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I was surprised by the speech and the gesture showed by ” yan valton ” ( Arons father). As I remembered from the memories , yan is not an emotional guy and aron also didn have Any recollection of this behaviour from his father.

But I remained calm and said ”Thank you father and don worry, I will not be swayed by the opinion of the likes of them ”.

Hearing that father got stunned, he didn expect me to answer . aron who was shy all the time and cared about the opinion of almost every being out their .

father said ” good then, go and prepare and don get disheartened if you didn get high results on your aptitude ”. I nodded and walked away from the room.

This ceremony is the ceremony that every child who is between the age of 10-15 takes part of.

In this event all the magicians , knights and nobels of the family and some other distinct families also take part .

In this the children find out about their talents , aptitude and the affinities. The children find out today what role they will be paying in the future.

Through my memories , I tried to remember the path to my room . The room was not that far and when I opened the door and looked to check on the condition of the room . The room was mostly empty and nothing excessive was there only basic stuff.

I closed my door and locked it , I sat on my bed and closed my eyes . I was exhausted so it didn take me long to fall into a deep sleep.

I woke up the next day , when the maid was calling for me ”young master aron, please get up and get ready for the ceremony, miss rem is also calling for you.

I woke up and directly went to the shower . I had a feeling about todays ceremony , but I can just put my finger on the feeling .

either way today I will meet arons real mother and other family members, although I don have any feelings but I have anxiety.

what if from my behavior or through other subtle clues she was able to find out that I was not aron.

from what I can remember his mother is kind but clever, so I should be on my A game.

I got out of my room and meet with rem valton and his sister lily valton. ” mom ” , he said. rem turned her head and looked at him with love in her eyes ”how are you feeling aron, today you will be getting your affinities and talents checked. Are you nervous? ”.

I hesitated but said ” No mother, nothing of that sort is on my mind right now.where is lily I asked? ”

”Ahh , she is with her cousins playing so you don have to worry about her . okey so get ready we are going to the Calacium ”( here it means stadium of sorts, for ceremonies) .

So we started walking through the palace and we got to market, where I only can see people and so many of them that I thought I came back to modern world.

I thought the countries are always at war with each other so how are there so many people here.

looking at my flabbergasted face, mother said ” Today is the talent ceremony my child, people from all over the country come here for seeing this occasion , where they can see the future Geniuses ”.

I cursed myself ” After arriving to this world, I got stupid or something of course there will be lots of people coming for this ceremony which show cases the Geniuses of the younger generation.

And not only that, mom looked at me with suspicious eyes after seeing what I did. I don know if I am being paranoid but I am not loosing anything by being careful ” I Scolded myself.

And said to mother ” of course, I was just surprised , I don see these numbers daily. ” I replied with cheeky voice.

After that we went through the market and entered the Calacium, it was not far from the market. when we entered and I looked inside the Calacium I was stunned because not only it was so much bigger then I imagined but also because of the animals that were there and the number of people present there .

”There should he atleast 200k people were there in attendance and I was shocked. On earth even on the biggest events the attendance would not be so large. ” I said in a low voice.

For the first time in this new life, I was excited and looking forward to this life. My god I didn realize that I was living in a different world till now. what I am seeing is defying the physical reality. There were animals inside so bizarre , that I had to take a step back and soak in what was happening.

”This is the best ”.

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