Matt was feeling light headed .Nothing was there , only darkness and coldness envelope his soul. He was loosing his consciousness .

He was thinking that many people on earth talked about an out of the world experience and life flashing before their eyes when they are about to die but he was not feeling any of that, Instead there was total darkness.

He was feeling like there was a tunnel and something is sucking his soul into it.

After who know how much time has passed and nothing happened but one day, matt woke up he thought ” what is happening ”.

( After this we are seeing the story from the mc point of view )

I ( matt) was having a headache . It was so painful that i was thinking of hitting my head into a wall which I was seeing in front of me

suddenly he remember , ”what is happening I thought i died , I even had that experience of some sucking action ” he thought .

But no he was very much alive and kicking in spite of the headache he was feeling right now.

I thought I have died but how is this possible and what happened to me? why am i so short and what are the clothes am I wearing.

I got up from the ground and looked around and found out that i was in a cave and there was a huge dog like creature persent there and got spooked , ”what is this, I have never seen a dog this big in my life ”.

And this is the time when the headache returned and with it all the memories of the previous owner of the body returned.

My name is Aron velton . And my fathers name is yan and my mothers name is Rem velton. My family is one of the great families on the continent of ”sector – 3 ” in a small country named ” Heran ”.

I was stunned for a long time and couldn rapped my head around the fact that I am really in a different world and also has a family.

According to the information from the memories of the original Aron , this world is a magic world where knights , mages , healers and other magical things exist.

” And we are a small family we not a lot of power in our country. ”

According to the memories this world was attacked around ”90 thousand years ago ” by different monster. which were small and big, strong and weak.

After that they gained magic and start getting magical affinities , talents started to appear and started learning different magic and body techniques and that how the magic on this strated.

From the memories, the aliens strated to appear from a dimension or a path like structure which is today are all bloked , we don know how they opened and how they got blocked .

we don have much information about the cracks (Thats what the dimensions openings were called) but we do know that all the monsters that came from the cracks were not crazy and had blood-lust for any life but some were intelligent.

Those intelligent special we call them from different names according to their features. some looked like goblins , some looked like werewolves and had many different appearances but we collectively call them sapiens.

I am confused right now, so I was dying on a hospital bed and somehow I got transported to this magic world . This is just like those Cliche novel and stories that he has read back home.

”He was confused and bewildered about the whole situation that is happening with him ”.

The ” Hiran ” is a small country in the continent called ”sector – 3 ” (I.e continent 3) .

[ ” There are 12 continents in this world and each of them is called sector from 1 to 12. ”]

The name of the planet is [ NIROM ] . This Planet was about 10 times the size of earth and the every continent was large. [ ”There were only 7 continents that were habitable and rest of them were under the control of the monsters and other alien population ” ].

” The cracks were in a way blessing that they introduced mana and magic in this world but also brought coas with it and many millions of death that happened at the early stages , when humanity was trying to cope with this new threat, doesn allow any positive Connotation of this event. ”

This planet and the whole continents are ruled by different families which were come into existence during the Waring time.

The family which Aron belongs to is named ”velton ”.It is not a large family and only controls the area around the size of modern day Germany.

The are they rule is very harsh and almost one-third of the area is Rocky Mountains and hills.

viltons are a very reputable. They are known for their bravery and might. Although they are not very strong as they were used to be in their prime.

Most of their members are knights and are wizards . They don discriminate between , they give you the right to choose what path you like to walk .

Their are some ”Magic- Swordsman ” but they are not that numerous. only those with high intelligence and talents can walk on both paths.

The country from which the ”valtons ” belong is called ”hiran ”. The countries in this world is just some families banding together to form a territory or a alliance , which cannot be invaded by monsters or any other powerful alliance, which has any malicious intend towards them.

And there is a government too. who is made up of the choosen patriarch from different families of the world. although the world os ruled by different families the members for the government is choosen by voting. obviously the voting is done only by the families that have enough influence and had some portion of a country under their control.

”But government only look after very extraordinary events and handle human right related issues that are raised by people of different continents. ”

The government although don want to interfere in any country or any families territory and their affairs but if the situation is dire , they will do it. so the board members will make a decision and the family have to pay respect and have to give reasons and have to present their case . Because every family is a member of this large organisation which rules the world and uphold some basic standard of living for the people of this planet

”Aron was thinking about all the information he is getting and then he remembered a fact about himself and got some more memories , that he is the son of the hier of valton , who is the third son of the current patriarch . ”

He remembered about his family that he has a younger sister too, her name is lily.

”Great , now I also have a sister too . what should I do this is so confusing .Matt who is now Aron was in deep thought . ”

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