Chapter 48: At the age of six, his martial arts physique had just been formed!_l

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According to the records in the Li Residence’s library.

Li Yueming learned more detailed information about this world.

The Great Xia Dynasty was respected for its martial arts.

After so many years of inheritance, the culture of martial arts had already seeped into the minds and blood of all the Xia people.

Although practicing literature could also get an official position.

However, in terms of status, he was only able to carry the shoes of powerful martial artists.

Under such circumstances.

Martial artists were divided into six levels: Martial Apprentice, Martial Master, Martial King, Martial Grandmaster, Martial Emperor, and Martial Saint.

Martial arts apprentices train their bodies.

He trained every inch of his muscles with his tenacious will.

Once trained to a certain level, one could possess unimaginable strength.

In the end, a Martial Apprentice could split mountains and rocks with a single punch.

According to the knowledge of the outside world.

After reaching the realm of splitting mountains with one punch, a Martial Apprentice could be promoted to a higher level of Martial Master.

A Martial Master focused on training a stream of inner Qi.

He learned a cultivation method to control Inner Qi and control the aura in his body to condense it.

Through internal energy techniques, he guided it to circulate in his body.

This way, not only could he widen his meridians.

It could also continuously temper the martial artist’s body.

He had cultivated it to the great success realm.

His inner Qi was released more than five meters away from his body, and he could easily pierce through steel with his aura.

Only then could it be considered as the final success.

Then, he could advance to a higher level of Martial King and start the next step of cultivation.

A Martial King needed to temper his bones and skin.

Every inch of skin and every bone on his body was tempered to the extreme.

It was tempered into an ultimate physique that could not be broken by iron or slashed by knives.

They could transcend the scope of ordinary humans and possess an inhuman power that could uproot mountains.

A Martial King Realm expert alone was an army.

One against a hundred, one against a thousand was nothing.

As for the higher-level martial arts grandmasters and martial arts saints.

There were only a few martial artists of this level in the entire Great Xia Empire.

Martial arts grandmasters might be fine.

Usually, a second-rate sect would have at least one or two Grandmasters.

Martial Emperors and Martial Saints were rare.

It was truly a rare occurrence.

Naturally, the Li family would not be able to come into contact with or understand it.

After understanding all this.

Li Yueming also had an idea.

In his previous life, when he died, he was probably at most equivalent to this world’s Martial Master Realm.

Indeed, the Origin Source Laws evolved from different World Sequences were also different.

In the wasteland, even if Li Yueming tried his best to cultivate the breathing technique.

When polished to the extreme, it was equivalent to the level of an ordinary passerby in the martial arts world.

However, this didn’t make Li Yueming feel defeated.

Instead, it made him even more motivated.

After all, the higher the level of the world’s power.

In the end, the energy that was returned to him would be stronger.

Just this little benefit was enough to make him excited.

Three years later.

Li Yueming began to train his body.

There was no fixed training method for a Martial Apprentice.

As long as one could break a mountain rock with one punch, they could become an official martial artist.

Of course.

Most sects had their own training methods.

It could help the sect disciples reach the Martial Warrior Realm faster.

However, Li Yueming obviously didn’t have such conditions.

Fortunately, in his previous life, Li Yueming had created his own breathing technique.

Coupled with the breathing technique.

As well as the two high-level talents of Infinite Deduction and Martial Dao Supreme, one gold and one purple.

Li Yueming had opened up his Conception and Governor Meridians.

Many things were self-taught.

He didn’t need anyone to teach him anything.

The only pity was that his current body was too young.

He was afraid of hurting his own origin.

Therefore, many times, Li Yue did not dare to squeeze too much.

Ever since he started training.

Li Yueming stopped walking around.

He stayed in his own small courtyard and did not step out of it.

In the beginning, his mother was very worried.

After all, the child was still young.

He should be at a lively and active age.

How could he suddenly lock himself in his room?

One day.

His mother found a booklet.

On it were portraits of children playing with each other.

There were even some words beside it.

It was similar to a child’s introductory storybook.

