rably arrogant bosses had turned into the withered flowers of yesterday in just a year.

It was about to wither.

Of course.

Li Yueming was not very interested in this information.

After all, with the current situation,

All the fish that swam upstream end up stranded on the beach.

The era of the bosses had long passed on the night of the previous year.

Now, other than eating and teaching normally,

He locked himself in his house most of the day and used his talent to run simulations.

The reason why he was so focused.

It was because he realized that he had encountered a problem.

With his current achievements,

Even if he immediately returned to the simulator space, it would be enough to activate the permanent Reincarnator’s mark.

However, Li Yueming, who had a Gold talent, was naturally not satisfied with this achievement.


He tried to continue running.

But no matter how he changed the deduction conditions,

He realized that as long as he left the sewer and headed to the Surface World,

He would soon die a miserable death.

[18 years old: You tried to expand the Star Moon Alliance to the Surface World.
Through the sewers that lead in all directions, you reach the surface smoothly!]

[The commotion you made attracted the attention of a group of Rats on the Surface World!]

[The Rats attacked you!]

[In the chaos, your throat was bitten off by the Rat King.]

[You’re dead.]

He looked at the scarlet words in the deduction.

Li Yueming rubbed his temples helplessly.

Even though he was already 13 years old.

He was considered quite well-developed for a child.

Even when he used Infinite Deductions, he still felt that his entire body was empty.

Now he knew.

It turned out that it was not that the refugees did not want to leave the sewers.

Instead, going to the Surface World and the world in the sewers were two completely different concepts.

If he rashly walked out of the sewer, he would only die.

He could not find a breakthrough point to the Surface World.

Li Yueming could only focus on improving his strength.

Currently, the various attributes of his body were already approaching the limits of the human body.

Ordinary training could no longer increase his combat strength.


Li Yueming tried to deduce a way to control his body and muscles to unleash superhuman abilities through his talent.

It was similar to the breathing technique in the comics in his previous life.

However, he had tried many times.

Li Yueming also found nothing.

Fortunately, he had a positive mindset.
Every time he failed, he would summarize his lessons.

He would try to build on the original foundation next time.

Otherwise, if it were someone else, they would probably curse.

After countless failures and deductions,

The deduction of the breathing technique finally raised some eyebrows.

“I don’t know enough about this world, so I can’t deduce the detailed meridian technique.
I have to collect more information!”

After confirming this,

Li Yueming could not help but exhale heavily.

At this moment.

Outside the door, a little girl who had just learned how to walk bounced over.

Her small hand gently grabbed one of Li Yueming’s pants.

She said in a childish voice, “Brother, I want to hear ‘Sister Werewolf’ story!”

This fair and cute little girl was naturally Li Yueming’s sister, Li Xiyue.

After a year of growth.

Li Xiyue had already changed.

From her wrinkled appearance as a newborn, she had become a smart and cute little princess.

She was very smart.

She had learned how to walk and talk long ago.

Every day, after eating her fill, she would come over and pester Li Yueming to tell her all kinds of stories!

She was also the only special one in the Star Moon Alliance who could see Li Yueming every day.

One could imagine how much Li Yueming doted on her.

Holding his sister in his arms, Li Yueming pinched Li Xiyue’s face and said, “Xixi, be good.
I have something to do now.
I’ll tell you a story tonight, okay?”

Li Xiyue puffed up her cheeks.

Still, she nodded and said, “Brother, you have to keep your promise.
You can’t change your promise for a hundred years!”

Li Yueming made a pinky promise with the little girl.

Then, he hurriedly left his residence and went straight to the Alliance’s headquarters.

When the guard at the door saw Li Yueming,

He quickly puffed out his chest.

The excitement and fear on his face could not be concealed.

In the past year, Li Yueming, the nominal leader of the Star Moon Alliance, had rarely appeared.

However, the legend of the Son of God never stopped spreading.

He met Li Yueming in person by chance.

The doorman could brag to his friends for an entire year.

It could be said that

The current Li Yueming was undoubtedly the legend of the Star Moon Alliance!

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