after cry for a while I calmed down.

I sneak a peak at the side of the bed and saw a man and a woman who look like my father and mother. according to this body memories this women name is Stella Armstrong and by her side is galen Armstrong and this this body parents.

after that I saw a bright light by the man in front of me. he is wearing a white coat so I assume he is a doctor but hands are glowing white while mumbling something after he finish mumbling the light from his hands slowly move and started to wrap around my body and I started to feel refreshed. after the light died down the doctor look at the man and women by the side of the bed and said.

”theres nothing wrong with his body but I advise for him to rest for a day to see if theres still sudden headaches ”

”thank you doctor we appreciate you checking on our son ”

”no need to thank me this is my job ”

”now will you excuse me i need to take my leave I have other thing to do if something happened call me ”

after saying that the doctor leave. after the doctor left the room women say

”son are you ok? why did you start cry after seeing my face? ”

she was looking at my eye while saying that. I look down to avoid seeing her eye

”I don know the reason why I cry after looking at your face ”

I want to know what face shes making but Im scared to look at her. she look like a lot like my deceased mother.

there was a short silent between us. then the man said something to broke the silent

”now now Stella stop that maybe something happened after he came back from the academy. we can ask him later but first he need to recover ”

”but Im worry maybe sudden got another headache ”

”its okay Stella there are people out side if he suddenly got a headache they will come in and help him. so its ok to leave him. and we can disturb his rest ”

after the man say that she finally agreed to leave. they left the room after saying they will check on me later. after that I was left alone in the room. I stand up and go towards the mirror and look at my reflection I still can believe it this is my body

I look different I don see a Trace of my old self. I don remember why Im in this new body. I tried pinching myself and it hurt so Im not dreaming. I try to recall this body memories. this body name is nova Armstrong and the son of the guild master and the vice master of the guild.

I look around the room and saw a smart watch I open it and look what date it is and I was shock as I look at the date. its 2197 its 175 years from the date that I remember. then I suddenly recall a quote from the novel [rise of the hero] it say that the story take place in 2197. after realizing that I quickly search the name of the capital city. and then I saw the name of the city and it name is

”ustrina ”

ustrina is the capital city in the human domain and where most of the top guild are. ustrina is the most strongest city in the human domain as the association current HQ is in ustrina. and this is where the story first take place and where the protagonist live.

i lied down on the bed and sigh

so i really got reincarnated inside the novel. but I don remember a character name nova. I tried to recall the content of the novel, although I don have a picture memory. but Im still rather confident in the strength of my memory. after laying on the bed for a while. I remember a character name nova

his name only appear in the early chapter of the novel. he was a lacky of a arrogant Young master name Jason but die after the jason sacrificing him to a demon so he can escape

”So im just a character who die in the early part of the novel ”

I need to know where part of the novel am. I tried to remember the earliest memories of this body. from what I remember the last place he go to is the academy graduation ceremony

so the story is only getting started

after that I tried to remember this body friends but theres nothing coming to mind and then I try to remember the young bastard who going to sacrificing me in the future.

after thinking for a while I don remember meeting him

so this they meet him in the awaken academy so this is my chances to not get close to him

I stand up and go toward the drawer and i take a book and a pen out and start writing the event that will happen in the future so In cases I forget the content of the novel.

after I finish writing I start thinking which art should I steal but first thing first I should first check my status

[name: Nova Armstrong

Rank – F

Strength – F-

Agility – F+

Defence – F-

Stamina – F+

Dexterity – F

magic – E

mana nature:

wind – F

darkness – F+

??? – F


darkness control – (C+)

you can control darkness more efficiently

???: (?)

??? ???? ???


shodow dagger – (D)

made by assassin who use darkness to fight


air step – (C)

you can move mid air

shadow clone – (C-)

you can make one clone but its one rank weaker than you and have low defense

??? – (?)


1 message ->]

hes stats is average. and whats with the question mark?and what is this message? I don remember any of this happening in the novel?

I press on the message and I saw new letter being form in the status window

I read the top part of message

[ hello reincarnator ]

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