The little celebrity drove along the road after much deliberation.

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Adult magazines had been stuffed into the trash can downstairs, and the F-disk in the computer and the floor at home had been cleaned out in the last-ditch attempt to create a pathetic illusion that “although this person’s reputation is nasty online, at least his house is clean”.

There was a chance that a crowd of media companies might dig out his measly works and praise them a bit.
That way, his three years of hard work wouldn’t have been in vain.

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He had been popular before, and he had been hated by the netizens before, all those who come into the world must eventually go.
He’d left an innocent suicide note on Weibo and set a timer for the post, so once his car rolled into the Lushui River, he might even be able to entertain the netizens one last time.

He never expected, as his car rushed wildly along the riverside road, that a person would suddenly jump out of the bushes and lay down face-up right on the spot as if they were blind.

The little celebrity slammed on the brakes, breaking out in a cold sweat.

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He swung open the car door and cursed, “I get that you’re still young and want to scam people1 but you actually dare withstand a crash? Why don’t you go find a graveyard to try your luck instead?”

Trying to scam a suicidal person like him… was this guy not afraid of losing his life?!!

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The longer the little celebrity thought about it, the angrier he became.
He opened his mouth, spitting out a plethora of curses.

The cash-for-crash scammer, clearly having never encountered such a situation before, sat on the ground dumbly, unable to respond, looking like he was about to cry.

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Translator’s Notes:

There’s a scam that basically goes someone bumps into something etc., and then they pretend to fall and get injured to scam hospital fees etc.

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