>After eating, according to the plan, they were all supposed to return to the hotel tonight and fly back to Haicheng together tomorrow night.

However, Shen Yanming, who had become quite a macho man in the past few days, suddenly seemed to have become a bit homesick.
He applied to go home and sleep for a night.

It wasn’t an unreasonable request.
When they left the restaurant, everyone else went to the hotel, but Shen Yanming went home with his parents.

Initially, there was nothing unusual when he returned.
He chatted with his parents for a while, watched half an episode of TV, and then, seeing that it was getting late, he returned to his room to finish his homework before going to bed.


After completing his homework and getting ready for bed, he lay down on the bed he hadn’t slept in for over a decade, but Shen Yanming was unusually awake.

His body was tired, of course, after a long day, and he really needed rest.
But his mind was unusually alert.

…Something just didn’t feel right.

He realized belatedly that he had been sleeping with He Changkong every day for so long, and this seemed to be the first time they were sleeping apart.
Now, without the comfort of his human pillow, he couldn’t get used to it.

Shen Yanming tossed and turned under the blanket.

Usually, at this time, He Changkong would hold him, pat his head, kiss his cheek, and say goodnight.

Actually, he did say goodnight.

Just now, he had sent it via his phone, in a voice message.

Shen Yanming opened the voice message and listened to it again, He Changkong’s slightly husky voice flowing into his ears.

But he still couldn’t fall asleep.

Shen Yanming rolled over again and decided to send He Changkong another message.

[Shen bird]: Can’t sleep.

[Kong_]: What’s wrong?

[Shen bird]: Maybe because I didn’t get a goodnight kiss.

In the nickname column, it occasionally showed “Typing…” but after a while, there was still no message from He Changkong.
Shen Yanming thought He Changkong might be typing a long message, perhaps something to coax him to sleep.

But in the end, He Changkong just sent an emoticon.

[Kong_]: =3=

Shen Yanming: “!!”

Holding his phone against his chest, Shen Yanming rubbed his eyes and looked at the emoticon again.

It was just too cute!

The usually solemn Kong ge sent such an emoticon!

…But maybe because it was too cute, Shen Yanming found it even harder to fall asleep.

However, he didn’t want He Changkong to worry, so he sent back, “Then I’ll go to sleep =3=” and ended the chat again.

But after ending the chat and rolling around in bed a few times, he still wasn’t feeling sleepy.
Shen Yanming climbed out of bed once more.

The letter from this morning was still tucked into his phone case.
He planned to put it away properly when he got back.
He felt like he should write a more serious reply this time.

Previously, he had been using song lyrics, but if he kept copying lyrics, it might give the impression that he was being insincere.

Shen Yanming turned on the light, sat at the desk, and spread out a piece of paper.
In reality, his Chinese language skills had been decent in school, and he could write good essays.
But when it came to writing letters, he felt a bit stuck.
Did writing letters also have to follow a structure, like an introduction, examples, and conclusion?

He sat at the desk for a full five minutes.
He even took out “Excellent Essays for the College Entrance Exam” from the bookshelf to use as a reference.

After flipping through several pages, Shen Yanming felt like it didn’t make much sense.

He decided to just write whatever came to mind.

Shen Yanming picked up a pen and began writing, one stroke at a time, like an elementary school student.

“Dear Kong ge,

Hello! I never thought we would become so close.
I do have many friends, but I never thought I could become such good friends with you before! Because I always thought Kong ge was too amazing – handsome, intelligent, a top student, the god of nannies.
Not something someone like me, an ordinary person, could touch, sigh.

And, mainly, you always looked so aloof!!

But after getting to know you, I realized that you’re only aloof on the surface.
Inside, you’re really passionate and kind to everyone.

Especially to me.

I’ve always wanted to say thank you very much.
If it weren’t for you dragging me into professional gaming, I might still be lazing around in school, feeling unfulfilled and unable to focus on studying, becoming a person with no future… Recently, under your guidance, I’ve managed to train, compete, and study at the same time.
It’s unbelievable, is this really me? But maybe it’s because I’m confident that my dreams can come true, so I feel at ease, and I don’t get distracted when studying.
My efficiency is quite high, hahaha.

And I also, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.

One more ‘I love you’ than you.

I win!


Here, Shen Yanming paused.

What in the world had he just written? It was utterly devoid of any literary charm.

Maybe he should just tear it up and start over…

As he was thinking this, Shen Yanming heard some commotion outside, as if someone had rung the doorbell.
His mom hurriedly went to answer the door.

Guests at this hour?

Shen Yanming didn’t bother to check and refocused on what he was doing.
He read his letter again, feeling reluctant to tear it up since he had put so much effort into it.
He tried to think of something else to write when suddenly, the door to the room was slowly pushed open.

Shen Yanming instinctively turned to look and then widened his eyes.

He Changkong was standing by the door, a faint smile on his lips.
“If I’m not here, you can’t sleep, right? …So, I came over.”

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1jiā yóu: “加油” means “go for it” or “good luck”

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