Leon academy is a academy named after the hero Leon who defeated the demon king.

the hero Leon have never show his face in public and the only people who know his real identity are the 9 hero. hes first appearance was in the great apocalypse that was 175 years ago.

he appeared when the demons was attacking and the people of the city thought all hope is lost but he suddenly appear and defeated the all the demons and he keep appearing and saving people and he became the shining hope of all the humanity.

after three months more and more peopld started awakening their power and that power helped protecting the human domain.

after four years leon the first hero and the 8 hero go and try to defeat the demon king and Leon was the leader of the 9 hero and lead them to defeat the demon king. after defeating the demon king they go back and be called the 9 heroes

an then they disbanded and they go on to live there own life and the hero Leon stop showing in public and he never show his self again.

nobody know this but the hero Leon has leave a art for the next hero and the art was found by the protagonist when he was 19 years old.

i arrived in the school and look at the giant school gate.

it reminded me of the giant door in the cave.

”young master Im going to put your luggage in your dorm. ”

”ok. ”

and then aku poke my face and said.

”nova Im tired after running ayaw from her Im going to your room to sleep. ”

i nodded and then the servant left towards the dorm and aku follow him

I then ask the guard where is the entrance ceremony is.

he pointed at the huge white building .

”thanks. ”

i then walk towards the building

after arriving at the building I saw many cadets going inside.

i go inside the building and saw that the inside look amazing. it was so bright and there are so many students sitting.

i look for a seat and saw a free seat at the middle.

the academy have 2000 cadets but in the future almost half of the students only graduated the other half either died from the devil attack or got a failing grade

i then hear a man voice.

”good morning students. please be silent for the principal will start his speech

and then a old man go in the microphone and started his speech.

i then hear students in front of me whispering.

”hey isn that the barrier master Denzel? ”

”yeah how lucky that we got to see him in person. ”

he is the principal of the academy the barrier master Denzel. he always didn get mention in the novel because he is so busy. he only show up here today see the protagonist.

after 20 minutes the principal finish his speech.

”ok now let give it a round of applause to the top tree students top three students. ”

he then started calling the one students.

”aria raisor, Liam storm and Aiden Xander. ”

and then three students stand up and go to the stage.

the first cadet to go up the stage is aria raisor

Aria have red hair that look like flame and she have brown eyes and white skin and shes 180 cm tall she is tall for a girl

after her Liam go up the stage.

he have light blue hair like the sky and blue eyes and 180 cm tall like aria but hes is slightly taller

and then the last to go up is Aiden Xander.

he have blonde hair and blue eyes and have the same height like Liam.

they look so beautiful and handsome like they decent from heaven. its embarrassing to compared myself to them although I look good but if compared to them I look bad

i can hear girls whispering to each other which is more handsome.

”I wish you youngster will follow they
e example… ”

i then hear the students around me whispering.

”amazing liam Storm gotten first place. ”

”no Liam is 2nd place someone has taken 1 first place. ”

”what! is it aria raisor who got first? ”

”no its him Aiden Xander. ”

”who is he i don recognize his family name. ”

”of course you won because he don belong to any. ”

i Stop listening to them and look at the stage.

Aiden Xander the novel protagonist he was an orphan and got adopted by his mother .

his mother adopted Aiden so he can past his family art to him but she still treat Aiden like her son and never mistreated him.

and then the principal finish his speech

”that all I wish to say now go to your assign classroom there you will meet classroom instructor you can ask them if you have any questions. ”

now that the entrance ceremony ended all of the cadets got a message and it say what classroom they are in.

slowly the cadets started leave they
e seat and go to the other building I leave my seat and go to other building.


i then arrived in the classroom.

i open the door saw there are already students here.

i then saw the protagonist and the side character.

I saw Aiden at the back corner of the room he was with his best friend. and then I saw Liam in the other corner of the room he was surrounded by his underlings.

and then there is aria she was sitting in the front of the classroom with her friend iris the second female lead.

i go inside some students look at me but then they go back to what they we
e doing. i look around chose to sit in the middle like an extra.

we waited for the teacher to come and then the door open and a man came in.

the person that have came in has orange hair and have brown color eye.

”good morning cadets! ”

the instructor shouted and everybody fell silent.

”Im Oren a A rank awakener and your classroom instructor. ”

”today we don have classes and just like the principal said you can ask me any questions. ”

all the cadets murmur and then one cadet raise his hand

”sir can we ask any questions. ”

”of course Im not gonna answer if the question is unrelated to the academy or if it a confidential information. ”

and then a another cadet raised his hand.

”sir how do we change our rank? ”

”the cadets ranking can change every semester. your rank can raise if you do well on your written exam and physical exam and you will repeat a year if you fail both and if you fail again you will be expelled. ”

and another cadet raise her hand.

”are we allowed to use artifact on the exam. ”

”no. artifact are not allowed. ”

slowly the students raised they
e hand one by one

and then one particular cadet raise his hand

”sir is it allowed to challenge a person to a duel? ”

it was Liam who asked the question.

”yes it is allowed to challenge someone to a duel but it is not allowed for today you need to wait for tomorrow to officially duel someone and if you are caught fight without a instructor approval you will be expelled. even if you are the son of one of the top guild. ”

and then the instructor glare at Liam.

Liam look away from the instructor.

”is that all you gonna ask? ”

after the instructor said that nobody raised they
e hand

”good. now for the announcement. tomorrow you all gonna get to choose a weapon so don be late if your late you will not get your weapon and will need to buy the weapon to the school. and any other question can be ask tomorrow. ”

”that is it for today now go back to your and get some rest because tomorrow training will be hellish. ”

the instructor open the door and left.

and then the cadets started talking.

”the instructor is so scary. ”

”yeah he didn even bat an eye at Liam. ”

”of course he won be scared he is protected by the academy.

”shhh. be quiet he will hear you. ”

the students left they
e seat and left the classroom.

one by one the students left the room.

after Im the only person left inside the classroom i then left.

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