ueming glanced at the two of them and said, “Why do you say that?” Wang Er Ma Zi smiled and said,”l’m already over forty years old this year.
It’s hard for me to make any progress in martial arts.” “Young Master, you are still young.
In the future, you might be able to walk to the end of martial arts and explore the traces and fate of martial artists… In a few years, I probably won’t even be qualified to lead your horse!” Hearing this.

Li Yueming smiled and didn’t reply.

Life was a process of constant farewells.

In the middle, someone would get on the car, and someone would get off the Ashe.

Therefore, he had no choice.

There were many things that he needed to be clear about.

There was no need to say more.

Wang Ermazi didn’t continue the topic after feeling sad for a while.

He looked around and suddenly said,””Young Master, we’re already near Gulou Town.
Do you want to go back and take a look?”

Li Yueming shook his head.

The entire Gulou Town.

The only thing Li Yueming cherished was his mother, who had brought him up painstakingly.

He had already brought his cheap mother to Qingdu Harbor.

As for the others…

To Li Yueming, all of them were just insignificant passersby.

From the day he left the house.

The two of them had long severed all ties.

The two of them continued on their way.

The further inland they went, the more miserable the surrounding environment became.

On both sides of the road, there were white bones that had not been buried.

Many of the corpses had died not long ago.

It had just rotted.

But even so.

The surface of the zombie was also a blur.
Many parts had been torn apart and were covered in densely-packed teeth marks.

He didn’t know if it was eaten by a nearby wolf or something more disgusting.

The two of them passed by several villages along the way.

However, most of the villages were empty.

The houses made of mud were still there, but the villagers had no idea where they had gone.

There were still some villagers living in a few villages.

However, the doors were basically closed.

When he passed by, he could only feel the hungry gazes of the surrounding people.

In the beginning.

Li Yueming would occasionally poke his head out to check.

At the back.

Li Yueming simply closed the curtain of the carriage.
Out of sight, out of mind.
The nearest Lingnan Sect to Qingdu Port was about a thousand kilometers away.

If nothing unexpected happened, it would take ten days for the carriage to arrive.

During the first three days of departure from Qingdu Port, Li Yueming did not encounter any trouble.

The situation of the bandits around them was not serious.

However, the further inland they went.

The more miserable the situation was, the more malicious gazes there were.

Just like that.

Along the way, the two of them killed several groups of bandits who had killed and robbed them.

However, Li Yueming didn’t have to do most of the work himself.
Wang Ermazi, who had already become a Martial Master this year, could easily deal with them.

In the ninth day, the time when the law is being obeyed

The two of them finally arrived at the foot of the Southern Ridge.

They were less than a hundred miles away from the nearest sect.


When the two of them passed by a farmland, they saw an unbelievable scene.

Not far away, a few acres of farmland were filled with flowers and plants.

Many of the flowers were blooming and looked dazzling and beautiful.
This was completely different from the devastation that Li Yueming had seen along the way.

It was like two completely different worlds.

Wang Ermazi was also a little surprised by this.


To be able to see a flourishing flower field in such a world where the city walls were empty and the wilderness was covered with bones was even rarer than pulling out gold from a manure pit.

However, the two of them did not have the time to appreciate it.

A strong man walked out of the flower field with a vigilant expression.

After sizing up the carriage, he rebuked angrily, ‘What are you looking at? This is the Red and White Moon Orchid that the Flower Sect’s elder likes the most.
If you dare to look at it again, I’ll gouge out your eyes!”

Hearing this.

Wang Ermazi immediately stood up and prepared to explain.

Li Yueming stopped him at the crucial moment.

He glanced at the flower field.

There were two different flowers planted in the middle.

One of the flowers was as red as blood, dazzling and eye-catching.

The other type of flower was pure white and stood aloof from the world.

Even with Li Yueming’s aesthetic standards, these two flowers were top-notch beautiful flowers.

However, it could be planted on the side of the road that was covered in bones.

However, it was extremely dazzling no matter how one looked at it.

He did not hesitate.

Li Yueming waved his sleeve lightly.


The energy in his body gushed out and sent half of the flowers flying.

His fingers were like blades.

Slash down.

The Martial Master Realm expert was also torn apart like a piece of white paper.

He looked at the messy and devastated flower field.

Li Yueming touched his chin thoughtfully and said, “”That’s more like it…

Flower Sect.

They were the last of the twelve sects in Lingnan.

It was also one of the sects that Li Yueming was preparing to visit.

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