start being the villain boss today

This is too double standard

re in love.

Chen Yu deliberately lengthened the discussion topic, Xu Muyan was immersed in it, and unknowingly ignored the existence of Chu Bai.

There will be morning class in a while.

”Chen Yu, you deliberately ran over to discuss the problem with classmate Xu. It is simply because you are drunk and warm. Your discussion is false. The real purpose is to get close to classmate Xu. You are a hypocrite if you want to behave badly against classmate Xu. ”

Chu Bai couldn help it anymore, and interrupted the discussion between the two directly with reprimanding words.

Upon hearing this, Chen Yu smiled directly.

This guy took the opportunity to soak Xu Muyan in the name of a make-up course, just for granted.

If I follow suit, it won work.

Does Nima want to have such a double standard?

”Chu Bai, you misunderstood Chen Yu. ” Xu Muyan frowned.

Because Chen Yu had clearly stated that she should concentrate on studying before, and she didn have that kind of thought to her, and also warned the little brother not to talk nonsense.

Kindness Xu Muyan, of course, chose to believe what Chen Yu said.

”Im not mistaken. You gave me a make-up lesson during this period. He couldn watch it. Yesterday he asked my little brother to block my way after school. He also said that you are his Chen Yus personal belongings. He warned me to stay away from you. ” Xu Muyan said.

When Xu Muyan heard this, she looked at Chen Yu in surprise.

”I didn instigate this matter, it was Fan Jian and the others. ” Chen Yu explained.

Don say that this is not done, even if he did it, he will answer this way.

He is the villain.

The villains are unscrupulous to achieve their goals, and lying is even more commonplace.

”If its a man, you must dare to recognize it if you dare to do it. ” Chu Bai used agitation.

He wanted Chen Yu to admit this, so that Xu Muyan was wary of Chen Yu, and kept away from Chen Yu in the future.

”Hey, what you just said didn seem to be complete. Fan Jian and the three of them blocked your way, but it was the three of them who were beaten up. You didn have anything to do. ” Chen Yu turned his finger.

”Thats me, and the three deflated calves are my opponents. ” Chu Bai snorted triumphantly.

Speaking of this, he couldn help feeling a little proud.

Chu Bai is a poor student, often skipping classes and dealing with young people in society. When conflicts occur, fighting is a common thing. He has trained a good ability to fight, and the thief Kil is ruthless!

Chen Yu beckoned and called Fan Jian in the classroom.

”Take off your hat and let Xu Muyan take a look at what you were beaten into. ”

Although Fan Jians brain was not good, he understood that the boss was going to confess Chu Bai in front of Xu Muyan.

He immediately took off his hat and showed off his bruised nose and swollen face.

Xu Muyan saw a strange look on Fan Jians face before, and now he finally understood the reason, so she frowned:

”Why… how did you get beaten like this? ”

”Im still considered light, Fan Tong and Qin Shousheng were beaten worse, it was useless for us to kneel and beg for mercy, Chu Bai chased us to death. ”

Fan Jian rubbed the bruises on his face and was so aggrieved that he almost cried.

”Thats what you deserve. ” Chu Bai didn care.

”Although the three of Fan Jian provoked you, you are defensive, but you must have a degree of defense, right? ” Chen Yu said.

”They didn break their hands or their feet. I should thank my men for being merciful. ”

In Chu Bais view, he took care of this matter, and they couldn beat Fan Jian too much.

Xu Muyan frowned.

Few girls like violence, and she is no exception.

Its just that Chu Bai was immersed in the pleasure of beating Fan Jian, and had not noticed the subtle changes in Xu Muyans expression.

Chen Yu noticed some details, and was slightly happy in her heart.

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