icked her lips.

She looked at Li Yueming greedily.

As for Li Yueming’s opinion…

Apparently, Li Yueming had no right to speak at all.

At this moment, the Royal Court guards who had surrounded them finally came to their senses.

They suddenly quickened their pace, they wanted to capture Li Yueming and Cao Xin together.

Li Yueming was not annoyed by this.

After all, he had been mentally prepared for this before coming.

A strong man from the Royal Court’s guards rushed over.

He reached out to press Li Yueming down.

Li Yueming’s gaze was like lightning.
The moment he stretched out his hand, he attacked first.

He grabbed the man’s wrist.

The next second, Li Yueming’s fingers exerted a little force.

There was an audible click.

The wrist of the burly man from the Royal Court’s guards was actually crushed by him.


Screams resounded throughout the entire hall.

The group of sewer bosses who thought that it would be easy were all shocked by this sudden scene.

Damn it.

‘What the hell is this?’

When they finally made sense of what was going on, the group of bosses looked over.

The man from the Royal Court’s escort team had his wrist crushed by a brat like Li Yueming.

In an extremely humiliating position, Li Yueming placed him upside down on the table.

The shrill screams were like the wails of evil spirits from hell.

Many wiped their eyes repeatedly in disbelief.

Only then did they believe everything they saw.

The shock struck like a lightning bolt.

One had to know that these men were not hooligans.

Instead, it was said that dozens Royal Court’s guards is sufficient to sweep through the entire Underground World.

They enjoyed the support of the entire Underground World.

It was the strongest organization in the Underground World!

But now… The members of the Royal Court Guards were actually easily pinned down by a brat??

Around him, the other guards could not help but be shocked when they saw this scene.

However, they had undergone strict training after all.

Therefore after a short moment of shock, they continued to rush forward.

A total of six Royal Court guards surrounded Li Yueming in the middle.

One learns from one’s mistakes.

After the one was unable to hold him down just now,

The Royal Court guards also understood that Li Yueming was not so simple.

They formed a circle and prepared to attack with all their might!

Two of the strongest men stood at the front, wanting to use their height and weight to restrain Li Yueming.

The other members swarmed forward and pressed Li Yueming down.

And yet, the next second… A scene that left everyone dumbfounded.

Although Li Yueming was not as tall as the two burly men, the strength of his body was even more terrifying than that of them.

He directly collided head-on with the two men until they fell flat on their faces.

The other guards’ eyes almost popped out.

Damn it.
What kind of monster was this?

Could such a monster be nurtured in the Underground World?

At this moment, the guards fell into deep self-doubt.

However, Li Yueming had no intention of being polite to them.

After repelling the two burly men, he kicked hard.

They flew more than three meters into the air, before landing on the roof.

Then, he jumped up again, leaping more than ten meters high like a spring.

Landing right beside Zhou Shenhai.

The group of so-called elite guards were like three-year-old children in front of him.

They could only watch as Li Yueming approached their boss from the sky.

He clapped his hands.

Li Yueming’s expression was relaxed and his eyes were clear.

He looked at Zhou Shenhai, who was stiff and in disbelief.

He revealed a harmless smile.

He said calmly, “How is it? Can you hear me out now?”

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