after staying in the forest for 3 days I have manage to get to the mountain but I still haven found the cave entrance.

”ahhh! where is that damn entrance! ”

its already been one day when I arrived at the mountain.

while traveling to towards the mountain I have been chased by monsters for 2 days. but I managed to escape them. I would use my art to hide from monster that stronger then me

after arriving in the bottom of the mountain theres no monster to be seen.

i don know why the monster don come near here but Im happy cause I can relax a little.

but it still frustrating that I can find the cave entrance.

according to the novel it say that there is a big boulder in the bottom of the mountain.

but it didn say which part of the mountain!

”haaa. ”

i sigh.

”theres no point in complaining better start moving. ”

after 3 hour I finally found a big boulder.

I came closer to look at it and saw that this boulder look like what the novel describe.

I tried to find a hole around the boulder.

and then found it on the side of the boulder.

i look inside the hole but its so dark. theres no light coming inside the cave.

i take out a flashlight and then go inside the hole.

while walking keep seeing some scratch on the walls.

i then reach the end of the cave.

I then saw a giant door and its look like it made of stone there no pattern in the door.

i try opening the door but it still didn move.

if I remember correctly the person who got the art use dark mana to open the door.

i release my mana and use it to open the door.

rumble rumble

while the door open it made a rumbling sound.

after the door got open I go inside.

i look around the room

the inside is so big and wide

yet there is nothing inside the room. there is just a big circle in the middle of the room. i look at the circle there are lines and letter inside the circle.

I think this is a magic circle. and according to the novel this is where the test start.

i step inside the circle. after stepping inside. the line of the circle suddenly glow bright blue

i subconscious move backwards.

but then I hit a wall.

i look behind me and saw a transparent Barrier wall.

the barrier look like water I can see through it but its so hard.

i take out my dagger and swing it.

the wall didn break it didn even leave a scratch.

while the floor is glowing in the middle of the circle a hole suddenly appear and a monster come out the hole.

the monster that came out is a shadow wolf but it look different.

this shadow wolf have a much darker fur and much bigger than the G rank shadow wolf

in the novel in this test i will fight a monster the same rank as me but I feel the monster in front of me is much stronger than me

I think the monster is F rank

i took a stance and prepared to fight

the monster dash towards me.

i use my 2 skill air step and Shadow clone.

a clone came out of my shadow and i jump up and run mid air.

the monster chase my clone and I use this chance to attack it.

i then fuse mana on my dagger and tried to hit its neck.

the wolf that was chasing the clone suddenly look at me and then dash at me.

i then summon a new clone and then move back to dodge.

the wolf bite my clone and the clone die in one bite.

hat will be me if I didn dodge.

I use my art and blend in the darkness and made another clone.

i ordered my two clone to attack I then sneak behind it.

i again fuse mana on the dagger and dash toward its neck.


the wolf scream so loud it hurt my ears.

i back away and hold my ears.

and then the wolf look at me and then it chase after me.

i run and order my clone to attack it. but it didn bother looking at them and keep chasing me

his is dangerous if I keep using air step I will use up all my mana

i look at the wolf.

I think it not even exhausted.

i use my art and make a dagger made of shadow.

i then throw it at its eye.

but the wolf dodge it and the dagger hit it body.

following this I use all of my mana and attack its neck.

but after hitting it neck it still didn die.

and then the wolf raised it pawn.

I tried to dodge but it was too fast. i then got hit and flew and hit the transparent Barrier.

when I hit the barrier it made a load noise.

”Uugh… ”

i groan in pain.

after that the shadow wolf slowly come closer.

i try to move but my whole body hurts.

i slowly look at the Shadow wolf and thought.

what was I thinking. did I serious think I can beat a monster stronger then me

his is how I die huh.well.

”Ughh.. ”

i move to sit and lean on the wall.

is this all I can do.

why do I feel like I forgetting something.

i tried to remember whats Im forgetting. it then strike something.

i didn use my gift. ”

while fighting the wolf I didn use my gift.

i check if I still have mana left

i still have some left so I still have a chance.

i then hear a robotic voice

[user mana and health is low if used the user body will not able to take the after effects and the user will go unconscious]

[will you continue say YES if you want to continue and NO if not]

what this. the novel didn mention anything about the system warning the user.

well I can think about this later.

i said yes to the window.

i look at the Shadow wolf

it was going to bite my neck.

but suddenly my body is cover in shadow and it block its wolf bite and then my shadow covered the floor.

after that the shadow suddenly tried to swallow the wolf Alive.

the shadow wolf was trying to fight back but after 2 minutes the shadow manage to swallow the wolf.

while sitting i watch everything happening and then all of a sudden my body started to hurt.

”Aaaahhh!!! ”

i scream in pain and then i passed out.

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