ecause he was too embarrassed to return home could no longer endure.
When he saw a Toyota speeding over, his mind drifted a little, and he ended up jumping out with the intent of dying to end it all.

It was only when he found himself not dead that a sense of shame set in.
It was fine if he died, but for the driver, it really would be bad luck.

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Just as he was about to get up and apologize, he was assaulted by a shower of curses.

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The little young master’s heart had long been reduced to dying embers, but he didn’t expect the little celebrity’s mouth to be so poisonous he was truly unable to bear this grievance, he wanted to scold him back.

After quite some time of opening his mouth, he could only come up with one sentence, “Didn’t your mom teach you not to swear?”

Droplets of tears glistened and swam about in his eyes——because he was so angry at himself he wanted to cry.

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