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entrance ceremony (2)

after we left the alley we roam around the city.

i was getting drag around by the divine beast.

”hey human look at this. ”

”human what is that smell. ”

after getting drag around for a whole day we finally stop at the bus station.

haaa… my money.

i almost have no money left. getting drag around the whole day and buying things for him. although he is a size of a cat he still eat like a monster he ate 2 mountains of food.

i go the counter

”one ticket to the city of ustrina. ”

after i got the ticket we got on the bus.

the divine beast got down from my hands

”the humans city change so much. ”

”what do you mean? ”

”i have seen the human city in the past. before i go inside the cave. the humans in the past do not use mana on the car and other stuff they only use it on weapon and armor but now they use it pretty much on everything just like the dwarf. ”

”yeah its is all thanks to a one scientist who found a way to make mana into energy. ”

”so there was a human who manage to make mana into energy. ”

10 years after the hero defeated the demon king there is a popular scientist name castellan who mange to make mana into a energy thanks to him we don need any form of energy. and his descendants are geniuses too but they are pretty much forgotten because only the name castellan is well known.

then the bus started moving.


its already night when i arrived back at the house

i open the door and enter.

”Im back. ”

i then greeted by my mother.

”ah. nova your back! ”

she run towards me. and give me a huge.

i like the warm felling when she huge me.

after a while he release me and look at my eye and ask

”are you hurt anywhere. ”

”yes mother Im not hurt. ”

”thank goodness your not hurt. ”

im lucky he heal all of my wounds.

”mother where is father? ”

”your father is still at working and Im here because your father forgot some documents Im going back after getting the documents. we
e really sorry nova we can be with you after you just came back. ”

”its ok mother i understand. ”

e sorry son we gonna make it up to you after we finish. ”

”its really ok mother i understand how busy you guys are. ”

it look like she will start cry.

”Im so happy how understanding my son is. ”

she wipe her tear and saw a black cat behind me.

”oh hello. son where did you get this cat? ”

i totally forget about him.

”Ah! he is a cat i pick up outside. ”

”really. did you already give it a name? ”

i forgot to ask his name!

”his name is aku. ”

”aku? ”

”yes aku. ”

”what a cute name. ”

i peek at aku he look like hes not angry.

i heard a beep noise.

”ah! sorry son gonna go. ”

she give me a kiss and tun upstairs to find the documents.

i then go up to my room with the divine beast.

after getting in i ask the divine beast.

”i just remember we didn introduced our self. ”

”Im going first my name is nova Armstrong and Im 17 years old this year. ok now you. ”

after introducing myself i ask him to do too.

”i am a divine beast of one of the god. and i lived for over a thousand years. ”

”umm… what is your name? ”

”we divine beast don have a name. because having lived alone for a long time having name is became unnecessary. ”

”well i can just call you you so Im gonna call you aku. and if you don like it just say it so i can change it. ”

”ok now Im going take a shower. ”

after leaving the room aku who is left behind look at the door where i leave.

”what a weird human. ”

he chuckle and go on top of the bed to sleep.


two weeks have past and i Im been training my old and new art Im outside the house training and aku is in the second floor window watching.

”aku~ where are you ”

in the past two weeks my mother has gotten close to aku. if Im training she is trying to play to aku but aku keep running away. but i think aku gotten attached too to my mother. at first he didn let my mother pet him. he would run away if my mother try to pet him. but slowly he is letting my mother pet him.

”aku! ”

my mother caught aku.

aku try to escape her grasp but because he transform as a cat his rank got cut in half now he is rank C and my mother is B- rank so he can escape her.

”beep beep. ”

my watch started beeping. it almost time for the entrance ceremony.

i go inside the house to take a shower and get my stuff ready to moved in to the dorms.

after taking a shower i dressed up in a academy uniform and i look at the luggage inside the room. the servants have taken care of it.

i feel awkward for having other people to pack my luggage.

i put my luggage in my storage bracelet.

after that i left the room and go down stairs. i saw my mother holding aku in her arms.

”son are you now going? ”

”yes mother. Im now going. ”

”now nova stop calling me mother its too formal call me mom. ”

she said in a soft voice.

”ok mom. ”

i accepted her request.

”aww. my now nova is so cute? ”

she release aku and hug me. and then she give me a kiss on the cheeks. after that she release me.

”go now son or you will be late. ”

”yes mom Im going. aku lets go. ”

we left the front door and say bye to my mother. and then we get on the car and left.

i quietly mumble.

”let see how much the world change from the novel. ”

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