starting your own family in magic world.

Chapter 001 Author\'s thoughts.

Hi there! I am the author, and I am here to discuss some relevant points that can affect this story.

First, I want to say that this chapter can be helpful for any reader who has been interested in the idea of ??the story and wants to know a little more before deciding whether to start this reading.

So, Im going to talk about some points that I believe are necessary for a fantasy story like mine. Anyway, lets get down to business.

(Don mind the order. Its not necessarily the most important thing or anything. Its just random.)

1.This story will be happening on a different world as you couldve deduced from the title of the story, so the rule of physics and other common logical things might change here and there but i would try to minimize them.

2.The power structure of the novel will be explained within the story and they will be quite different from other stories .

and thats all i wanted to s

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