t be helped, right? You won’t believe it, but now it’s great.
I’ve offended Lord Wang of the Martial Arts Hall!”

The Second Mistress also said with a smile that was not a smile,”Yo, big sister, don’t say that.
Old Master has high hopes for Fifth Brother!” Third Madam saw that Li Fusheng did not look too good.

He opened his mouth.

In the end, he did not dare to continue stimulating her.

At this moment.

Li Fusheng’s face was as black as a pot lid.

Just now, he apologized again and again.

In the end, he secretly stuffed nearly a thousand taels of silver.

In the end, he was still sprayed with saliva by the Martial Apprentice.

The most important thing was…

Not only did he lose face from being scolded.

He had even offended a martial artist who was on good terms with the Li family.

This deal was a total loss!

And the person who caused all of this to happen never showed his face at all.

Li Fusheng wiped the spit off his face.


He exploded.

He grabbed the stool by his feet and said,”This little bastard is really a bastard.
If I, Li Fusheng, don’t punish him today, won’t this bastard be lawless in the future?”

As he spoke.

Li Fusheng carried a stool.

He rushed towards the side courtyard aggressively.

He knew that Li Yueming would definitely have a problem with him as his father.

However, he didn’t expect Li Yueming to make him lose face in front of so many people.

If he didn’t vent his anger today.

Li Fusheng estimated that his life would be shortened by ten years.

After watching Li Fusheng leave.

The few madams in the courtyard all had gloating expressions.

When he heard that Li Fusheng was going to hire a teacher for Li Yueming… They were really worried that Li Yueming would threaten their son’s position if he grew up.

However, he never expected this kid to be so ungrateful.

Even martial artists dared to refuse to accept disciples.
Was there a fool who didn’t know what was good for him?

Lady Wang tried her best to control her expression.

“Do you want to come with me to take a look?” Old Master is so angry that his health is not good!”

Hearing this.

The other three madams also stood up.

Usually, they were very bored staying in the residence.

It was rare to see a good show.

Of course, they wouldn’t miss it.

When the four madams came to Li Yueming’s courtyard to watch the show.

Li Fusheng had already gathered all the servants in the Li Residence.

The servants held wooden sticks, stones, iron knives, and other items in their hands as weapons.

They waited for Li Fusheng’s order.

They were ready to rush forward and knock down this small wooden door.

He looked at the side courtyard that still had no movement.

Li Fusheng gritted his teeth.” Little brat, if you don’t come out, don’t blame me for being rude! ‘”‘

However, no matter how much he threatened and tempted her, there was no reply from the side courtyard.

Li Fusheng instantly felt his heart trembling with anger.

He looked at the tightly shut door.

He finally lost his last bit of patience.

He waved his hand angrily.” Go! Tear down this broken door! I want to see where this bastard can run to today! ‘”‘

The servants, who had been waiting for a long time, rushed forward when they heard this.

He waved all kinds of weapons in an attempt to push open the wooden door in one go.

However, just as the servants were about to rush to the door.

The door of the side room, which was originally tightly shut, suddenly opened without any warning.

He looked at the crowd of servants outside the door.

“What do you want?” Li Yueming asked coldly.”

He heard Li Yueming’s voice.

He saw that the door to the side room was already open.

The servants stopped.

After all, the order they received was to open the door to the side room.

At this moment, Li Yueming opened the door himself.

The group of servants heaved a sigh of relief.

Not far away.

He looked at the indifferent Li Yueming.

Li Fusheng was so furious that he had lost his mind.

Taking two deep breaths, Li Fusheng said in exasperation,””What are you waiting for? Tie this dog up and send him to the ancestral hall! I, Li Fusheng, am going to cripple this unfilial son in front of my ancestor today!”

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