“What’s going on?”

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Cho-seung woke up in the middle of the sea.
He was standing alone in the middle of a really small island with only one palm tree to be exact.


Right, it must be a dream.
If it wasn’t for that, how could he go through such an absurd thing?

With his last memory clear of him going to the bed, he bowed his head and looked at his hand.
Cho-seung, who slowly grabbed and unfolded, confirmed that his senses were alive.

“Lucid dream?”

He didn’t know anything in this area, so he couldn’t be sure.

Taking a deep breath in frustration, Cho-seung looked up at the full moon floating in the dark night sky.

“…two moons?”

It was a real dream.

Next to the bright full moon, a dark, crescent moon decalcomanie was seen.
It didn’t emit bright light, the background wasn’t even daytime, and it didn’t even have that kind of shape in the first place.

Then it meant the dark moon.
Even though it wasn’t clearly visible due to the light of the full moon, Cho-seung instinctively recognized that there was another moon and shed a dumbfound smile.
Because it was a dream, he was dumbfounded.

As he looked up at the sky with only two moons without a single star, he suddenly heard a sound similar to the sound of waves crashing against the beach.

But it was definitely different from that.

Rather, it was more like something approaching through the sea…

Cho-seung turned his head in the direction the sound was heard.
It was difficult to determine exactly what was approaching, as the only light was the round full moon that was bright and dark, showing only a large shape.

Cho-seung, who frowned and stared for a long time to find out their identity, realized when they got closer.

“Turtle, is it?” (거북이, I know the difference but the dictionary mentioned two meanings…)

Besides, there were two.

A very large one and a smaller turtle, but much larger than the usual size.



The big turtle opened its mouth first and the small turtle followed.
As it spoke in a timid voice, the large turtle raised its short arm and stroked the small turtle’s carapace.
Cho-seung, who watched the scene quietly, slowly tilted his head.

Should he say they were siblings? (우애 깊다고 해야 할지)

Not knowing what to say, Cho-seung closed his mouth and only looked at the two turtles.

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“Let’s go.”

At the sudden words, Cho-seung frowned. Let’s go, what with these two big turtles, who he didn’t know what they were talking about, even if it was a dream?

Still, it seemed polite to ask about the destination, so he made a voice full of questions.


“I’ll take you there.”

“Therefore, where is it?”

After Cho-seung asked several times, the big turtle let out a deep sigh.
Cho-seung’s eyebrows were up and down at the reaction as if it was the first time someone was so disobedient like this.

“Then are you going to be here? There’s nothing here.”

“…that’s true.”

Cho-seung, who looked around the island with a new expression on his face, continued to ponder.

There was nothing that could be done on this island, nothing else.
He knew it was a dream, but he didn’t want to be in a place where there was nothing anyway.
Moreover, the more he hesitated, the more depressed the little turtle appeared, and it caught his eyes.

“I’m going.”

“Good thinking.”

In the end, he forgot that he was hesitant at the appearance of the little turtle, and Cho-seung said impulsively.
Then, in an instant, the big turtle, who answered with a bright voice, came up to the shore and approached for the first time.

“Get on.”


He didn’t have the talent to ride a turtle that was taller than him.

You know how to do that.”

The big turtle grumbled as if Cho-seung had in mind what he had refused at first.
In the meantime, the small turtle approaching from the side came closer than the big turtle and lowered its body as much as possible.


“Get here.”

It was so gentle.

The big turtle muttered in a tone that it didn’t like him to not listen to it.
Cho-seung looked at the two turtles alternately.


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There was a hint of sadness in the voice that came out.
Cho-seung, who didn’t miss the voice, stroked the small turtle’s carapace.

“Give me a ride next time.”


The small turtle, who quickly warmed up with a short talk, made a bright voice and the big turtle, who had been watching him quietly, moved its body and spoke.

“Let’s go now.
It’s late.”

Right, ride quickly.

The small turtle followed the big turtle, who continued to go to the sea while grumbling.

Cho-seung staring blankly at the distant horizon from the top of the turtle dividing the sea with calm waves wasn’t sure exactly what was going on, but his heart calmed down.

“We’re late, we’re late.”

“Don’t do that.”

You’re right.”

The waves rippled as it shook its head.
The small turtle clung to the side of the big turtle and then raised its short arm and tapped its carapace.

“We must go before the sun rises.”

“There’s still plenty of time.”

The two turtles, moving their bodies diligently, didn’t rest for a moment as to what was so busy.
Cho-seung looked up at the moon again as he listened to the continuous conversation.

‘So what kind of dream is this…’

There was no one who explained it, so he was just frustrated.

Guess he had to do a search on his phone when he woke up.
Still, the rising moon was so beautiful and the sound of the calm night sea was nice to listen to like a lullaby.

“We’re almost here!”


