in Sea City.
Their president was the richest man in the country.

Who was afraid of who!

The security manager immediately replied, “Yes, CEO Hua.
I’ll go now!”


A cold, heartless, and magnetic voice stopped the security manager.

The security manager greeted respectfully, “President Mo!”

Mo Junyan asked, “Why would the daughter of the richest man in Sea City hit that fat woman?”

The security manager said truthfully, “A man accidentally stepped on this fat woman’s foot and already apologized, but this fat woman refused to let go.
She wanted him to kneel down and lick her shoes clean, and she even wanted him to compensate her with 100,000 dollars.
Who would have thought that that man was Gu Qingming’s brother?”

“Brother?” Director Hua asked in confusion.
“Doesn’t Gu Jianguo only have one daughter?”

The security manager shook his head and said, “I don’t know about that.
That’s what Gu Qingming called him.”

Mo Junyan said, “Director Hua, since it’s their personal grudge, as long as they don’t cause trouble for other customers, let them settle it themselves!”

“Huh?” Director Hua was stunned for a moment before he immediately replied, “Yes, CEO!”

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