On the twentieth day.

Almost all the refugees who came to participate in the welcoming ceremony had lost their patience.

Most of the participants had already left.

Only a few patient fellows were still yawning listlessly.

Of course.

The reason why they hadn’t left yet wasn’t because of anything else.

They just wanted to see Li Yueming make a fool of himself.

After all, even in the Underground World, it was impossible for Li Yueming to be liked by everyone.

There were always people with different opinions.

They just wanted to see Li Yueming embarrass himself.

Not far away.

The members of the Star Moon Alliance were still loyal.

No matter what the others thought.

As a companion.

Everyone in the Alliance was still looking forward to seeing the Exploration Team return triumphantly.

However, when the Exploration Team went to the surface, they only brought enough rations to last 20 days.

Twenty days had passed.

Logically speaking, the rations carried by the team should have been exhausted.

If they still haven’t returned…

Then it was very likely that they would never return!

Everyone was looking forward to it.

Time passed.


It was almost evening.

Blood-stained figures appeared in the distance.

Everyone looked over.

Only then did they realize that the Exploration Team had really returned!!!


Everyone became excited.

Many of them even wiped their eyes repeatedly.

After confirming that they were not mistaken,


The entire Underground World was in an uproar!

“The latest news is that Explorer 001 has really returned!”

“Damn, is this for real?”

“It’s absolutely true.
Many people saw it with their own eyes!”

“Everyone, let’s hurry to the Alliance’s headquarters.
If we’re late, there won’t be any seats left!”

The news was like a prairie fire.

It instantly ignited the emotions of all the refugees in the Underground World.

Countless refugees who were about to sleep did not even have time to put on their shoes.

Scrambling out of the rooms barefoot.

After decades.

The Underground World finally stepped onto the Surface World again.

Most importantly…

The members of the Exploration Team even returned alive.

No matter how stupid these refugees were, they knew what this information meant.

“Do we really have a chance to return to the Surface World now?”

“I don’t know if we’ll have a chance to return to the Surface World, but at least our future development won’t be limited to the Underground World!”

“In the past, there were so many things that our ancestors couldn’t do, but the Alliance only took a few years to do it…”

“What does this mean? It only means, all hail the Son of God!!!”

Star Moon Alliance Headquarters.

At this moment, the entire Alliance was brightly lit.

The crowd looked at the bloodstained youths in the fire.

It was as if sizing up the new humans of the new century!!!

When the Exploration Team went, there were a total of 28 members.

At this moment, there were only eighteen left.

Wang Fei, who led the team, was slightly injured.
He staggered and was carried back by Zhou Wuhai.

Although there were some twists and turns in the process,

However, the overall outcome still met Li Yueming’s expectations.

The Exploration Team successfully brought back what he wanted.

He was secretly escorted to the deepest cell of the Alliance Headquarters.

Of course, these could be put aside for the time being.

The most important thing now was to complete the welcoming ceremony for the Exploration Team!

On the high platform.

The surviving team members lined up.

At their feet.

Thousands of refugees huddled together, all of them looking excited.

Li Yueming’s gaze slowly swept across the faces of the team members.

He took a deep breath and said, “Tonight, all the humans here will remember you and the warriors who sacrificed for us! You are the heroes of all the Humans in the Underground World!”

Below the stage.

The refugees’ cheers sounded almost at the same time.
“Welcome back, heroes!”

At this moment.

Everyone’s shouts came from the bottom of their hearts.

There was no falsehood or coercion!

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