starting your own family in magic world.

chapter 010 Starting training.

Every single person that was there was giving congratulations to them but Kim and Henry themselves were in shock too, they still was not believing that they have this talent.

But after some time they woke up from their imaginary slumber . They didn look all that happy, Henry was behaving like he didn wanted this talent but Kim looked satisfied it seemed.

They walked to me and Kim said ” Did you see that hah, we have Indigo talent so be nice to me and i will give you some advice if you need it. Cheeckily . ”

Henry coughed and said ” don listen to her, she like that only, spoiled brat ” .

” hey who did you called a spoiled brat you ugly mug, even my maids look better than you ” .

They argued and fought like brother and sister and i was confused and shocked that getting the indigo talent didn changed their behaviour at all towards me.

”May be getting to know these guys, I not a bad idea ” I laughed at my thoughts.

hey I am talking about getting a friendship with childrens. A grown ass man me, Although in the body of a child. I am an adult in spirit.

I was just zoning out when the elders called out my and the remaining boy .

we came forward and started walking towards them ”good luck ” said both Henry and Kim to me .

hankyou , I said.

I started cutting my wrist , I am not a person with alot of heart . I was used to get scared of needles even in my teens . so, from the beginning i was preparing myself to cut wrist so that I don embarrass myself in front this huge crowd.

even commoners children didn hesitated. so, I picked up the knife that was there in front of me Then, I started making a cut through which enough blood came out . And the artifact started glowing again but this time the glow was much duller fir both of us.

even the crowd was disappointed. They had high hopes for the only family member of the valton family that had participated in the ceremony but their didn wishes didn came true.

I was trying to look , what was the result that came and when I looked at the artifact , I got disappointed myself.

I and the other boy got only yellow talent. It was not so about the disappointment I was feeling,no I was not that disappointed . I was just thinking about the future , if I had a high enough talent I would have been adored . I could have lived on easy mode with some hard work , I could have gained enough strength to protect myself . But nothing goes as planned, ”its ok I just have to work harder then everyone else and I will gain enough strength that everybody respect me ”.

From the beginning I had no thrust for the position of the family patriarch or anything like that, I just wanted to live this life enjoying myself but I guess not huh.

so what about the affinity I got , to check that I looked in the milky liquid . even before I figured it out what was that, the elders guardian spoke . ”Young master of valton family got a rare affinity of earth elemental sub-division : wood ; and the boy named stain got lightning affinity ”.

An elder that was sitting in between the families spoke, ” although the Aron and stain boy have only above average talent but their affinities are good enough, wood is not that strong fir fighting but have many other uses and lightning is very good for speed type arts, so they should be happy and not let the drawback in talent get to their head, many talented geniuses have died and not reached their full potential because they were not working hard and git beaten by others having less talent then them. ”

everyone agreed with the point of view that the elder provided but Aron was not that bothered by it anyways. I am going to show them that even with less talent I can make it to the top. And now that I decided to make friends with the geniuses Henry and Kim, I have to work hard even to be in the same field as them.

Kim and Henry came to me and started talking and consoling me but i was not that down and seeing that they started talking random stuff. And the place they will go for their studies and training.

Henry was a guy , who didn like to do things which bothered him, he was kind of lazy . And Kim was totally opposite she was very energetic and kind of bossy. she also didn like to take orders but had to because of the family.

Kim and Henry started talking ” Now that we have conformed that we have got high talent, indigo for **ing sake, we can certainly say that our parent will be sending us with the teachers ”.

I was confused ” what your parents have already decided a techert for you , even before you got your talent revealed. ”

Its not like that aron , Kim said. although we don know exactly how but the teacher already knew that we had high talents but was not sure what rank it was, now we that we know that we got indigo talent that means that teacher was right and our parents surely will request the teacher to teach us ”.

I got depressed a little, I thought , I will be making friends first time in two life time. I chuckled at my thoughts. what I am thinking, they are **ing geniuses , our region surely don have the resources that are required for these types of geniuses to reach the top so its only natural that they will be going with their teacher who seems to be from central contents , I guessed . Because guessing the talent is not possible in this continent. As for as I know.

Okey, so take care Henry and Kim. They also said goodbye to me . ” hey aron, work hard and grow stronger , so that in the future we can work together in the future ” . sure I said. you don have to worry about me, you should work hard yourself and don only rely on your talent yourself, if not I will go pass you guys in light speed.

We laughed and talked for some time and then , started going our seperate ways. I went to my mom and mom congratulated me for my awakening ceremony and we start walking towards home. I thought to myself, from now onwards its grinding time I guess, hehe.

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