people say nothing stays permanent. maybe true.

he is ignoring me. yeah Leo. from 4 freaking months

I entered the classroom and hank waved at me. we both became good friends for 3 months straight…

I sat beside him and he put his hands on my shoulder and said, ” did you complete your homework? ”

I smiled and nodded and handed him his assignment-related sources.

he took it and winked at me and mouthed thank you. he then said, ” are you free today? ” I act like I am in deep thought and nodded and said, ” yeah I am free…why tho? ” he said, ” you will know just come to the schools rooftop in the evening. I have a surprise for you. ” I confusedly glanced at him and he went away to bunk the class.


I started to gasp for air when I reached the rooftop. after completely feeling like I am alive I searched for hank so that he could tell me what the matter is.

I reached the end rail of the roof and started admiring the scenery of the town. when suddenly someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned around and it was none other than hank. he smiled and said, ” did I make you wait for long? ” I just shook my head and said, ” no-no. btw why did you say me to come on the rooftop? ”

he didn say anything and held my hands and started staring at me. at this moment I got nervous as he was my crush. he said, ” siam, I want to confess something. actually, I like you. from the start. you were different. different from other girls. I used to observe every little detail of you. so… will you be my girlfriend?? ”

at that moment I was having mixed emotions. happy cuz my crush likes me back. blushing due to his confession. sad cuz I already have a boyfriend. a tear left my eyes due to overwhelming emotions.

I sighed and proceeded to say, ” hank, actually I like you too but I already have a boyfriend - ” suddenly I got cut off by a bunch of loud laughs. I turned around to only see hanks gang laughing like a maniac. I turned to face hank only to see his emotionless expression. and I started to realize everything.

his one friend started saying between his fits of laughs, ” hank, I LiKe YoU ToO!! HaHA ” another one said, ” these dares are so amazing, hank. ” and eventually another one said, ” which bastard has the guts to love you bit*h ”

by the time I was a crying mess. I turned to hank and he just said, ” it was just a dare, siam. I never thought that you will have a crush on me! ” one of his friends started coming toward me and I started to back up not knowing I was standing on the end rail of the rooftop.

I slipped and when I was about to fall from the roof, hank suddenly held my hands. I started screaming and crying. I said, ” please hank don leave my hand. I have acrophobia… please! ” all of his friends started to laugh whereas for me everything was turning black and eventually I was passing out.

he lift me up and left with his friends. before closing the terrace door he glanced at me while I was pleading him to take me to the hospital. he furiously closed the door and I passed out completely regretting everything.

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