Cao Xin is Scared

On the stage.

The hundreds of subordinates behind the three kings glared at him.

It was very oppressive.

Zhou Shenhai had a mocking look on his face as he said, “Cao Xin, do you have something to explain to us?”

Hearing Zhou Shenhai’s question,

The group of bosses were in an uproar.

Today was definitely an unusual meeting.

It gave off a strange feeling from beginning to end.

However, no one expected the three kings had gone through so much trouble.

The final target was actually Cao Xin, who had always been very inconspicuous?

All the bosses turned to look at Cao Xin, who was drinking water not far away.

His eyes were filled with shock and disbelief.

He felt everyone’s gazes on him.

Cao Xin froze on the spot.

He also did not expect such an accident to happen at a meeting he thought was just going through the process as usual.

Ever since he was subdued by Li Yueming with little effort.

As the mascot, he basically lost the right to manage the territory.

In the past two years, he had not fought with the other sewer bosses around him.

Nor did he owe the three kings tax money.

Now that Zhou Shenhai was so aggressive, it could only be because he had sensed the abnormality in the territory under his command.

There was a faint smile on Zhou Shenhai’s face.

This guy must have some evidence!!!

Thinking of this, Cao Xin finally felt a strong sense of panic.

After all, offending the fat woman was also courting death.

But in the end…

The fat woman could not pose a substantial threat to him in the territory of the three kings.

However, as 0911’s controller of the Underground World, the pressure that the three kings gave him was far from what the fat woman could compare to.

Of course, the most important thing was that he and Li Yueming were now in the territory of the three kings.

His subordinates were neither protected nor armed.

Once a head-on conflict broke out.

They did not even have the ability to defend themselves and could only be slaughtered.

Thinking of this, Cao Xin, who was uncertain, subconsciously looked at Li Yueming behind him.

After all, no one else knew.

He knew very well.

Now, the true owner of his pathetic life was not him.

Li Yueming’s expression remained unchanged.

It was as if nothing around him had any effect on him.

Seeing how calm Li Yueming was, Cao Xin barely managed to maintain his composure.

Who cares?

Now that it has come to this.

He was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Who cares?

‘I’ll risk it.’

He looked at Zhou Shenhai, who was not far away.

Cao Xin made up his mind to deny it no matter what.

He said in a trembling voice, “Lord Shenhai, I had just finished paying this season’s tax and food half a month ago.
I wonder what I did to make you so angry?”

Hearing Cao Xin’s answer, the half-smile on Zhou Shenhai’s face deepened.

He said coldly, “Hehe, do you really not know or are you pretending to be stupid?”

Cao Xin’s face was a little pale.

However, no matter how stupid he was, he would not admit it on the spot.

Therefore, he shook his head and said innocently, “I really don’t know anything.
Please tell me!”

Zhou Shenhai looked around.

Apart from a few people, most of the bosses had yet to figure out what had happened.

He looked at this group of people who were no different from pigs other than fighting fiercely every day.

Zhou Shenhai could not help but reveal a mocking expression.

If not for the use of keeping them, they would have long cleaned up this group of pigs.

He looked at the stubborn Cao Xin standing below.

Zhou Shenhai said nothing.

He waved his hand.

The next second, a sixteen or seventeen-year-old child walked out.

Only then did everyone realize.

The child was holding a book!

Although the bosses were not very cultured, however, they were still the ruling class of the Underground World.

Therefore, they could still recognize a few words.

On the cover of the book were the words “Earthworm Cultivation Guide”.

The moment he saw this book, Cao Xin felt as if he was struck by lightning.

Oh no.

Everything was over!

No wonder the three kings made an exception and held a meeting even though they had just collected this quarter’s taxes not long ago.

It turned out that this meeting was entirely for him alone!

Zhou Shenhai looked down at Cao Xin and sneered, “My youngest son gave this to me.
What else do you have to say?”

Cao Xin’s face turned pale.

His lips had lost their color from excessive nervousness.

In the Underground World.

Although books were not explicitly forbidden to study like human society on the Surface World,

However, it was also a tacit ban by the various bosses.

After all, no one wanted the slaves under their rule to become educated and have a mind of their own.

Only the core members around the rulers were qualified to learn words.

But now…

However, Zhou Shenhai had obtained the books that were circulating in his territory.

This meant that he had already angered everyone.

Who knew how much evidence Zhou Shenhai had collected?

One had to know that within the actual jurisdiction of the Alliance, there were simply many such books.

As long as someone investigated.

It would not take half a day to find a large pile.

Thinking of this, Cao Xin opened his mouth several times.

But he couldn’t say a word.

However, Zhou Shenhai was not prepared to let him off.
He continued, “You actually trained an army behind our backs and even organized a group of brats to learn such nonsense…”

As he spoke…

Zhou Shenhai seemed to be enraged as he shouted, “Cao Xin, what are your intentions?”

With such a roar, Cao Xin shuddered.


His psychological defense was on the verge of collapse.

The surrounding bosses, who had just woken up from a dream, also came back to their senses.

All of them widened their eyes and looked at Cao Xin angrily.

“Cao Xin, you actually taught those slaves to read?”

“Hehehe, what are you trying to do? Are you trying to kill us all?”

“No wonder I keep feeling that the number of books circulating in the territory has increased recently.
I haven’t had the time to investigate.
It’s because of you!”

“You fucking traitor!”

“Sirs, I suggest that all of us join forces to destroy all the factions under Cao Xin!”

“That’s right.
We have to completely eliminate this evil!”

This group of bosses may be stupid about other things.

But each of them is more aware of the threat to their rights than the other.

The reason why they could lord over ordinary refugees.

They relied on the resources that ordinary refugees could not come into contact with.

Brute force, intelligence, and luck.

Neither could be missing.

The book was undoubtedly one of their trump cards.

After all, only by understanding the words could one accept the inheritance.

Only by accepting the legacy of the wise sages could they enslave other refugees better.

But now… Cao Xin taught the books and words to a group of slaves.

It was definitely an unforgivable act for them.

It would not be an exaggeration to want to cut Cao Xin into pieces!

At this moment, all the sewer bosses in the Underground World were furious.

If not for the fact that the three kings were still present, they would probably already have eaten Cao Xin alive!

Zhou Shenhai pressed his hands together.

Only then did the agitated bosses quiet down.

Looking at Cao Xin, who was already slumped on the stool, Zhou Shenhai said indifferently, “Cao Xin, your actions have seriously disrupted the order of the Underground World and caused heavy losses to all.
So, if you have anything to say, go to hell and speak to the God of Hell!”

Zhou Shenhai gave him a look.

More than ten strong men instantly rushed out from below the stage.

They attacked from both sides.

And yet, at this critical moment, Li Yueming, who had been daydreaming behind Cao Xin, suddenly said, “Wait a minute…”

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