Lin Lan’s worries, she had her write a large notice first.
The content was about the promotion of the Brigade’s physical hygiene, stating that the people in charge were both Dong Huaihua and Lin Lan.


“We should let this news spread out first in order to let the members know about this early.”


After posting the notice, Dong Huaihua led Lin Lan to find Liu Xiuyun before it was time to clock out of work.


Liu Xiuyun took a few leaves of absence these past few days.
She stayed at home to cook, not even taking a step out of the house.


Xiuyun’s mother was also at home and was persuading her daughter when she heard Dong Huaihua’s voice.
The elderly woman hurriedly came out to welcome the Women’s Director.


Seeing that Lin Lan was there, she froze for a moment.


Dong Huaihua said, “Sister-in-law, don’t worry too much as sister Lin Lan isn’t a busybody.
She even knew about it earlier but said nothing.”


Xiuyun’s mother heaved a sigh of relief and looked outside carefully before she closed the courtyard door.
Suddenly, she looked saddened, “Director, can you think of a way to persuade this child? Why does she have to be so stubborn?”


Dong Huaihua asked what the current plan was.


Xiuyun’s mother whispered, “She was supposed to secretly take her sister-in-law’s medical book to the County Hospital to abort it, but she became soft-hearted and was reluctant to let it go.
What a silly child, do you not want to live anymore?” She began to wipe her tears.


Dong Huaihua patted her hand, “Let’s talk about the matter at hand first.”


Xiuyun’s mother sobbed, “Hey, even if we want to abort the child now, I’m afraid it won’t work.
At the County Hospital…” She said and glanced at Lin Lan, “The doctor said she’s not in good health and if she were to abort it, she might no longer get pregnant nor could she do strenuous work.
If it is severe, there is a possibility that both the mother and child might…Tell me, isn’t… isn’t this just forcing me to my death?”

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