as I entered the tuition, I met with a pair of concerned eyes. yeah, it was Leo.

when I sat near him he almost choked me with questions. I sighed inwardly and said, ”calm down I am all okay ” he gave me a look of sympathy which I hate the most. he heavily sighed and said ” thank god you are okay otherwise I thought that you got depression ” I just smile and turned toward the teacher


when I entered the classroom I saw hank sitting on my seat. I gathered my courage and went toward him and said, ” hank thats my seat. ” he looked at me and slide himself next to my seat. I was confused af and thus asked, ” wasn your seat next to James ” he just shrug off his shoulder and said, ” we fought and thus I am gonna sit next to you… ” I was surely blushing at that time. I just nodded and slowly adjusted myself next to him but away from him.

he suddenly slide his hands on my shoulder and asked, ” why are you always? why don you smile? arent you a human. ” I looked around and thank god mam isn here. but the students were gossiping about us, some were jealous, some were cheering, and some were mocking. I said, ” do I look like a hippopotamus? ” he just smiled and nodded and said, ” yeah, a beautiful hippo. ” I said, ” was this a compliment or insult? ” he just smiled and shrugged it off.

the teacher entered and saw us. poor hank. the teacher punished him and left me because from seeing far it looked like he was harassing me…

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