[chapter 1]

Running fast and adjusting my bag full of bulky books, I sighed when I entered my classroom. as I am late and being a typical nerd in the education system is something awful. the teacher again glared at me and said ”you are late again, siam. you will be doomed if you did this again. ” of course being a favourite student is somewhat advantageous.

I kept my bag on my bench and drank water from my water bottle. drinking water is a must! then ran to see the arrangements as its zero period and mam won scold me because I am a monitor yeah class president. typical nerd.

I glance at my crush hank. yeah, that typical bad boy- piercing, acne, tall and strong. I came out of the class and gestured my hand in front of my side class backdoor and here comes our queen levia my best friend and her best friend elen.

we both ran toward the corridor to see the arrangements and squealed when we saw that our history teacher is absent.

elen stated, ” what is ur crush doing?? ” and I replied, ”probably sulking around ”. levia said, ” what about ur and elens novel? ” I showed her finger 3 and elen showed 4. I gasped and said, ” you are fast! ”

levia chuckled and said ” gosh you both and your novel ” and started running, I said, ” run elen, we gotta catch levia ”.

coming to the class I informed mam about the arrangements and sat beside amy my 2nd best friend. she asked, ” hey what did you bring for the tiffin? ” I chuckled and said ” your favourite ” and continued, ” you and your love for food. gosh! ”

and then the class started and the competition begins on how much can be a teachers pet!!

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