It didn’t seem like an hour had passed, but at the sound that they had already there, Cho-seung lowered his head from the sky and stared straight ahead.

“It’s an island too…?”

“It’s better than that uninhabited island.
Get off here.”

“What about you?”

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The small turtle burst out laughing at Cho-seung’s question.
When he hesitated and asked questions as if he didn’t believe it and now, he asked about them who were about to leave.

“We have to go further.”


“We have to go, right?”

“Do you not have a destination?”

The two turtles didn’t show any signs of annoyance despite the continued questioning.

“You will find out later.”

“Ung, ung.
You will find out.”

Cho-seung, who was looking at an island much larger than the first island, where the trees grew thick, smiled at the blunt remarks.
It was such a great secret that they didn’t tell him.

“Get off.”

The big turtle went up to the shore and bowed its body.
As Cho-seung came down like riding a slide and set his feet on the beach, the turtles turned to the sea without any regrets.

“We’re going.”

“Bye.” (안녕)

Cho-seung, who belatedly greeted the turtles who left a brief greeting, followed them and raised the corners of his mouth when a bright smile rang in his ear.
Looking at the two turtles heading over the dim horizon, Cho-seung blinked his eyes silently.

Lemons began to float out of the sea in front of Cho-seung, who stood blankly looking at the empty horizon.

“…lemon this time?”

Lemon after turtles?

What other odds were this? Cho-seung picked up a lemon that had been pushed to his feet with serious thought and pressed it down with his hand.

The strength was similar to the lemons sold in real life.
It didn’t seem like the size was bigger than the real ones like turtles.

Recalling the lemon in his memory, he started to compare it with the lemon in his dream and the lemons began to roll around and wrap each other around him.

Wall (담), Cho-seung, who had just now discovered the lemons that were stacked in a certain area to build a wall, or even a fortress, took a step back in bewilderment.
Then he freaked out to see the lemon wall approaching as much as he stepped back.

“What’s wrong with this.”

The turtles were better.
They even spoke.
Not even paying attention to what Cho-seung was doing, the lemons built up the wall.

After waking up like a ghost at the end of a pile of lemons piled up in front of him, he lay blankly for a while.

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“What kind of dream…”

Even after waking up, Cho-seung laughed as he recalled the vivid dream.
Dreaming of talking to turtles, what kind of dream was this? What else with the lemon wall?

Restoring his dream from the beginning while touching his forehead, he calmly searched for his cell phone.
The phone that lying at the bedside wasn’t noticed today, so after a long time, Cho-seung with the phone in his hand thought while opening the site search window.

Should he search for “turtle dream”?

There were two moons with different shapes, but the turtles were the most impressive.
Cho-seung searched for ‘interpretation of turtle dream’.

He started reading by clicking on the one floating at the top of the various information that came out and couldn’t hide his absurd expression.

“…taemong?” (태몽, meant have a precognitive dream about the birth of a child or pregnancy dream)

He wasn’t married or dating anyone, so it was nonsense to say that he had taemong.

Cho-seung, who was going to press the back button right away, thinking that this kind of information would be unreliable, stopped when he saw the sentence below that read, “If it’s not taemong, it’s gilmong.” Right, it couldn’t be taemong.
(길몽, meant lucky dream)

However, when it came out that the dream of seeing big turtles could be taemong, he calmly thought of those around him who were pregnant or was likely to be pregnant.
There was no way he could simply dream of his friend, so even thinking about distant relatives, he couldn’t quite figure it out.

After sitting on the bed for a long time, Cho-seung suddenly remembered one person.
Omega, who had an alluring scent of ylang-ylang.
(일랑일랑, in the first chapter actually there was this word but I dunno how to translate it since it was unfamiliar but I searched again, it was “an aromatic tree, Cananga odorata”)

“No, it wouldn’t be possible.”

He used a condom every time he had sex.
So there was no way he got pregnant—


Come to think of it, there was.

Only once, he didn’t use a condom.

Was it Lee Ha-hyun? If his memory was correct, he didn’t wear it because there was no condom when he had sex with him.

But he called himself a recessive.
At that time, the heat cycle didn’t even come, so it was hard to say that he was pregnant at just that one time.
Unless he was a pheromone mate or fate, it was almost impossible.

He had a sense that he had a good compatibility with Ha-hyun’s pheromone, but it was unclear whether it was even called pheromone mates.

Especially since he hadn’t done an exact test.

In the first place, just because Ha-hyun was pregnant, it didn’t mean that he could find him.
How could he find a one-night stand partner he met by chance at a hotel? Besides, he knew only three characters of the name ‘Lee Ha-hyun’.


Let out a long sigh, he just hoped it wasn’t.

Recalling many times that pregnancy wasn’t so easy, he lay flat on the bed and closed his eyes.
He had a sudden dream and woke up early to spend the rest of his time in bed.

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