Matt was a normal college student , he was an average looking man and was good at studies and not very active in sports, you can say that he was a typical college nerd.

Besides that Matt was an orphan and didn have any friends or relatives. His parents have left him in the streets of the city, he didn know that who they were or from where they come from.

Because of that and his not so friendly behaviour,

He never got invited to any parties and him being an introvert didn help with that too.

He was working part time to pay his bills and semester fees of the college. He will go to his part time job in the evening and return late at night, that was his schedule.

But he was content with his life , but one day he went to donate blood and he found out that he has an illness and he will not live very long. Doctors gave him only 6-7 years to live.

As he was already struggling with the money he quit his job and start travelling with the money he saved for his tuition .

He started reading novel and doing what he liked,while travelling and started enjoying life .As he knew that he didn have many years to live .

And then those days came he fell ill and not even had enough money for the hospital treatment

tired of this he didn wanted to suffer in the last days of his life as he was already going to die he made a decision and took his own life.

He had many regrets in this life , he wanted to live and explore more of this beautiful world , He wanted to have a family . He wanted to have children of his own and a happy life but the fate was not in his favour.

He died wishing that he could live once more and get an another chance in life, like those people talked about in the stories and novels he has been reading since childhood.

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