A New Era Begins Today!

When Li Yueming explained his goal on the high platform.

The surrounding including the three kings.

All the bosses scoffed at this.

As a vested interest.

The vision described by Li Yueming was poison in the world for them.


The so-called cooperation was naturally impossible.

On the stage.

Nearly a hundred Royal Guards surrounded Li Yueming.

As long as an order is issued.

They would swarm forward and tear Li Yueming into pieces.

Li Yueming was finally subdued.

All the bosses heaved a sigh of relief, but at the same time, they were excited.

“Milord, kill this brat!!!”

“It’s not enough to kill him.
We should chop off his limbs and hang him in the sewers to let those unruly people see the consequences of going against us!”

“That’s right.
Cut off his limbs and feed him to the dogs.
Make him wish he was dead!”

All kinds of cruel punishments were used by this group of people.

All around, the Royal Court’s guards were complacent, the three kings looked at them disdainfully, and the bosses sneered.

He looked at Li Yueming as if he was looking at a cold corpse.

It was determined that there could be no peaceful solution to the problem.

On the stage, Li Yueming sighed.

Although beside him were the most elite guards in the entire Underground World,

The spear was less than a centimeter away from his neck.

Yet, he remained unmoved.

At this moment.

Everyone thought he was a clown.

Little did he know…

The real clowns were themselves.

He lowered his eyes.

Li Yueming muttered to himself, “Now I can finally understand why the powerful are the most heartless!”

Before he could finish speaking.


An air-piercing sound was heard.

The arrow with the torch cut through the darkness of the conference room like a meteor.

Hundreds and thousands of arrows rained down.

Under the shocked gazes of all the sewer bosses, the arrows fell into the crowd.


The sound of something hard piercing his chest rang out.

The screams rose and fell.

The entire meeting room was in chaos.

When he got closer, there was a strong smell of blood in the air.

On the stage.

The moment the arrow tore through the air.

The third brother, Zhou Fenghai, cursed, “What the hell? Where did this rebel army come from?”

As the most powerful of the Underground World,

Zhou Fenghai could not imagine that someone could sneak into their territory without anyone knowing!

Because of treaties and agreements.

When the three kings held a meeting, they could not mobilize too many subordinates.


Currently, other than the hundreds of elite guards of the Royal Court, the entire meeting room was surrounded by hundreds of elites.

There were no other ordinary lackeys.

After all, this was a banquet that all bosses had to attend.

No one expected that someone would choose to attack under such circumstances.

But now, it didn’t matter if they were willing to believe it or not.

The smell of blood in the air was unmistakable.

They had really been attacked by the rebels!

The Royal Court guards were also shocked by this sudden turn of events.


They needed time to react.

In this short span of time.

Li Yueming, who was originally surrounded, suddenly attacked.

He quickly, accurately, and ruthlessly snatched the spear from the hands of a guard beside him.

He held a spear.

Li Yueming used all his strength to sweep.


A crisp sound.

Sparks flew as the steel clashed.

Li Yueming’s unreasonably strong physique displayed its might again.

More than a dozen guards were actually sent flying by him!!!


Zhou Fenghai was cursing while he happened to witness this scene.

He subconsciously cursed.

When he came back to his senses, he hurriedly shouted in a hoarse voice, “Did I raise you trash for nothing? Don’t let this kid escape.
Kill him already!”

Only then did the group of lackeys wake up from their daze.

They hurriedly pounced forward.

Looking at the blood on the spear in his hand.

Li Yueming shook his spear lightly and said, “Escape? Indeed, none of you can escape today!”


He stood still, spear in hand.

It seemed to be preparing to face hundreds of Royal Guards alone!

This scene gave Zhou Shenhai chills from head to toe.

How was the young man in front of him a brat?

He was clearly a living god of death!

Be it courage or aura, they were enough to make ordinary people worship them.


He was shocked.

Zhou Shenhai could not help but rejoice.

If Li Yueming had chosen to escape immediately,

He could really have taken advantage of the chaos and escape.

However, he did not know what was wrong with this kid.

He actually stayed where he was and did not move?

Although Zhou Shenhai did not know who the rebel army that attacked them was,

But it was obvious.

These people definitely had something to do with Li Yueming.

As long as he could capture Li Yueming.

Perhaps he could predict the rebel army’s next move.

They could even use this as a threat to stall for time and wait for backup to receive the news and come to support.

At that time, no matter how arrogant the rebels were,

He could not escape death.

Just as Zhou Shenhai and the other two were still thinking.

Below the stage.

The number of arrows kept decreasing.

The miserable screams of the bosses gradually got less.


Without their lackeys and weapons, the sewer bosses were no different from lambs waiting to be slaughtered in front of the fully armed troops.

In just a few minutes.

At least half of the hundreds of sewer bosses were killed.

The other bosses were either hiding or lying on the ground pretending to be dead.

On the entire battlefield.

He couldn’t even find anyone who dared to breathe loudly.

Zhou Shenhai and the others felt that something was wrong.

They felt that they had overestimated the combat strength of this rebel army.

Unexpectedly, it only took a few minutes.

The venue became quiet.

At this moment.

A neat line appeared in the darkness.

There were about a hundred people in this team.

Ninety percent of the members were in their late teens.

All of them had determined expressions.

Although the weapons in their hands were simple,

Yet, they were all standing in a straight line like a well-trained army.

The leader of the team, a young man in his twenties, saluted Li Yueming and said, “Reporting to Teacher, the 0911 escort team has completed the mission.
We await further instructions!”

He looked at the energetic young people in front of him.

Li Yueming nodded.

His meticulous nurturing was not in vain.

At this moment.

Fresh blood had already sprouted in this dark Underground World.

If nothing went wrong.

In the future, they would become a torrent of steel.

To completely change the world.

And now.

It was time for the seeds to shine.

Li Yueming pointed at the three kings not far away and said coldly, “I’ll let you personally sweep up this group of trash into the trash heap of history.
A new era begins today!”

Hearing these words,

All the youths looked at Li Yueming with fanatical admiration.

The young man in the lead saluted meticulously.

He turned around and said to his subordinates, “Pass down Teacher’s orders.
All the scum who want to obstruct Teacher’s establishment of a new era… Clean them up and leave no one alive!”

“A new era begins today!”

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