verlapped and he didn’t even get a job.
So, let alone working, he had no experience working part-time.

“That’s why you don’t know the world of working?”

The manager, who was muttering a little, sighed heavily.
Our boss, who didn’t know anything, made him worried that he might be caught somewhere.

“How many jobs do I start with Boss’ double jobs?”

“Um, there’s a lot, right?”

“There isn’t.
If that’s a lot, other office workers would be a pile of work.”

It was an amount that could be processed in less than half a day if he set a date once a week and processed it.
That’s why Ha-hyun only came to the cafe once every two weeks to work.

Even though it was his dream to receive a double salary monthly, the manager’s conscience was strongly opposed to asking for that.

“Just add half of it, please.”

“Even if I give you more, you don’t like it…”

The manager was furious when he shook his head and mumbled that he was a strange person.
No matter how much he thought about it, the strange person here was Ha-hyun.
Which employer doubles the salary for a little more paperwork?

“It’s a waste of money if you have to raise a child!”

At the manager’s words, Ha-hyun blinked in wonder.
It was because he had never considered it a waste of money that he doubled the manager’s salary.

By the way, if he had to raise a child, he shouldn’t waste his money.
But how much did he say was a waste of money?

While Ha-hyun was suddenly obsessed with one subject, the manager who was standing in front of him clapped his hands and changed Ha-hyun’s focus.
After that, Ha-hyun, who returned to his senses, smiled embarrassedly.

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Does it cost that much money to raise a child?”

“I don’t know.
I’m single.
I think it’s because everyone says so.”

Indeed, he was the same that he had never experienced.
While pondering the manager’s words, Ha-hyun let out a sigh of relief at the fact that he suddenly realized it.

“I’m single, too.”


“I’m single.”


Aren’t you getting married…

A faint voice was scattered in the air, but Ha-hyun smiled, satisfied with the fact that he delivered accurate information.

The manager, on the other hand, had a bewildered expression on his face.
Well, his boss was the one who would hand over the wedding invitations if he was going to have a wedding.

Ha-hyun, not paying attention to the manager’s reaction, leaned his arms crossed on the desk and slightly held out his upper body.
He was happy to find someone to replace him unexpectedly and quickly.

“When can you start doing it?”

“Do you want me to start doing it today?”

“What about the handover?”

“I’ve done it a few times, so it’s okay if you don’t do it.”

At the manager’s words, Ha-hyun’s expression brightened at once.
It was annoying for him to do the handover.

Following Ha-hyun, who revealed his inner feelings without hiding, the manager took a deep breath.
He remembered that he was lazy to process paperworks in the first place, so it wasn’t that he didn’t understand the reaction.

Still, he couldn’t be rude to a pregnant person, so the manager made eye contact with Ha-hyun.

“Now that you’re at the cafe, would you like something to eat? Ah, do you have morning sickness?”

I think strawberry drinks are a little difficult.”

Even though he thought he would have morning sickness, the manager’s eyes turned round when he said that it would be difficult to eat strawberry drinks.
He couldn’t believe that Ha-hyun, a strawberry lover, couldn’t eat strawberries.



“I’m surprised, too.
I can’t believe my child can’t eat strawberries.”

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When the manager saw Ha-hyun’s gloomy look, he shook his head and quickly thought.
Then he found a story that was barely useful and opened his mouth.

“Even someone I know said that they thought they couldn’t eat it throughout their pregnancy, but then they wanted to eat it again, so they ate it?”


Ha-hyun couldn’t hide his surprise.
There was a thing called a baby’s whim in the womb.

While he was thinking about it, the manager shrugged his shoulders.

“That’s what they said.”

“Still, I don’t feel like it today.”

Ha-hyun groaned and clenched his chin.

He was concerned because he thought that he had offended the boss by overreacting to the sulky boss’s appearance.
The manager felt the need to change the topic, so he picked an appropriate menu and said it with his mouth.

“How about grapefruit ade or lemonade?”

“I’m not very attracted to it.”

“And plain yoghurt? Wouldn’t it be sour if I added a little lemon juice to it?”

Lemon juice with plain yoghurt?

Just thinking about it made his body tremble.
However, what stimulated him salivating was, Ha-hyun felt a strong desire to eat it.
When he nodded his head as if possessed, the manager would make it soon and opened the door to leave.

“Wait a minute.”

“Do you need anything else?”

“What dessert do we have?”

“We made Madeleine today.
It was delicious, would you like some?”

Patissier’s skill, who went to work in the morning and only made dessert, was very good.
Ha-hyun swallowed the saliva in his mouth.


I will take care of it.”

Ha-hyun stomped his feet in anticipation of the upcoming dessert.
He was too lazy to come to the cafe when he was at home, so he took a deep breath, but he was happy when he came.

After all, this was why he opened his own cafe.

Ha-hyun, thinking of it as he wanted, simply nodded his head happily.

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