Chapter 73: As long as there are enough fishing boats, the sea is full of truth! 1

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This time.

Li Yueming’s main goal was naturally to pursue a higher level of martial arts.


He had already polished his Martial Master Realm to the peak.

Even though it was unable to be polished to perfection under the obstruction of the world’s will.

However, with his accumulation, it was more than enough for him to advance to a Martial King.

But before that.

He had to solve the food crisis in Qingdu Port first.

In the past two years, the development of Qingdu Port had been extremely rapid.

The reason why it was so smooth.

Li Yueming’s thunderous methods were part of the reason.

The other reason was that Li Yueming had been paying for food.

With so many refugees pouring into Qingdu Port.

They wanted to digest them into the driving force for economic and population growth.

The most important thing was not to lack food.

Fortunately, when Li Yueming became the City Lord, there was still a lot of food stored in the granary of the Qingdu Port government.

There were also a lot of them stored in the warehouses of the foreigners.
After looting the two batches of food, Li Yueming distributed them to the refugees.

This was how the people of Qingdu Port were barely able to maintain their stability.

This kind of food subsidy had continued until now.

Even if Qingdu Port was really a super granary, it could not withstand the fact that it could only produce and not import for years.

Not to mention that Qingdu Port itself did not produce grain.

The number of refugees in the port was constantly increasing, and it was not yet time to harvest the grain planted in the fields.
The inland was also the year of the great wilderness.

All the places were fighting.

The economic and social order had long been in a mess.

Under such circumstances.

Even if they had money, they couldn’t buy a grain of grain from the mainland.

Since the beginning of the year, the prices of rice and wheat in the grain shops of Qingdu Port had been rising for several months.

If it weren’t for the fishing boats at the port that were still working, the food supply at Qingdu Port might have already run out.

That’s why.

When he heard that the Japanese warriors had destroyed the newly planted rice fields, he was shocked.

That was why Fu Xiaorou was so angry.

She was already worried to death because of the lack of food.

This group of dogs still brought up the matter.

She was so angry that her blood pressure almost rose.

After listening to her report.

Li Yueming pondered for a moment and suddenly smiled,””Japanese pirates, right? Have you found out where their nest is?”

Originally, he was still thinking about how to quickly get some food and resources to solve his urgent needs.

He didn’t expect the Japanese pirates to give him a good start as soon as he entered the city.

Hearing this.

‘ Eldest Senior Brother left the city two days ago to chase after the culprit,” Fu Xiaorou replied.” If nothing unexpected happens, there should be a result soon!””

The East Ocean was a small island in the Eastern Sea of Grand Xia.

In the past, Japan had always been a vassal state that submitted to Great Xia.

He had gotten a lot of benefits from Great Xia.

Now that Great Xia had weakened, they began to use small fishing boats to frequently attack the villages near the coast.

The Japanese who only knew how to seek help from others would definitely become more and more rampant.
Therefore, he had no choice.

After hearing the news.

Han Bufan, who had already broken through to the Martial Master Realm, brought his men to find trouble with those Japanese pirates.

He heard the answer.

Li Yueming nodded.

A few years ago, he had rescued this group of children from the cages of the foreigners.

After careful nurturing.

This group of children had already shown their talents.

He had the ability to take charge of his own affairs.

Eldest Senior Brother Han Bufan naturally did not need to say anything.

Whether it was his temperament or martial arts talent, he was first-class.
His combat strength was also one of the best among all the disciples.

The other disciples were also very outstanding.

Two days later.

Han Bufan and a dozen other martial artists returned to Qingdu Harbor with the heads of over thirty East Asian men.

They hung the heads of the East Asian people on the city gate tower of Qingdu Harbor according to tradition.

Then, he brought the remaining captive to Li Yueming.

When I saw Li Yue Ming.

Han Bufan knelt down respectfully and kowtowed, ‘”‘Disciple greets Master!”

Li Yueming waved his hand, indicating that there was no need to be so polite.

His gaze landed on the ragged Japanese behind Han Bufan and asked,”l’ll give you a chance to live.
Tell me, where is your East Ocean Island?”

The Japanese had a blank expression.

He glanced at Li Yueming.

He then looked at Han Bufan behind him.

She opened her mouth and whispered after a while, “Baka Yalu!”

Hearing this bird language.

Li Yueming then remembered that there was a language barrier between them.

Since that was the case, then it was over.

He waved his hand.

The Japanese captives were taken away.

Li Yueming looked at Fu Xiaorou and many fishing boats are there in Qingdu Port?”

Fu Xiaorou tilted her head when she heard this.

“There should be close to 2,000 ships in use now!””

He nodded.

Li Yueming thought for a moment and said,” Mobilize all the fishermen and fishing boats.
Find the location of Japan at all costs!’”‘

Hearing this.

“Yes, Master.
But why are you looking for the location of Japan, Master?” Fu Xiaorou asked with a puzzled expression.”

Li Yueming smiled and said,””lsn’t the city short of money and food now? I heard that Japan is a famous Silver Country…’ He looked at Li Yueming’s expressionless smile.

Fu Xiaorou thought for a moment.

He suddenly felt as if he had opened the door to a new world.

The so-called fishing boats were all high-grade goods equipped with super cannons.

Although they might not be able to gain the upper hand against the warships of Western Europe and the Free State.

However, when facing a small country like Japan that relied on fishing and farming for a living, wouldn’t that be a huge blow?

It was simply a waste of natural resources to use it only for fishing!

Thinking of this…

Fu Xiaorou did not hesitate anymore.

He turned around and began to arrange these matters.

It took half a month.

The ‘fishing boat’ at Qingdu Port had figured out the location of Japan.

After carefully gathering information about the East Ocean Country, he was able to find out more about the East Ocean Country.

Fu Xiaorou began to mobilize more than 2,000 fishing boats in Qingdu Port.

In the end.

On a sunny afternoon.

The fishing boats gave up on traditional fishing and headed towards Japan.

About half a month later.

Countless people were looking forward to it.

The fishing boat was loaded with all kinds of supplies.

That night.

The harbor of Qingdu Port was piled up with heavy boxes.

Countless people gathered together to celebrate.

He was immersed in the joy of the harvest.

As expected, stealing was better than robbing, and robbing was better than ransacking.

It felt so good to go to someone else’s house and act out the act of happiness Imocking on the door.

He had earned a lot of money just by coming to Qingdu Port.

Not only did it greatly alleviate the food crisis.

They even brought back countless amounts of iron and silver.

If it wasn’t for the fact that it was currently in a chaotic world.

These ores were enough for Green Harbor to develop.

Regarding this.

Li Yueming didn’t show much surprise.

According to his plan.

These fishing boats were built with some of the functions of warships.

When he had nothing to do, he would fish in the coastal waters to make a living.

If there was a need.

These black technology fishing boats that had been forged by the inner Qi assembly line of Martial Masters would turn into ferocious and terrifying beasts.

He killed the enemies on the sea.

The fishing boats that were currently in service.

It was only the lowest level of the black technology fishing ship series.

Once Qingdu Port had a firm foothold.

Li Yueming would also develop a super martial artist’s black technology warship with higher combat power.

At that time, the so-called sea of stars would only be within reach.

The grain harvested from the East Ocean Island was sold at a low price, and the urgent need for grain in Qingdu Port was instantly extinguished by more than half.

As for the iron and silver mines…

Li Yueming waved his hand and put all of them into the fishing boat production line.

Towards this decision.

All the residents of Qingdu Port expressed their support.

What was the saying?

My neighbor is my granary.

As long as there were enough fishing boats.

The sea was full of truth.

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