when both mother and I entered, the ceremony has already been started for quite some time.

And another thing I learned here is that the valton family doesn really show dominance over people , so that they can try to show their superiority.

I liked that about the family , although I don know many things about them. even without presence of nobels like me the grandson of the patriarch, they have already started the ceremony

Also there are other reasons too, i am sure but I am just not aware of it. we started walking towards the stage and we sat just above the stage where there were seats reserved for us.

Many people have come here to know about their talents. I was first confused, if they have some talent regarding something then wouldn they know earlier but it was not so simple.

Because, according to mother, the talents and the affinities in our human body don develop under we reach the age of 10 and even then some don develop their talents and thats why many children here are older than 10 .

As I was looking into the vast stage that was in front of me. I noticed that there were two lines and they were going in different directions.

I asked mom ” why are they going in different directions mom ”.she replied ecause one line is for general public and the other is for nobels ”.

I squinted my eyebrows on that and said ” why is that, I noticed that we don play superior here in our family ”.

she laughed and said ” Naive child, what do you think why is that? , its because there jave been many incidents, we don play superior but other don follow that rule and also why do you think all these big clans are watching these events not because of commoners but because of nobel talents. ”

l thought for a second and then noticed that nobels are getting high results.she said again that ” again remember that nobels here only marry for power here, so each and every thing they do is for power.

if there is a commoner who has a high talent then they will add them to their external clans and if someone has very high talent and is a genius then they will accept them as their disciple ”.

Hmm so thats why all the descendants are very talented on the Nobel side , if not genius , they are above average.

The testing was happening in a bowl like artifact, where a crystal was placed in the middle ,around the crystal there was a milky liquid that chages colour whenever the practitioner pours in his blood in the liquid and after sometime the milky liquid chages back to his original colour.

The crystal ball tells the childrens about their talents regarding their affinities and the milky liquid tells them about their affinities. who has more than one Affinity, the milky liquid changes colour multiple times for that person .

we know about the affinities and talents have divisions. Those are –

Affinity Purity ( talents) :

Violet – Genius.

Indigo – exceptional.

Blue – Good++.

Green – Good +.

Yellow – Good .

orange – Average .

Red – Poor.

Affinity colors:

Red – Fire;

Blue – Water;

Yellow – Earth;

Green – Wind;

Purple – Lightning;

White – Light;

Black – Darkness.

There are many sub categories between these main categories. like earth has metal, wood affinity category and walter has ice.

There were two elderly figures which were doing the testing their power is way above the rest of tue staff there, may be they were their for the protection of the artifacts.

Many realms of the strength are-

Class E;

Class D;

Class C;

Class B;

Class A;

Class S;

Each class is further divided into lower, middle ,upper and peak.

For the record they both were at class B.

Many different countries call these classes differently but universally they are described as above.

These elderly were doing their job and getting the blood from the candidates and pouring them into the milky liquid.

To the horror and joy of all of the members present here , he got ”metal affinity ” which is one of the rarest affinities one could ever get. And on top of that he got ” blue ” talent too.

”A genius ” said every body. Yes, a genius on the commoners side. every family that was there , came to that boys family like hungry lions.

His name was John , and his family was not rich bit they were not poor either . Finally after so much flattery , the a big family from the country got the John family to agree to join their side.

After that the ceremony started again and everyone was enjoying and hoping that they will be the next genius. But nothing of that sort happened.

even on the nobels side no genius came into light but some some ” yellow colour talent and 2 green colour talents ” did came and everyone overjoyed.

Because every genius increases the strength of the country to fight against not only the other countries who want to devour them but also from the threats of the monsters that still roam and occupy a vast amount of land on this planet.

I am enjoying it too. I am hopefull that I will have above average talent so that I can have those reactions too.

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