when I gained consciousness, I found myself in a hospital room. I opened my eyes and shut them down the next second to adjust my light capacity. slowly when I opened my eyes I saw mom sitting on the couch. she glanced at me and stood up immediately and said, ”oh my god siam! thank god you woke up. can you tell me sweetie what were you doing on the rooftop? ”

thats when I realised all those things. a tear unknowingly left my eyes. I quickly wiped it off and said, ” I don know mom. ”

the doctor came inside with dad and said, ” miss siam, you woke up. actually, you had an anxiety attack as you have acrophobia. don worry just take those regular medicines which were given by me and you will be fine. ” mom said, ” thank you, doctor… ” while I was busy in my own world.

how can he do this to me? my heart broke into pieces. although he is known as a bad boy he used to be my friend and crush. I just can believe he broke my fragile heart.

I came back to my sense when mom shook my body. she said, ”back to earth siam. hear me out. tomorrow me, your dad and your brother are going out of the city due to some work. you will be at home ok? ” I just nodded as I was not in a mood to talk to someone.

I got discharged and was in the car with my parent on my way home. on my way, I saw something that made my eyes teary. hank with amelia. my biggest enemy. laughing and talking together, holding hands and even staring at each other. I looked away only to cry silently as mom and dad were in front.


I felt a peck on my left cheek as I stands on the balcony looking at the heavy downpour. it was mom. she caressed my hair and asked with concern, ” dear, whats wrong? why are you looking all gloomy? are you ok? is it ok to leave you alone at home? ” I just nodded and said, ”don worry mom. its just I am having mood swings. and you, dad and peter should go as it is urgent ” she just sighed and said, ”we will return in 5-6 hours, food is in the fridge and do close all the windows before taking an afternoon nap ” and she left.

I stared at the closed door and after spending some good minutes to realise that they have gone, I turned toward the sky and started feeling the rain on me through the patter of raindrops. and eventually, tears escaped my eyes and those nightmare-like memories flashed before my closed eyes. I held my hair in frustration and started sobbing. slowly I calmed down…

I glanced at the clock as it ticked to 11:45 PM. the worries grew more and more thinking about why my parents are still not home as they left early morning. moreover, the heavy rainfall and not picking up my call was making it worse as my anxiety went to the upper level. to calm myself down I switched on the television just to see the news. the reporter saying us to stay at home and call the police if someone went missing.

I gathered all my guts and dialled the number of the police. the other side responded as hello and I kept the problem before them. the police responded, ” miss we rescued some victims but some lost their life during rescuing…pls come tomorrow to XYZ hospital to see whether they are your parents or not. ” I ended the call as few tears left from my puffed eyes. my heart ached not able to dissolve all these. I fell onto my knees and whispered, ” why god, why me? ”


hurriedly running and slightly pushing everyone who is coming on my way I reached the reception area only to find that the room is filled with injured and dead bodies. some are crying because they lost their loved ones. some are smiling and hugging their members because they found their family back. some are anxious as they are not able to find their family just like me. looking around I found Leo and her mother smiling and hugging each other. maybe they are happy ones. they saw me and stood silently judging whether I am the happy, sad or anxious one. I step backwards but stumbled due to the stretcher. I looked behind only to cry again.

I went near the stretcher followed by Leo and her mother. I caressed his hair and whispered, ”you are faking it aren you dad? ” I held peters hand and said, ”I know you hate your sister but that doesn mean that u will never talk to her. ” I kissed moms hand and said, ”mom, Is this how you always kiss me when I am asleep? ” I glanced at Leos mother only to see that she is looking down. I looked at the doctor and said, ”i-i-t is n-not true right?? the doctor just looked down and said, ” sorry miss but your parents and brother are no more alive- ” I screamed my lungs out and said, ” stop!! y-you d-d-don know anything. t-t-they are alive. they are just in deep slumber ”

I glanced at Leo to make him tell the doctor but when I saw he was crying seeing my condition I stopped at my place and fell onto my knees and started shrieking. Leo suddenly hugged me, kissed my side head and cried with me not caring that her mother is also there standing shocked as she is unaware of the fact that we both are or were couples.

I cried and cried and cried, and whispered in an almost dead and stuttered voice, ”p-please don l-leave me Leo. y-y-you are my last hope. m-my last light. ” he just shushed me and I cried again until I can cry…

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