Team Departure, Li Yueming’s Arrangement!

After the members of the Exploration Team left.

Li Yueming sighed.

He returned to his room and used his talent to continue the simulation.

Over the past year.

Most of his energy was focused on perfecting and practicing the breathing technique.

He named the breathing technique he created.

It was called the Star-Moon Breathing Technique.

The current him is much stronger than last year.

And yet.

The problems of the Surface World still troubled him.

There were powerful mutated beasts around the exit of the Underground World.

They had sharp teeth and various mutation abilities.

Even if Li Yueming himself had mastered extraordinary power, he would find it difficult to deal with the powerful beasts.

Of course.

It really wasn’t what troubled Li Yueming the most.

What troubled Li Yueming the most was the group of Humans dressed strangely in the southeast direction.

No matter what method they tried to communicate with.

Those strange humans would attack them.

As a result, Li Yueming’s information was still very limited.


The Exploration Team was officially prepared to venture to the Surface World.

Li Yueming decided to focus all his energy in the next few days.

He had to figure out the true identity of those strange humans.

[At 17 years old, you sent a team of explorers to the Surface World to investigate!]

[After heading to the surface, the team members will strictly follow your orders.
You will explore the southeast.]

[You encountered a few mutated creatures on the way.
The team members with the breathing technique easily dealt with them and obtained enough food.]

[Three days later, you encountered a group of humans wearing strange clothes!]

[You were already prepared.
You stopped the excited team members and successfully captured the leader of the other party before the strange human discovered you!]

[After being caught by you, the leader was shocked.
He knelt in front of you and begged for mercy!]

[You asked him and learned that he is a survivor of Fallout Shelter 0911!]

[Just as you were about to continue asking, the other strange humans pulled out their daggers and stabbed the leader to death before escaping!]

[You were caught off guard and chased after them with all your might, but the monsters who were familiar with the environment still managed to escape.]

[A week later, you encountered a huge mutated tiger that had been severely corroded!]

[You fought with the mutated tiger for a long time.
In the end, you squeezed out all the strength in your body and tore the mutated tiger in half.
You also died from excessive blood loss!]

He looked at the bloody words “You died” in the deduction.

Li Yueming couldn’t help but rub his head.

It had to be said that those damned fellows were really ruthless.

They discovered that their leader had been captured.

In order not to expose any information, they actually killed him with a backhand slash.

This successfully caught Li Yueming off guard.

It caused this deduction to fail again.


Li Yueming was not completely without gains.

At the very least, he was certain that these strange-looking people were the survivors who escaped when Fallout Shelter 0911 was breached.

What exactly happened to make them so afraid of humans?

Moreover, why didn’t the Underground World receive any news after the fall of Fallout Shelter 0911?

Under normal circumstances,

The humans on the Surface World had been wiped out.
How could the humans in the Underground World not be attacked by any mutated creatures?

These two questions had always bothered Li Yueming.

He had two guesses.

However, there was no evidence.

It seemed like he could only pry open the mouths of the survivors of Fallout Shelter 0911.

Perhaps he could get an answer.

Three days later.

All 28 members of Exploration Team 001 returned to the training ground.

He looked at the team members who still had determined expressions.

Li Yueming didn’t say anything else.

He said directly, “I’ll lead the team this time.
We’ll head to the Surface World through a secret sewer exit.
If there are no objections, we’ll set off now!”

The team members were originally in high spirits.

However, when he heard Li Yueming say that he would personally lead the team,


The group’s expressions instantly changed.

Everyone knew how dangerous it was to explore the Surface World.

Even the members of the Exploration Team stood here with the determination to die.

But now…

As the supreme ruler of the Star Alliance.

Li Yueming actually wanted to go with them?


All the team members exploded.

Wang Fei stood up and said, “Teacher, it’s enough that we’re here.
You can’t go with us!”

The other team members also turned pale with fright.

In their opinion.

Even if there were a hundred or even a thousand Exploration Teams,

Nobody was definitely not as important as Li Yueming.

Without him, the Exploration Team was gone.

Li Yueming could continue to train ten or a hundred Exploration Teams.

However, if anything happened to Li Yueming…

It was no surprise.

The entire Alliance would suffer a heavy blow because of this.

This was something that they could never accept.


They would never allow Li Yueming to follow them to the Surface World.

At least not the first time.

In fact, Li Yueming also knew that this kind of thing could not be rushed.

But time waited for no one.

For simulators, the longer they survive in the simulation world, the more time they have to survive.

The harder it was to increase the score.

After all, 20-year-olds and 40-year-olds were different.

As he grew older,

This disparity will grow.


He wanted to obtain an unprecedented mark score.

Li Yueming had to hurry up and do something unforgettable for his career.

Seeing that he could not stop his teacher,

Wang Fei quickly winked at Li Yueming’s father and mother.

There was also Li Xiyue, this super killing weapon.


Under Li Xiyue’s tears.

Li Yueming sighed.

In the deduction, he could completely ignore everyone’s obstruction and do whatever he wanted.

But not in the Real World.

This was because there were always some things in the Real World that could not be touched casually.

Li Yueming, who was prepared for this, did not insist.

Instead, he handed a brocade pouch to Wang Fei.

He said, “This is a simple map.
Follow the route I drew for you.
Don’t get close to the dangerous areas recorded on the map.
Other than some extreme accidents, all other operations must follow my instructions strictly.”

He looked at the blueprint in his hand.

Wang Fei nodded seriously.

Although he did not know where Li Yueming got this map from.

However, he knew that his teacher would never make a mistake.

Only Zhou Wuhai, who was not far away, caught a glimpse of the map in Li Yueming’s hand.

His eyes almost popped out.

Everything was settled.

He looked at the student who had followed him ever since he was young.

Li Yueming patted his shoulder and said, “You’re my best student.
Remember to protect yourself.
I’ll hold a banquet in the Underground World and wait for your triumphant return!”

Tears welled up in Wang Fei’s eyes.

Once upon a time.

He saw Li Yueming reading at night while half-asleep countless times.

The skinny figure merged with the dim yellow oil lamp.

He felt like he was on fire.

Since then, he had never understood.

Why was the teacher always frowning?

They had already conquered the entire Underground World, but they were still unwilling to stop for a second.

And now.

Wang Fei realized that he finally began to slowly understand Li Yueming’s thoughts.

No wonder the teacher was always unwilling to stop for a second.

It turned out that his gaze had already passed through the narrow and dirty sewer and looked at the fate of all Humans in this world!!!

As a stupid disciple,

Could he help his teacher?

If only he could help!

Wang Fei felt that he had never been so excited in his life.

He stood up straight and saluted.
“I… will not let you down!”

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