start being the villain boss today

This is too double standard

”Apologize. ” Chen Yu spit out two words indifferently.

”Have you heard, please apologize. ” Although Fan Jian didn understand why the boss asked Xu Muyan to apologize, because of his younger brothers consciousness, he still stressed Xu Muyan with his teeth and claws.

However, as soon as these words were spoken, Fan Jians forehead was patted.

”Boss, what are you hitting me for? ” He was confused.

”I ask you to apologize to Xu Muyan, and don call her your sister-in-law in the future. ” Chen Yu said.

”What? ”

”Ah what, hurry up and apologize. ”

”Oh. ” Fan Jian bowed to Xu Muyan honestly:

”Sorry, student Xu Muyan, I was wrong, and I will never bark again. ”

Chen Yu looked at Xu Muyan who was surprised:

”This sister-in-laws name is just ridicule and teasing. It has nothing to do with me. I will not let them call you like that in the future. Who wants to call, I will blow his mouth.

As for the rumors, saying that I like you, I must chase you down. I need to clarify this point. This is false.

After all, in the third year of high school, academics are important, and I don have any ideas for the time being. Don think too much.

Okay, thats it. ”

After that, Chen Yu walked to the classroom without looking back, leaving Xu Muyan sluggish in place.

[Ding, change one of the heroines Xu Muyans perceptions of the host, the favorability is increased by 20, and the current total favorability is 10 (ordinary acquaintances). ]

[Ding, the host influences the direction of the original plot and gets 200 villain points. ]

As soon as Chen Yu walked to the door of the classroom, he heard the system prompt message.

In this regard, he was not very surprised.

The reason why Xu Muyan was a bit disgusted with him before was large because of those ”scandals ”, and his little brothers always ridiculed it, calling her his sister-in-law or something.

Imagine that a little girl who has never been in a relationship must have a thin face.

Of course, she who wants to concentrate on studying will find it very troubled.

Chen Yu himself hasn done anything unreasonable to Xu Muyan yet.

When Chen Yu explained the matter clearly and warned the younger brother not to call him indiscriminately.

Then Xu Muyan would naturally not dislike Chen Yu.

Friendship degree at 10 points, the system gives an evaluation of ”acquaintances ”, which can be regarded as the degree of favorability among ordinary students.

With Xu Muyans current relationship, Chen Yu is now on the same starting line as the protagonist.

In addition to the increase in favorability, he also gained villain points.

Chen Yu checked his current panel properties.

[Host: Chen Yu]

[Power value: 40]

[Charm Value: 100]

[Villain luck: -100]

[Villain Points: 1300]

[Skills: None]

”Well, there are 1300 villain points, and another 200 will open the system mall. I don know what there is if there is something that can increase the combat power value. ” Chen Yu secretly looked forward to it.

Judging from the degree to of the protagonists one-to-three completely crushed, the combat power value must far exceed the average value of 5.

And the more the story goes, the higher the protagonists combat effectiveness will be.

And Chen Yu even reach an average of 40 at present. If the protagonist goes head-to-head, he is not an opponent at all.

Just when Chen Yu was thinking this way, he suddenly felt a pair of eyes in the classroom, looking at him.

In the depths of his eyes, there was some hatred.

The owner of this gaze is the protagonist at the tail of the crane, named Chu Bai.

This name is not easy to hear, most of it has the protagonists luck.


Because the four main surnames of the net protagonists are Ye, Lin, Xiao, and the Chu.

This is the fourth surname!

With Chu Bais hateful eyes looking at him, Chen Yu could naturally guess the reason.

Fan Jian, Fan Tong, and Qin Shousheng blocked Chu Bais road after school yesterday.

Chu Bai must have thought that he had instigated it.

But in fact, these three guys made their claims.

But Chen Yu couldn explain it either.

Its not necessary.

He is a villain, born at odds with the protagonist.

”System, please check Chu Bais various attribute data. ” Chen Yu issued an instruction.

[Enquiry costs 100 villain points, do you want to inquire? ]

”Yes! ”

Although Chen Yu learned some original plot information from the system, the information is very vague and general. They are all:

As the villain, how tragic the ending will be for oneself, how tragic the ending for ones relatives will be, how happy the protagonist is, and so on.

After consuming the villain points, Chu Bais panel attributes came out.

[Protagonist: Chu Bai]

[Power value: 7.5]

[Charm Value: 53]

[Protagonist Halo: 357]

[Possess Skills: Perspective]

”Oh, it turned out to be a protagonist with perspective. ”

Chen Yu originally felt sorry for the 100 villain points, but after receiving the key information, he immediately felt that it was worth it.

As the saying goes, knowing that he is not dead in a hundred battles, after knowing Chu Bais golden finger, then it becomes easier to deal with him.

The charm value is only 53, which just reaches the average value, which is just a passerbys face.

This guy got so many beautiful girls in the original plot.

Simply unreasonable!

And his 100 blasting charm value, not even a sister.

Thats too much!

The combat power value of 7.5 is outstanding, half of the average.

In the original plot, relying on the outstanding combat power value, Chu Bai had many heroes to save the United States and won the hearts of beautiful girls.

But at this point, Chen Yu wants to make complaints.

In todays peaceful society, how can there be so many hooligans who are always met by Chu Bai?

And even if it succeeded in saving the United States.

Those sister papers actually fell in love with Chu Bai because of this.

This is too much.

In this economic society, being handsome and rich is king.

The face of a passerby who can fight, why is it that a hero saves the beauty once, so that sister paper is in love?

As a rich second-generation with glamorous value, I was disgusted by the heroine.


”System, I spend money to find someone to kill Chu Bai directly, what is the chance of success? ” Chen Yu was heartbroken and planned to be more direct.

[The opposing protagonists halo points are higher. With the host of your current villains halo points, the chance of success is close to zero. ]

Damn, I knew it was like that.

Chen Yu complained inwardly, very unconvinced, and said:

”The chance of success is close to zero, so there is still a small chance. I can always try? ”

[If the host is not established to perform such operations, the protagonists luck protects his body, and when he falls into a huge crisis, it will trigger the opportunity. The protagonist will not only solve the crisis but also become stronger, which is extremely disadvantageous to the host. ]

”The protagonists halo is too impressive. ” Chen Yu was very depressed.

[Please don be frustrated with the host. You can continue to weaken the protagonists luck by plundering the protagonists chances and seizing the heroines body and mind and increasing the villains luck points before performing such operations. ]

”It seems that I can only grab the chance and sister paper step by step, and smash the others protagonists halo. If I don do this, I will only have a dead end. ”

Chen Yu strengthened his belief.

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