Han Yongfang also went to the commune to hold an emergency meeting in the morning, so it was natural that he knew what was going on.
Director Jia of the Commune was full of spittle as his words were filled with righteous indignation.
He had asked all the cadres in the commune to carry out a self-criticism process, showcase self-examination actions and strengthen their knowledge in terms of academia.
At the same time, the entire Commune was also required to carry out the project in order to prevent further crimes.


He personally felt that this action was actually necessary between the sent-down youth, the Commune members and even the youngsters that acted defiantly and were deemed as troublemakers.
At any rate, this particular campaign would be beneficial especially towards the youth, considering that they tended to reach their peak when it came to sexual activity at their current age.
Besides, as single men and women, accidents might occur easily.


The Brigade Leader of the Yellow River Brigade was arrested by the Public Security Bureau a few days ago.
It was found that he used his authority to seduce and rape dozens of female sent-down youths and female Commune members throughout the recent years.
His negative influence towards this matter was truly horrifying.


Han Qingsong personally led his men to arrest him before sending him directly to the County Revolutionary Committee to discuss his sentencing.


Yesterday, in the middle of the night, an urgent document was issued— the death penalty.


The news came like a grenade that blasted the grassroots as it kept the other cadres up even in the middle of the night.
At the break of dawn, they were all notified to attend a meeting as well.


“Alright, I will accept that.”


Dong Huaihua said a few things, but allowed Lin Lan to elaborate on their current points.


Lin Lan contributed her thoughts, but she didn’t want to steal Dong Huaihua’s limelight.
After all, she just wanted to earn work points and money, not try her hand in becoming a female cadre.


To be in charge of mediating conflicts between the commune and the public was something that she couldn’t handle.


Han Yongfang heard Dong Huaihua ask about the work points and subsidies, hinting that Lin Lan merely wanted to earn her share of points and was not a tad interested in becoming a female cadre.
That worked out for Lin Lan as she stood by the sidelines.


Han Yongfang said, “How about this? The two of you will get 12 points for work and an extra 10 points on the day when there are publicities.
At least one would be organised every 5 to 6 days.
When you get used to it a little longer, you can go to the Brigade Headquarters to promote the news as well.
By then, you can also discuss the additional terms of money or food with them.”


Lin Lan was very happy as she asked again, “Secretary Head, while we’re promoting, we will organise performances by ourselves and invite teachers, sent-down youths and other people to help.
How will this be considered as compensation for them?”


Han Yongfang was also considered experienced.
During the Chinese New Year, he organised Traditional Niuyang dances and stilt-walking.
He said, “Adults can get 10 work points a day and children will get 6 work points.
If you get food and money from organising performances in the village, you can deal with the points and share them as you wish since I won’t meddle in that matter.
Needless to say, let’s see how effective it is.
If things go well, you will be able to earn more in the future.”


Lin Lan was almost bubbling with excitement— work points, food, money!

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