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Perspective Ability Protagonist

”Call those two guys to the school. ” Chen Yu gave Fan Jian an order.

”Ah… ” Fan Jian was surprised.

”Ah what, just do it for me, don ask anything. ” Chen Yu grabbed the conversation and interrupted the younger brother who was about to ask nonsense.

”Yes. ” Fan Jian took out his mobile phone and immediately followed suit.

After hanging up the call, Fan Jian reported that Fan Tong and Qin Shousheng had already left for the school.

Chen Yu nodded.

The two of them crossed the campus road and walked to the classroom.

”Hey, isn this sister-in-law, good morning! ”

Fan Jian screamed at the ghost not far away.

Chen Yu looked in the direction he was facing and saw a girl.

She was tall and tall, with long black and beautiful hair.

The skin is white, and on a little goose egg face, the delicate facial features are almost distributed in golden ratio.

Even in ordinary school uniforms, he still couldn stop the youthful and beautiful breath.

Such a girl can be seen at a glance even if she is placed in a crowd.

Her name is Xu Muyan.

He is the study committee member of Chen Yus class, and is recognized by the entire student body.

Of course, it is also the heroine, or to be precise, one of the heroines.

Because according to the urinary nature of urban novels, how could it be possible to match only the protagonist with a schoolgirl heroine.

Xu Muyan studied well and looked beautiful, and she and Chen Yu were like a natural match.

In the entire school, there is no boy as good as Chen Yu.

If this were put in reality, how could Xu Muyan dislike it.

But the sand sculpture author who constructed this novel forcibly set in the plot that Xu Muyan had no feeling for Chen Yu, and even a little disgusted.

However, Chen Yu is extremely in love with Xu Muyan, alive without a rabbit and a licking dog.

Why do you say that?

Because Chen Yu has such excellent conditions, he can easily pick up many beautiful girls.

But Chen Yu only loves Xu Muyan and dismisses other women.

When the story of the novel progressed to the back, Xu Muyan fell in love with the protagonist completely and was compliant with him.

So, at the protagonists instigation, Xu Muyan even used Chen Yus love to help the protagonist kill Chen Yu.

And when Chen Yu was dying, because he loved Xu Muyan so much, he didn blame her!

Chen Yu in the original plot is really sad.

”Go to the sand sculpture author, I don want such a tragic ending to happen to me! ” Chen Yu cursed secretly in his heart, and then began to organize his thoughts.

It is still in the early stage of the plot, and Xu Muyan treats the protagonist as an ordinary classmate.

And there is only a slight disgust and resistance to myself.


Xu Muyan was annoyed and embarrassed when she heard Fan Jiangui yelling and calling herself her sister-in-law, her white face flushed a bit.

Some passing students around, after listening to the movement, looked at them curiously.

Some students in groups of two were still whispering and didn know what they were talking about.

Xu Muyan knew that Chen Yus little brothers often referred to themselves as ”sister-in-law ” in the class.

This annoys her.

She is still on campus now, yelling at her in front of her.

The people in the class know that they are not in that kind of relationship with Chen Yu. The name ”sister-in-law ” is known to be a ridicule.

But people in other classes don know the situation.

I don know what others will talk about behind my back.

”Fan Jian, you… don talk nonsense, Chen Yu and I have nothing to do, don call me sister-in-law. ” Xu Muyan blushed and wanted to correct this name.

”Isn it a matter of time, anyway, you must be my boss, hurry up and follow our boss. ” Fan Jian said with a hip hop.

”What I am your boss, don talk nonsense, you are not allowed to call me sister-in-law in the future. ” Xu Muyan stomped her foot.

”Sister-in-law, sister-in-law, sister-in-law… ”

Xu Muyan refused to scream, Fan Jian wanted to scream, and the more he shouted, the louder the voice, which attracted more people to watch the excitement.

Xu Muyans ears were red with anger.

”Shut your mouth. ”

Chen Yu stopped drinking.

Fan Jian stopped beeping instantly.

Afterwards, Chen Yu moved closer to Xu Muyan and stopped one meter in front of her.

What is he going to do? Do you want to hug me in the public? Or a little bit more, want to kiss me?

Xu Muyan had a bad feeling and couldn help taking a step back, wanting to escape from here.

But Fan Jian blocked her way.

But Xu Muyan had made up his mind to resist desperately.

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