His mother pointed at the portrait and said, “Yue Yue, look, these children all have friends.
Although your identity is special, you can’t keep yourself locked in the courtyard, right?”

Li Yueming took a glance.

“Mom, do you know what this book is about?””

His mother had been an orphan since she was young.

If he really couldn’t survive, he would sell himself to the Li Residence to make a living.

He only knew a few simple words.

Naturally, he knew nothing about the words in the picture album.

“What’s the content?” he asked with a puzzled expression.”

Li Yueming hands behind his back as he said,””Bald Qiang and Big Bear are good friends.
One day, Bald Qiang went out to cut trees and asked Big Bear to help him look after the house.
After cutting the tree, Bald Qiang found that Big Bear had stolen everything in his house, even the underwear that Grandma sewed!”

“So the content of the booklet is to educate children not to trust anyone!”

His cheap mother was speechless.

She looked down at the picture book.

He then looked up at Li Yueming.

After a long silence, he asked in bewilderment,”Really?”

“Of course it’s true!” Li Yueming laughed.” Hearing his answer.

His mother was even more confused.

He frowned and thought for a moment.
Suddenly, he asked,”How can you read?”

Hearing this question.

“Who knows?” Li Yueming scratched his head.
Maybe it’s because I’m more talented?”

Of course, his mother didn’t believe him.

She picked up the booklet.

He looked around the words on it.

Finally, he pointed at a word and said,”Then tell me, how do you pronounce this word?””

“Mom!” Li Yueming glanced at her and said.”

His cheap mother was speechless.

“The word you’re referring to means ‘mother’!” Li Yueming added.” His mother was stunned.

After a long silence, he muttered softly,””So this is the word ‘ready…”

At this moment.

She finally believed that Li Yueming could read.

He didn’t know where Li Yueming learned it from.

However, this was a great thing after all, so his mother naturally wouldn’t ask about it.

Just like that.

Li Yueming started to keep a low profile in his own courtyard.

As a reincarnator.

The most difficult period for him was the infant period.

At this moment, his body had yet to fully develop.

Even if Li Yueming was the reincarnation of an immortal, he would still be able to survive.

There was no way to build a castle on such a young body.

Of course.

Basic training was still necessary.

However, he had to be careful not to overdo it all at once.

Since his mother found out that Li Yueming could read, she didn’t stop him anymore.

His son had a secret.

As a mother who was close to her, she naturally knew.

Unfortunately, she could only take care of Li Yueming’s basic diet and daily life.

She could only keep it a secret for him.

Time continued to pass.

In the blink of an eye, Li Yueming was six years old.

In these three years.

Li Yueming made a training plan based on his infinite deduction talent.

Basically, the intensity of his daily exercise was at the edge of the limit that his

body could withstand.

Coupled with the talent of the Martial Dao Supreme.

Step by step.

Li Yueming easily polished his body to an extremely exaggerated level.

An ordinary Martial Apprentice would be able to brag about breaking a 200-kilogram boulder with a single punch.

However, Li Yueming was only six years old.

A punch could easily shatter a boulder weighing more than 500 kilograms.

According to the system’s original deduction, the system was executed.
This year, his father would notice the martial arts talent he had shown.

In fact, that was indeed the case.

One day, when Li Yueming was practicing his squats in the yard, the big-bellied cheapskate dad happened to witness everything.

Although he was just an ordinary person and did not understand the twists and turns of martial arts.

However, even if he had never eaten pork, he had seen pigs run.

There were a few guards around him who were Martial Apprentices.

Thus, he still had the ability to see through him.

When he saw the dense layer of sweat on Li Yueming’s forehead, he was shocked.

Li Fusheng was already a little surprised.

After all, Li Yueming was just a child in his eyes.

He had never received any systematic education since he was young.

However, it was under such circumstances.

Li Yueming actually knew how to polish his body.

And he’s working so hard.

It was enough to prove that it was different from the others.

He looked at Doll in the courtyard.

Li Fusheng muttered to himself,”Have I underestimated No.
5 all these years? Should he hire a teacher to teach him martial arts?”

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