was just a girl.
What ability did she have to make a big company disappear?

Wu Sanjiao was furious.

However, she suppressed her anger for the time being and turned to call her husband and son.

“Hubby, sob… I’ve been bullied.
Come over and stand up for me!”

“Son, your mother is being bullied.
Come over quickly!”

When the surrounding people saw Wu Sanjiao’s actions, they were simply stunned.

“Heavens, is there something wrong with this person’s brain?!”

“That’s not true, but she’s indeed sick! After knowing Gu Qingming’s identity, she called her daughter-in-law.
Hehe, she doesn’t even know who her son is.”

“She was beaten up, but she didn’t learn her lesson.
She called her daughter-in-law.
No wonder she was hit.”

“Tsk tsk, this person called her husband and son over.
There’s probably going to be another good show to watch.”

“Haha, then let’s continue watching.
I want to see how handsome that tall and mighty son of hers is.
He thinks he’s worthy of Miss Gu!”

“Haha, I’ve seen people courting death, but I’ve never seen anyone so suicidal.
She completely ignored Miss Gu’s warning.
I can imagine that the Chen Shoe Company will disappear from Sea City starting tomorrow.”

Gu Qingming frowned.

This fat woman’s brain was abnormal.

She had brought her brothers and sisters-in-law here to shop, not to make them unhappy.
If this continued, they would waste a lot of time here.
How could they continue shopping?

In that case, a sharp glint flashed across Gu Qingming’s eyes.

Then, she made a call.

“President Zhang, what is the contract period between the Chen Shoe Company and our company? Oh, there are still three months.
Alright, terminate the contract with them now and we won’t work with them anymore in the future.
Also, we don’t have to work with any companies that work with the Chen Corporation anymore.
Yes, it was Chen Youjun’s wife who provoked me!”

After hanging up, Gu Qingming looked at Wu Sanjiao with a cold expression.
She said coldly, “You’re very good! Soon, you’ll know that you’re about to destroy your husband’s company!”

Wu Sanjiao was speechless.

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