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the first heroine : Xu Muyan

Suddenly someone knocked on the door,

”Master, its time, you should go to school. ” The voice of the maid outside the door came.

Chen Yu walked out of the door and looked at the maid. He had a round oval face, dark eyes, flushed cheeks, and a youthful and lively air all over his body. He was about twenty-two or three years old. The painting is actually a stunning beauty.

”Master, my wife is waiting for your meal downstairs. ” The maid bowed.

Chen Yu smiled, ”Okay, Ill go down right away. ”

The maid was stunned, but the young master actually smiled at me. Although Chen Yu is usually not extremely indifferent to the maids, he is usually not shy. Now his smile looks even better than his usual expressionless face, and the maid is red. The red cheeks were obviously annoyed because he looked at the young master for a while.

Chen Yu walked into the elevator and went downstairs.

To see his current parents sitting at the table waiting for him to eat.

Chen Yus parents left in an orphonage in his previous life, because of that he has already figured out that since he has come to this world, he will live a new life, and he will take good care of this family and Love his parents deeply.

”Master Chen, why don you have someone to invite you to dinner? ” Chen Yus mother Su Xingyue teased.

Chen Yu said helplessly, ”Lord Mother is joking, you are not as honorable as you are! ”

”Okay, lets eat first. ” Chen Yus father Chen fei said a little complicatedly.

In front of his father, Chen Yu could only nod his head honestly.

In Chen Yus impression, his father and mother did not spend much time with him because of career problems, so they both felt very sorry for him.

And this guilt gradually turned into doting, as long as he wanted to satisfy him as much as possible, but this also led to his arrogance, and also made Chen Yus parents not hesitate to pull the entire Chen family, even the su family where his mother was. Fight with the protagonist.

Of course, this is normal in the villains family. Otherwise, when the villain wants to use the family to suppress the protagonist, the elder will say: ”Stop, wicked son, it actually hurts people, see if I don break your legs. ” What else is written?

However, many great gods nowadays don like this kind of routine more and more. Instead, they like to write the villains whitewashing routine because many readers are tired of reading that kind of black and white articles. After all, some villains are to some extent more just than the decent, such as Xianjianyis moon worship leader: I just want to prove that the earth is round, and they will beat me.

”Im full and Im going to school ”

Chen Yu wiped his mouth after eating, bid farewell to his parents, and sat at home to make it easier for him to go to and from school, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan he bought specially.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

”Boss. ”

a boy wearing a hat came from behind.

Under the hat, some bruises can be vaguely seen on his face.

Obviously beaten.

This is one of Chen Yus three younger brothers, named Fan Jian.

The other two, one is called Fan Tong and the other is called Qin Shousheng.

Listen, listen!

What are these names.

Fan Jian, guilty?

Fan Tong, rice bucket?

Qin Shousheng, animals are born?

These three people are the villains.

Obviously, this was deliberately designed by the sand sculpture author of evil taste.

Fan Jian looked embarrassed, for fear of meeting Wang Haorans gaze.

Indeed, this is shameful.

Three hits and never hit one.

Fan Jian was stared at for a while, and finally couldn help it, and took the initiative to admit his mistake.

”Boss, you want to beat or scold, whatever you want, we are the one who embarrassed you. ”

”Why are you alone and the other two? ”Chen Yu did not blame, but just asked.

Because he knows that blame is useless, people have the protagonists luck to protect him, how can it be so easy to be beaten by the three of you stinky fish and shrimp.

Seeing that Chen Yu didn blame him, Fan Jian heaved a sigh of relief, and walked closer, laughing and joking:

”Going back to the boss, I ran faster, and suffered a lot less beatings. They were a little weaker. They were running slow and were beaten up badly. Half of their face was about to swell and deform. It is estimated that many geniuses will fade away! ”

Chen Yu couldn help being speechless for a while seeing the expression on his face.

What kind of cerebral palsy boy is this sand sculpture author matching himself.

Running fast and getting beaten up, he actually wanted to show off triumphantly.

Why, I still want Lao Tzu to praise you for failing? !

”If you keep smiling, I will slap your face. ”

Chen Yu couldn bear the smirk of the cerebral palsy boy, and scolded him.

”Boss, don don , I was wrong, I was wrong, don laugh anymore. ” Fan Jian quickly admitted his mistake and said:

”Boss, don worry, I will definitely find this one. I still don believe it. The boy has three heads and six arms. Today I call ten brothers! ”

”Save it, its useless. ” Chen Yu shook his head.

The protagonist has taken precautions now, and with the role of the protagonists luck, he continues to call people over, only to give the protagonist sandbags.

Taking a step back, even if the protagonist can beat him, he must escape easily.

This is simply useless work.

”Its useless? The boss, my name is twenty? ”

”How come there is so much bullshit, its useless to say it. ”

”How is it possible, then Ill call thirty. ”

”Why don you call you? Forget it! ” Chen Yu couldn help but explode.

”Call my mother? Boss, its not… no way. How can I beat my mothers weak body. ” Fan Jian said bitterly.

Chen Yu rubbed his temples, what kind of cerebral palsy kid is this.

After resisting the urge to hit someone, and calmed down for a while.

”Don do this kind of thing in the future. ”

”Ah, Boss, what about the boys sister-in-law? What kind of green onion is he, we really can stand it. ” Fan Jiandao.

”Let me ask you, am I handsome or the kid handsome? ” Chen Yu asked the younger brother.

”Of course its the boss, you
e handsome, what kind of kid is, at best, he has good features. ”

Fan Jian answered without hesitation, there was no flattering in it, because it was a fact.

”Is that my family background, or that kid has a good family background? ” Chen Yu continued to ask.

”Boss, your family has tens of billions of assets. That kid is from an ordinary family. This is completely incomparable. ”

”Is that good grades for me, or is that kid graded well? ”

”Boss, you are in the top ten in the school, a proper schoolmaster, and that kid counts down, he is a scumbag. ”

”Is that over? With such a good condition, can I still lose to the poor guy at the end of the crane? What do you want to worry about? ”

”Boss, I understand. Its our extra effort. Without your instructions, we won be troubled.

That kid doesn deserve to be compared with you at all. ”Fan Jian finally realized it.

Chen Yu nodded, and looked at the cerebral palsy boy with a foolish look.

Suddenly, a system prompt message appeared in my mind.

[Ding, guide the little brothers behavior, slightly change the plot trend, and get 100 villain points. ]

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