I am late again. gosh! but not for school. its for tuition.

I entered the tuition room, sat down and drank water. drinking water is a must! I glanced at him and said, ”hi baby…whatcha doing? ” but he just pointed me at the book he was reading.

bruh! can he just glance or stare at me like other couples and also could have complimented how I am looking. but no, he is just gonna read.

yeah yeah, you must be thinking why I have a crush on someone else if I already have a boyfriend. umm, why?… can a person love 2 people? like Leo proposed to me by the time when I didn get a crush on hank. and when I got a crush on hank I shrug it off thinking it is an attraction. but now I am in a trouble… I am not a cheater by the way. I am loyal to him… but sometimes I get pissed off at him. at those silent treatments and selfishness.

sometimes I think he should be called a nerd, not me. just because I am little silent and I am an attention seeker doesn make me a nerd cuz I give full time to myself and imma beautiful and let me tell you I am not innocent baby, I am cunning and also…..u know what u know.

I replied, ” Leo… you could have simply replied to me… doesn require your gestures ” he then said ” stop with your sulking siam, teacher is going to ask us, I just hope u have revised the chapter ” I then replied, ” yeah yeah I have. ”

the teacher came and said, ”siam you go back home. ” I was confused and thus asked ” why sir? did I commit some mistake? ” he then replied, ” no… its just… your father called me and said me to send you home ”

I was confused so I packed my bag and proceeded to go home.

when I entered home the first thing I saw made me stumble. it made my bag drop. a tear left from my fragile eyes seeing his closed pale eyes.

I said, ”dad… you are joking right. whats wrong with him. why he is laying on the floor like this. ” he didn reply and looked down. I went near and shake his weak body and called out his name, ”grandpa… wake up. stop pranking me like you always do… please wake up. ” mom who was beside him and was a crying mess said, ” he is no more siam… he is no more… ” and started crying again. numerous tears left my weak eyes as I was not in a state to deal with anything.

he left me. my maternal grandpa left me. my true friend, guardian, my partner in crime, and my everything, the reason for my happiness when I used to get depressed. he left me in this cruel world. and I think he will be my reason for being depressed too.

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