[the rise of the hero] its a novel where its take place in an alternate earth where magic and monster exist and Aiden Xander is the novel protagonist who received a system that will help him defeat the demon king with the help of his friends

I know its a cliche story about the protagonist receiving a OP system and defeating the demon king but I still like it.

its was a book recommended by my friend so I just give it a try its funny how many cliche moment in the novel like how the heroins fell in love with the protagonist just by being save by him and how the protagonist is an orphan.

if being an orphan is a requirement to become a protagonist then I should be one.

I was an orphan too and I got adopted when I was 3 by my adopted family they can have a children of there own so they decide to adopt a kid, they love me like there own child I can be more happier.

but happy times don last forever,I remember last time I see father smile him and my family singing happy birthday to me and that was the last happy memories I have until when I was 18 I have a fight with my adopted father and I didn want to argue so I tried to ran away from the house and my adopted father try to chase and when he was chasing me when we got at the highway there was a drunk drive and the car is going toward me and my father push me out of the way and my father was hit by the car instead of me and the only one left in our family is me and my mother

I blame myself for what happened and my mother resent me for what happened I tried to kill myself multiple and was stop or saved by my mother multiple time my mother who was saw me trying to killing myself again try to stop me saying its not my fault and say she was wrong for trying to blame me for everything while tear is flowing out in her eye when I saw my mother that way I decided to stop and I decided to go to therapy.

I manage to get back on my feet and I work multiple part time job to help my mother for her expenses and I go to college so I can get a better job to lessen my mother burden after I finish college i found and got a decent job at a company.

after 1 year my mother die from over stress and I was left alone in this world.

staring at the ceiling at the living room I thinking what the doctor say to me .

”Im sorry to say this but you only one year left to live you develop a rare disease and there have only been few cases in the world sorry but theres nothing I could do ” that what the doctor say after looking at the piece of paper

”is there no cure to this? ” I ask the doctor who looking at the paper

the doctor spoke and say ”yes there is no know cure to this disease ”

when I hear that world I didn feel sad and I didn get angry either

”thank you for everything doc ” I stand up and I say my thanks to the doctor and leave the room

after that I went home and as I open the door and look inside the house it feel empty theres no other person here other than me

I sigh after sitting In my bed and as I lay down on the bed

after think about how was my life have been i could only laugh at the thought of how hard my life have been after my adopted father died I sigh as look at the ceiling and look at my side and see the book [the rise of the hero] I was reading yesterday

after staring at the book for a while I pick it up the

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