As I am here on the top of my house roof, looking at the sky. Thinking about the memories of me and grandpa and was sobbing too.

I whispered, ” why god! Did I make some mistake that u took away my happiness…did he make some mistakes that u take him away… ”.

I got startled when someone sat beside me. He wiped my tears and said not to cry. I asked him, ” dad, why do people die. A person gets born, studies hard, earns money, creates a family and then dies. All the assets, money, and power he used to hold get wasted the minute he dies. If people have to die anyways then why did he even send us to earth? ” he just smiled and said, ” god sent us to live our life not to survive. ” he caressed my hair and went away leaving me to think. I looked at the stars and whispered, ”I miss you, grandpa… ”.


sitting quietly on the last bench and silently reading a book made me sigh as it was not my habit to be that introvert as I am an ambivert. suddenly alina came and slide her hand on my shoulder and asked, ” yo!! whats wrong with you…don be that much sad. no one is permanent… ” I sighed and removed her hand from my shoulder. ” leave me alone alina ” I said and went away to the washroom

while returning from the washroom I bumped into something hard and fell down. when I was busy caressing my forehead, 2 strong arms lift me up by my hands and said, ” I am sorry… are you okay. ” I looked to only find my crush hank staring at me. a sudden heat rushed throughout my body making me blush.

I nodded my head and tried to move but his strong hands were gripping my fragile arms. so unfair!

he said, ”don be sad. I like it when you are happy… btw you look good when you smile. ” and went away. I froze at my place and started blushing hard. I looked back at his disappearing figure and smiled. it was the first genuine smile on my face after one month…

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