starting your own family in magic world.

chapter 009 underwhelming results.

I was enjoying the show , many Commoners and nobels have come here and tested their talents but nothing out if the ordinary happened.

Mother said to me ”aren you zoning out too much child on the results,you know there are nobels here talking about the results their heirs will get aren you interested in that ”;

” No mother I was just not paying attention to the nobels talking ” I said slowly.

”Its ok child , but today many high nobels families have come not only because of recruiting talents but also because this year many nobel heirs are participating in the ceremony. ” she said.

While we were talking , the elders on stage start talking, they were not shouting but their voice was clear in my ears. They were using some type of talent they have I think or some technique.

yes, there are techniques in this world they can be learned but they are extremely rare . They can be learned if you are not compatible with them.

like the elders on stage, they are most likely have wind affinity , thatt why they can practice this technique .

”They start talking and said, ok now then the preliminaries are over so we should request the the families of the country to send their heirs to the stage ”.

Now is the time hah I thought , Including me there were 6 other childrens were there with me .

we started walking down the stairs and walked towards the stage and towards the platform where the testing artifacts were .

There were two girls and three boys, all from the big families bigger then ours. Although the event is conducted on our territory but most of the big families also participate in the event because it is the biggest one in the country. our land is not fertile but it has a quality that none of the others have its is malleable.

yes , there exist a mountain range in our territory, where they clay there is special and this whole stadium which is huge and stands apart from the others is one of the many reasons, our ceremony that is held in our territory is very famous among nobles.

The youngsters names were ”Henry, Diana, Kim, Donald, Stain ” , They all belong to big families so they had that arrogant look in their eyes. So, I didn even try to do sone small talk with them.

But two youngsters were different, they were laughing and talking with each other like friends but not really. sometimes it looked like they were enemies and the other second their behavior will change. I thought what strange pair, I better not get involved with them.

But they noticed my gaze and the guy ”Henry ” started walking towards me, behind him ” kim ” was also coming . I got nervous, I just looked over there like every body else so why are they walking towards me.

Henry came started talking ”hello, my name is Henry Walter and this is kim silvermoon , I noticed that you are form the valton family correct ”. I hesitated should I talk with them or not. But then I thought, I should not create problems for my family.

I replied ” oh where are my manners , yes I am form the valton family. My name is Aron valton, I am the son of the yan valton ”.

” oh so you are from valtons haa. I was expecting someone with a large frame because mostly all the valtons are knights but I guess not ” Kim iterated.

I just laughed, and then the elders called out our names for the ceremony.

” Donald and diana come forward and pur your blood into the artifact ” .

everyone in the arena got silenced and didn even make a peep. These are the geniuses of the big families, they are guaranteed to have great talent and magic affinity but those things don always happen.

As Donald and Diana came forward and poured their blood into the artifact , the artifact glowed and produced different colors.

The stadium erupted with joy , both of them got yellow color . For affinities Donald got fire affinity and Diana got water affinity.

All the big families gave their regards to their family and the event carried on.

After that they called Kim and Henry , all of the things that they had to were same so they didn need any instructions but the elders still try to clam the nerves of both of them and the test started.

when they poured their blood , the artifacts produced a light that was so bright that even sun got dimmed for some time every one was squinting their eyes. Those who were on stage was the ones who are most effected.

But what was cause if this, when we get to look at the artifact everyone heart Dropped, They were closing and opening their eyes to conform that what they are seeing is true.

Both Kim and Henry got Indigo colour talent. Henry got earth affinity and Kim got wind affinity.

After the shock that everyone felt they start cheering so hard that even the magical enhanced stadium start producing Creecking sound.

They were the real geniuses, all over the whole country the Indigo color geniuses can be counted on our fingers. They were so rare that even the mightiest of families would kill for this type of talent.

”enemies of the country would be felling some terror right now ”.I thought

Indigo talent is a God level genius and we got two in a row together everyone was cheering ,even my mother was so happy and that she immediately started congratulating the father and mother of Henry and Kim.

I don know what relationship they have with my mother but they looked close by the way they were talking and accepting the compliments they were getting being the parents of a Indigo color geniuses.

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